Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas preperations

Phew, it's finished. Well the shopping part of Christmas is. All the food is safely gathered in, courtesy of Asda, and one of the daughters 10% discount card. I have made 3 christmas cakes, two are gifts. Made 33mince pies, which have promptly been eaten, so will have to make more today. Ham is cooked, so I feel like I know what I am doing.

Knitting is going great guns. Totally finished the long hooded cardigan, I will post a photo when it's light enough to take one. I completely re-knitted the hood, only to find the new one was exactly the same size - big. Then I completely re-knitted the button band, as I had ironed the old one to death. It looks much better now, and I really like it. I knitted it in the James Brett Marble on 4.5mm needles and it's brillian, I would even wear it out. Have to think about doing mattress stitch for sewing up, as it would look a bit less home made then.

Life goes on much the same here. Hyper boys, who are excited about Christmas, a 16 year old daughter who is "in lurve" with her boyfriend, she has been staying with friends who live near said boyfriend. So she has seen him everyday. Trouble is, today she has to come home. So I expect she will be feeling a bit low.

Talking of low, I have a family relative who suffers badly with depression, and anxiety. Its so hard for the family of people. I really have compassion for people with depression, as most of them, don't want to be like it. There is no answer or quick fix thing, but it's about loving them unconditionally, and accepting them as they are. Encouraging them to help other people, sometimes help. I am not  guru (obviously) but from experience of whats been going on in my family. You just need to love people. Not always easy I know.

Back to knitting. I have got  the lovely book by Ysolda Teague - Little Red in the City. I love the way that it's written, so you can adapt patterns exactly to fit your body shape. I so want to cast on to make the hooded jacket in there. I even have the wool in mind. But I MUST finish my long cardi (been on needles for 2 years) and I have a lovely Tuscan scene cross stitch to finish for my mum. Talking of that, I may do some this morning.

Weight loss was going well, then put on 3lb in one week!! Then lost a pound then put a pound on, and now it's Christmas. I got up this morning and did a bit of a sweaty betty workout, so I feel that's got to help. It is good to go on the Wii Fit as that shows the progress I have made, but oh such a long way to go. Still onwards and upwards. Happy christmas to my two loyal followers.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Not long now

Here I am again, wondering where the time has gone. I have finished 5 pairs of gloves, a cardigan hood has been re-knitted, only to find out it's still huge, so that's just how the pattern goes. Very annoying though. I have lost weight, then regained, and have a Christmas party tonight, so this will be another bad week, still I will get to lose the weight, it just may take longer. If only knitting burnt off calories!!I would so be a size 10!!

Celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary. I am so fortunate to have married an amazing man, so patient, kind, loving and supportive. He just doesn't get the knitting part of me, but hey ho, can't have everything.

Today has been very windy again. Went to a friends for a cuppa and knitting, then met another friend in a coffee shop in town and knitting, so it's been a good day. Got another glove almost done, so I may have some more gifts to give out for Christmas.

Must go, time to cook tea.