Saturday, 24 November 2012


I am really enjoying knitting this I am trying to do a few rows each day if I get time. I don't think it will fit me but if it nearly does I WILL lose weight to get into it because I love it and the colours too. Today has been a stay in say because it has rained all day. My hubby is out all day so I was home alone with 2 bored boys, ended up going to macdonalds to break the day up then to the library for books and DVDs so all ok now.picture of progress so far with driftwood

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Look what I got

Lookie Lookie, what I found - I did find it on the internet, but on a shop on the internet, before I knew it I had clicked on it and bought it. How naughty was I? I did have some birthday money, but it was the sort of birthday money that seems to stretch miles. I also bought this.
This was a bargain though, £2.99 per ball from I am now attempting to knit Driftwood, which is in different shades than this, purple, dark pink and light pink, and so far so good. If I hate it then I can gift it to someone.  Driftwood OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Been swimming

Bet you're impressed, or even surprised!! Actually my two boys, a friend of theirs and my lovely hubby want swimming. I sat watching, knitting and listening to music, may not be healthy but it was good for my brain to slow down and chill out. Knitting a scarf called simple swirl in sock yarn. It's from three frills or that's the name on the pattern, well worth a look and worth buying the 3 patterns. Look via google three frills. Off to do food shop with NO kids now, been a relaxing afternoon