Monday, 11 July 2011

Almost Done

I have almost done the Daisy Shawlette. It's looking nice. Got 3 more rows to do, then I can post some photos. Also on the last sleeve of the bodice cardigan, so that's good. We are having a lovely time, staying with friends. They have a pool, so the boys have been in it everyday. Today is a scorcher, and my lovely hubby has the day off. So do the boys, as their school has a teacher training day. So they have been in the pool, now we are off to walk into town. I am taking my knitting with me, so hopefully I can get some more done. On Saturday we move into our new house, looking forward to that. I am looking forward to organinsing my stash too, but I am saving that until the kids are all out one day. I love doing days like that, putting books away, labelling stash for ideas etc. Funny the simple things in life, are the most enjoyable. Hope you all are ok, and still knitting.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Moving Day

Well Saturday, was moving day. It took forever to finish off the odds and ends. We moved some of our stuff out on Friday, but Saturday meant, trip to the dump, one load of mattresses to new house, one load of odds and ends to friends we are staying with, and one more load again. I didn't realise how much stuff we had.

We have had a nice couple of days though. Our friends have made us really welcome. They have a pool, and the weather has been amazing, so the kids have loved being in the pool. Even me and hubby went in on Saturday.

Today I had another trip to Bath. This time, the highlight, was actually finding the wool shop. I restrained myself and bought one ball of Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino, to knit a pair of baby bootees for a friend. Would have loved to have browsed longer, but it was difficult with some non-knitters being there. Anyway been a long day, so I am off to bed. Have been finishing a lot of knitting off, as only bought 3 things with me, so will do my best to finishe them before the 16th of the month, when we move in our new place.