Friday, 26 August 2011


Been back at home since Sunday. How funny does that seem, now I am actually calling our new house "home". It was nice to get back, and get all of the washing done. I was also chuffed because while we were away camping, I finished my moonglow cardigan(almost) and I have sewn it up, and it fits. I had to order some more knitpro circular tips, and now I just have to pick up and knit the button band, which goes up the front, round the hood, and back down the other front. I am so hoping to get some more of it done today. I will wear it too. It is a chunky type of wool, but it is so soft, and I think it looks ok. Also I have 2 more rows to do on my daughters chunky cable cardi, and I ran out of wool. So annoying. I had to order another ball, and I am hoping that the postman will bring it today. So all in all, a productive time. I will put some photos on when they are both finished.

I finished the Daisy Shawlette ages ago, but need to block that, so that will probably wait until the kids go back to school, so I can leave it out to dry on the table. Also been naughty and started another cardigan. This is knitted in super chunky, so yesterday I did one front, and I am already a third of the way up the other. That should be a quick knit. I figure if my girls are happy to wear my knitted stuff, then let them choose the wool, and I will get on with it.

Off to do a couple more rows. Happy knitting

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Night without end

My darling hubby has been away since Monday night. Now I really miss him, but also enjoy watching a dvd in bed, staying up late etc, until last night. I had just gone to sleep and my youngest, 7 year old, came in and said mum I've been sick. We go back downstairs (we are in an attic room) and he promptly goes back in the bathroom and is sick some more. I go into his bedroom to try and see what mess has been made, and his brother (11 year old) wakes up and is promptly sick all over the carpet too. I'm shouting do it on the bed, do it on the bed, and I figure it's easier to sort out sheets that carpets. By then it's mainly on the carpet. Then I just stand there and cry. My darling hubby is away, and I have to be the grown up, and clean up this mess. My eldest son (22) comes out of his room, and gives me a hug, but takes one look at the carnage, and goes back to bed. I attempt to clear up said mess, and I just can't. My stomach is heaving, and so I go downstairs and phone my hubby. He answers straight away, and I tell him the story, and cry some more, and on the phone he calms me down, and is so lovely. I get off the phone, and manage to clean up the mess. Then I get on with the cleaning job. Put kids in different beds, and I go on sofa. Then can't sleep. Washing machine blows electrics, I find fuse box, turn rcd back on, then all is well. Suddenly 3.30 before I can get to sleep. Wake up at 6 imagining I hear the sound of someone being sick!!Then that's it. The rest of the day has been watching dvds, iplayer etc (not got tv so don't watch proper tv). Did lot sof knitting. On the last sleeve of moonglow cardi, could get it finished in next couple of days. Youngest son is ok, next one has been floppy and weird all day. Long and short of it, my lovely hubby has come home early, and then will take well kids away tomorrow and me and sickest will follow down on friday, if he's better. Oh the joys of motherhood. Really appreciate being married to a help mate. Know it's so hard being a single parent, and so grateful for my lovely hubby. We have been married 21 years this year, and it's been the best 21 years of my life.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Missing knitting

The only trouble with summer holidays, and moving, and holidays, I have missed my knitting time. I am still managing to knit, but not as much as I used to. Mind you the house is a bit tidier because of it!!I started to wonder if I was going off it. But I'm not, I still think about it, and plan what I am going to do next. I think it doesn't help that my lovely hubby has said no more yarn buying. Now, he has said that before, but I haven't taken it seriously. Now he has a new job, we don't have so much spare income, so I have to take it seriously. Also when I tried to fit my yarn stash all in one trunk, I had a real job to!!I think I have lots of odd balls, which are suitable for hats and gloves, but I haven't done any yet. There is probably only enough for 3 or 4 big projects. I did think about selling some, but then I would lose money on most of it. I will just have to say I will make an effort to find patterns to go with the yarn I have. That's where Ravelry is great, you can spend hours (and I have) looking for patterns to go with the yarn you have. I am not going to knit for myself after I have finished the two things on my needles. I am not happy with the way I look, so when I put knitted things on, I look bigger. I could lose weight, but while there are cool original Doritos and wine - all within walking distance now, I can't see that happening.

I love reading other peoples blogs and having a snapshot into their lives. You  feel like you know them, and so sometimes I do comment on other peoples blogs, especially if something they have said has touched me.

I know not many people read my blog, but for me, it's like an online diary of my life, with a bit of knitting interspersed. It's like writing a journal, and its quite liberating in some ways. I know my parents don't know about it, so I can write about family stuff too. At the moment my mum is really struggling with anxiety and depression, and I find it really hard to deal with, as I havne't got a clue what it's like.

I have just been given a lovely knitting pattern with chunky wool. One of my daughters has said I can knit it for her. She's only a size 10 so it wouldn't take long. Note to self -STEP AWAY FROM THE LAPTOP - do not browse for chunky wool. Finish what you have started. Will let you know how I get on!!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Busy busy

Wow is that the date already???Where has the summer gone???We have been so busy. I can't believe it. We moved house in the begining of July. Then stayed with friends for two weeks. It was amazing, they were so hospitable, and kind, it felt like a holiday. Then we moved into our new house and stayed a week. Then we went on holiday to Yorkshire. What a beautiful place. So lovely. So many lovely things to look at. What a stressful holiday. Obviously the kids (5 came with us) were still adjusting, and they took it out on us, and each other. There were arguments, outbursts and stress!!Never mind we ended up leaving a day early, as I had just had enough. Then we were home friday until Monday and then away again.

This time it was great. We went with our church youth group to an event up in Norwich, at the Norfolk showground - called New Day. It was great. There were a group of 31 of us, went to be among 6500 teenagers, yes you read it right the first time. It was brilliant. I really enjoyed it. Manged to knit a sock whilst away, and started another one. That was the only advantage of a 6 hour mini bus ride with said teenagers!!

While away in Yorkshire I worked like mad and finished my blue bodice cardigan. It was knitted in Sirdar Balmoral (slightly itchy wool). It looked amazing when finished but once again, it didn't suit me. I must learn, do not knit for myself. I am too big busted, and a bit fat for knitted items. They are ok if they are sloppy round the house stuff, but I need finely knitted stuff really, so basically stop knitting for me. Or lose weight. I am sat here typing with a glass of white wine and some cool original doritos, so basically the losing weight thing isn't going to happen tonight!!

I have been trying to finish stuff off, and have almost finished my daughters chunky knit cable cardi. Just got to pick up and knit the button bands, so it's achievable. I am not starting anything new. When I unpacked my wool in the new house, I realised how much stuff I had. I put all the unfinished items next to my bed in a chest of drawers. I found a cardigan, I started it a couple of years ago. It's in paton moonglow. Lovely blue colour with silver threads running through. Its one of those thick and thin yarns, with like slubs in. It's ok but looks a bit scruffy knitted up as the stitches aren't even. It will be cosy round the house in the winter, and as it knits up on 6.5mm needles it should be a quick knit.

Off again next week. Church camp this time. It's part of my lovely hubbys' job, so got to go with the flow. I am already planning what knitting to take, as there should be plenty of knitting time. Happy knitting to my loyal readers. Debs - be nice to catch up with you sometime xx