Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas preperations

Phew, it's finished. Well the shopping part of Christmas is. All the food is safely gathered in, courtesy of Asda, and one of the daughters 10% discount card. I have made 3 christmas cakes, two are gifts. Made 33mince pies, which have promptly been eaten, so will have to make more today. Ham is cooked, so I feel like I know what I am doing.

Knitting is going great guns. Totally finished the long hooded cardigan, I will post a photo when it's light enough to take one. I completely re-knitted the hood, only to find the new one was exactly the same size - big. Then I completely re-knitted the button band, as I had ironed the old one to death. It looks much better now, and I really like it. I knitted it in the James Brett Marble on 4.5mm needles and it's brillian, I would even wear it out. Have to think about doing mattress stitch for sewing up, as it would look a bit less home made then.

Life goes on much the same here. Hyper boys, who are excited about Christmas, a 16 year old daughter who is "in lurve" with her boyfriend, she has been staying with friends who live near said boyfriend. So she has seen him everyday. Trouble is, today she has to come home. So I expect she will be feeling a bit low.

Talking of low, I have a family relative who suffers badly with depression, and anxiety. Its so hard for the family of people. I really have compassion for people with depression, as most of them, don't want to be like it. There is no answer or quick fix thing, but it's about loving them unconditionally, and accepting them as they are. Encouraging them to help other people, sometimes help. I am not  guru (obviously) but from experience of whats been going on in my family. You just need to love people. Not always easy I know.

Back to knitting. I have got  the lovely book by Ysolda Teague - Little Red in the City. I love the way that it's written, so you can adapt patterns exactly to fit your body shape. I so want to cast on to make the hooded jacket in there. I even have the wool in mind. But I MUST finish my long cardi (been on needles for 2 years) and I have a lovely Tuscan scene cross stitch to finish for my mum. Talking of that, I may do some this morning.

Weight loss was going well, then put on 3lb in one week!! Then lost a pound then put a pound on, and now it's Christmas. I got up this morning and did a bit of a sweaty betty workout, so I feel that's got to help. It is good to go on the Wii Fit as that shows the progress I have made, but oh such a long way to go. Still onwards and upwards. Happy christmas to my two loyal followers.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Not long now

Here I am again, wondering where the time has gone. I have finished 5 pairs of gloves, a cardigan hood has been re-knitted, only to find out it's still huge, so that's just how the pattern goes. Very annoying though. I have lost weight, then regained, and have a Christmas party tonight, so this will be another bad week, still I will get to lose the weight, it just may take longer. If only knitting burnt off calories!!I would so be a size 10!!

Celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary. I am so fortunate to have married an amazing man, so patient, kind, loving and supportive. He just doesn't get the knitting part of me, but hey ho, can't have everything.

Today has been very windy again. Went to a friends for a cuppa and knitting, then met another friend in a coffee shop in town and knitting, so it's been a good day. Got another glove almost done, so I may have some more gifts to give out for Christmas.

Must go, time to cook tea.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Where does time go

I can't believe that we are now coming up to the end of November. Where does time go? I have still been keeping up with weight watchers and now have lost 12 pound - hooray. It's not been all easy peasy. I have made myself, at least twice a week, do the killer workout, and I have walked lots, and everywhere. I only have the car occasionally so it does make me walk more. I'm sure that's the main contributor towards losing weight.

I have given up on the toy knitting. It's very time consuming, and I was beginning to get a bit fed up of not being able to knit things I love. So I went through my stash, and I have knitted 2 pairs of fingerless gloves and 2 odd ones, that I now have to finish the other one to make 2 more pairs.

Made a lovely job of my finished hooded jacket, only to find that the hood comes down to nearly my chin when I put the hood up, so I will unpick that and re-knit it, because I love it so much.

Have been a bit naughty, and bought some more yarn. had some lovely Sirdar countrystyle dk for 1.99 a ball (100g ball) so I bought enough, to knit a daughter one for Christmas.

Then whilst browsing (note to self -DON'T) I bought some Rowan cotton jeans from it was only 99p for 50g balls, so that's gone to live with the other stash collectors. But now I am going to only buy if it's enough for a project. I have so many odd balls. At least by knitting gloves, you can give them away as presents, or even sell them at school fairs etc. I will think about doing that next year. Have left it too late for this year. Can't really have a table with 4 pairs of gloves!!

Well off to face the day. I feel good. I have done my workout, got the kids off to school, now I am off to tidy up, shower and then off the knitting group. Happy knitting

Saturday, 5 November 2011


What a week. On Tuesday, a friend of mine came over. Well, I think she's a friend. Basically I am trying to lose weight and get fitter, and tone up. She is a personal trainer. She said that she would come over and run through some excercised with me. Boy, oh boy. I did the warm up, and I managed to do the excercise routine, even though my thigh muscles were protesting. I quite enjoyed the challenge. There were excercises like press ups but you just brought one knee up to your chest at a time, then Russian Twists, then two other excercises. I felt really good for having done them.

Then the next day. I had a job to get out of bed. I had to lower myself gingerly onto the loo, as my thigh muscles were aching. I had to go to hospital with my mum for an appointment, and I looked like the one with health problems as I gingerly lowered myself onto a chair. It's now Saturday, and I managed to do half the excercises again. Still a bit of muscle pain, but getting better. I didn't realise how unfit I was, or how little I do!!I probably have well thin excercised fingers from knitting, but that's it!!

Lost half a pound at weight watchers, which was amazing as last week was half term and two meals out. Still onwards and upwards, or downwards would be best.

Got really inspired with knitting and just wasted half an hour on the internet trying to source cheaper wool. Then realised it's silly as I still have so much wool, and so many UFO's, so I am logging off.

Off to knit some more toy outfits.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Happy Birthday

Well I did indeed, have a happy birthday yesterday. I had such a lovely day.

First surprise was - Thursday evening my very best friend, were going to go out for a girly meal, and catch up, and present opening for me, with a meal, and wine. Happy days. Anyway, then she text me and said what about our hubby's going out for a drink, and then we got a taxi there and back. While my dear hubby got ready, I suddenly got suspicious, and thought, is there a plan going on here? Hubby would normally wear jeans and a shirt and he put on his smart black trousers. Anyway, I decided not to second guess, and then be disappointed. But I was not disappointed.  We went to an amazing restaurant (we had been once before for very best friends 25th wedding anniversary). VBF and hubby treated us on Thursday evening for my birthday. It was amazing. Absolutely amazing. Every course was an explosion in your mouth, of all the different taste buds. I had scallops, and they were so amazing and melted in your mouth. Followed by medallion of beef, which was to die for, then cheeses, then chocolate pudding, and wine. It was all so delicious. My VBF also bought me a lovely Cath Kidston Blackberry case, a CK diary and a bottle of wine, which we shared some of, whilst driving on way to restaurant. And two lovely mugs.

On the day, Friday, I woke up early, 5.30 and was de ding awake, so I put the light on, and went on my phone, and read a bit. Then just decided to drop off to sleep at 7.15 and suddenly heard "Nanny" and bless her (I think) my daughter and grandaughter turned up early. They had seen my notification on Facebook, and thought I was up, so decided to come over early. What a lovely surprise I had. The children had all clubbed together and bought me a Kindle. I couldnt' believe it. It's lovely. I have downloaded a couple of books, and will wait and learn a bit more how to use it, but a lovely surprise. Then last night, we went out for a meal as a family. We went to a bargain pub, two meals for £6.99, and my parents came too. They, bless them, paid for drinks and pudding, so we had a lovely evening.

Also yesterday my hubby took me and the two boys out to a beauty spot about 1 hour away, and we had a great time, climbing over rocks, paddling and walking, great fun, and the weather was amazing.

Also for my birthday I had some lovely cyclamen from my hubby, I love them, wine, doritos (I sooo love them), a weight watchers recipe book and calendar, some money and some aniseed twist sweets and tickets for the clothes show in Birmingham(!!)So I feel totally spoilt. Also an amazing friend bought me Aran wool, in a lovely colour, so going to start that soon.Today was my eldest sons birthday, but he had stayed out the night before so didn't see him til 2pm this afternoon, and he was still feeling worse for wear, from the night before, then he was playing football - mad.

Off to do some knitting now. Bye for now

Saturday, 22 October 2011

A good start

I can't believe that another week or more has flown by. I joined weight watchers, and in the first week I lost five and a half pounds. I couldn't believe it, I didn't even stick to it 100%. Makes me realise what a porker I am. This week had one bad day, Doritos (my downfall) and wine (well the bottle was open). But now I will make up for it, by going for a long walk this afternoon, and probably one other day, to make up for it.

I have been busy knitting this week. I am almost finished the back of a v neck jumper, that's going to be for a child in a school in Kenya. It's a 32 inch chest, so it's more like a small adult size, so it's best to sit and knit while watching a dvd.

I had been planning to knit some small things, with a view to selling them at Christmas, but don't think I will have the time. The above jumper doesn't need to be finished until January, but I know what I'm like so will try and get at least half done before the end of November. I have been knitting some toy jumper and scarves too, for a contact, hopefully that will work out. I am not on the hood of my round the house cardi knitted in James Brett Marble. It will look nice when finished.

Next Friday is my birthday, and one of my lovely, lovely friends brought me round a present when she came for coffee this week. As I squished it, and said I would save it for my birthday, I realised that it was wool. What  a lovely friend. You can tell she's a knitter, because no one else would know what wool to buy. Well, I gave in to temptation, and found some lovely Wendy Aran, which is really soft. I know exactly what I am going to knit with it. In a book I have - Little Red in the City - is a lovely long hooded cardigan, but the edging has a lovely honeycomb pattern on it. I am going to attempt to knit that. I must admit, that Friday night, I actually got the pattern out and was about to start it. But no, I didn't give in, I decided to finish what was actually on needles first. Then I thought I will start it on Friday, which is my birthday. So I have this week to quickly finish what's on the needles.

The exciting thing about this new jacket, is that it's knit all in one piece from the top down. I have never done something like that, so it will be a challenge too. Also I have enought wool, thanks to my lovely friend.

Also I am trying to finish a cross stitch for my mum. I have had it for about 2 years, and now it's knitting that takes all my time. So I have set myself a challenge of finishing it for Christmas. gulp. I have done over half of it, so I figure if I spend an hour a day, it's possible. So that's what I will be doing this afternoon.

Anyway it's quarter to 8, so I better go and shower, ready to start the day. Happy knitting.

Monday, 10 October 2011


Well I was a bit disappointed to go along to weight watchers, only to find that the meeting wasn't at the place where it was listed on the internet. Shame. But the good news is I got my referral through from my doctors, so I am all booked in to go on Wednesday morning. The start of new things to come, hopefully. I am having my last bottle, sorry glass of wine. Well I will probably finish the bottle tomorrow evening. Then everything will have to be counted and weighed etc. I know I will feel better losing weight, and I know it's going to be so lovely to be able to knit something, that I feel good in. At least I have the incentive of a reward, and not food!!

Knitted a beret the last few evenings. Fancied doing a quick project, so that's done. Now I am plodding on with the last sleeve on my hooded jacket. It seems to be taking ages to knit. After that I am actually going to do a bit of charity knitting. A friend of mine, as links with a school in Kenya, and want some school jumpers knitting for some children out there. It will just be stocking stitch, so should be ok. Will be nice to do something for someone else.

Bye for now

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Phew I survived. I went through the stash, wrote down what I have, and took some photos too, so that I can upload some to Ravelry. It took about 2 hours, I thoroughly enjoyed it, packed it all away and then saw the vacum pack under the bed, with more in. Needless to say, I left it well alone. That is for another day.

I found a plain Aran cardigan pattern, so I am frogging the mans aran cardi and knitting a plain one for me, I will wear it around the house. Along with the other one on the needles. Mind you, I am on the last sleeve now, so the end is in sight. I find it difficult buying knitting patterns. They are mainly photographed on a slim attractive, young lady. Now 20 years ago I was that, now I am the opposite of all of those, so a size 18/20 cardigan is not so flattering. I have learnt not to knit chunky, as I am chunky, so it looks like a double chunky. But the time has come to bite the bullet. I am off to weight watchers of doom tonight. Time to take stock, and get rid of some weight. The incentive is, I could then knit myself in a lovely yarn, in maybe a size 16, 14 would be better, but not going to get disilluisoned.

Knitting doesn't burn off enough calories, shame, the amount of time I spend doing it.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Having a tidy!!!

I am supposed to be having a tidy up!!Not just the house, but all of my knitting bits and pieces. I have just been really, really ruthless with my knitting magazines. I have gone through them all, and only kept the ones with articles I may use, and one of two patterns. The others I have whittled through them and ripped out the pattern I really, really like. It's so silly, some of these magazines I have had for 2 years, and I have only knitted one of two things from the whole pile, so it's just taking up space.

I am just about to go through my stash!!Now, I am NOT getting rid of any of that. I am going to go through it all, write down what I have, and I may even put a note in each bag, to say what I am thinking of doing with it. The trouble is I am not a very organised person. Basically I will end up emptying the contents of my pine wool chest all over my bedroom floor, getting half way through, and then giving up, as I will feel overwhelmed. So maybe I will take the things out one at a time, and think about it and then if I bored I can just put away the ones I have finished.

I am on the sleeve of the cardigan/jacket, so the end is in sight, it does seem to be going on for a long time, but it's great tv knitting.

I did get sidetracked by popping into Aldis and buying some Aran. I also cast on for a cardigan pattern and I have knit about 20 rows. Then I stopped. I realised that I was knitting a mans pattern. I also realised that I am not a man. I also realised that the men in my life wouldn't wear a green Aran cardigan, so I think I may have to frog that one, and think again. Probably best to just take it off the needles until I finish what I have on the needles.

Off to the yarn stash, I may be sometime. I may get distracted (probably) and I may up casting on something I find at the bottom. If I don't blog in the next month - email me!!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

All quiet

It's 9.00 a.m and my house is quiet, except for the sound of the washing machine. That is never quiet!!(for those of you who don't know I have 6 children still living at home, so the washing machine is my best friend)

All of the children have gone to school/6th form or work. So I have a few minutes peace, before pegging out the washing, tidying up and then Thursdays is knitting club day. Big decisions, what do I take with me??

I have been knitting a few minature clothes. Not for me (minature is defintely a word not associated with me!!)I have been trying to make jumpers, hats and scarves for small toys/teddies. I have looked at books to guess sizes, and then just trying to make them interesting. I managed to make a scarf, hat and sleeveless jumper last night. It's good because they knit up quick. It's also a good way of using up my stash.

At the moment I am making a hooded cardigan for myself. I have some lovely James Brett Marble in terracotta/grey/orange so it comes out in muted stripes. It's just a cardi to chuck on when winter is here, which by the feel of it, won't be too long. I have been trying to make a Rowan Cardi too. I have the right wool, the right pattern, and the right amount of wool. That's where everything "right" stops. I have unpicked it at least 3 times. It's ok until I get to the bit about following the chart. So I gave up and I have written the chart out by hand. Only to do a row, and realise that I read the chart wrong. So I have put that lovely cardigan back in my knitting bag, and started something easier.

Well the sun is shining so I must peg out my washing. Hope you all have a good day.

Sunday, 4 September 2011


Thought you would like to seem some things that I have finally finished. This one is a lovely cable cardigan. I didn't use the wool suggested, I used a chunky weight yarn, but I can't find any ball bands, so I can't remembere what it was called. It was a lovely heather colour, actually it was the colourway Thistle and it was stylecraft signature chunky. I ended up using 12 balls, and then had 4 rows to go around the edging, so I had to track some down on line, phew, that was a close call. It's quite small, so I hope it fits my daughter ok, I may even block it to make it stretch out a bit. Finished sewing it up this morning, it just needs a button and it's done.

This is my Patons Moonglow cardigan. I started this in 2009 and found it in a drawer. I have worn it so much, as it's a lovely soft touch cardigan. I don't love the buttons, but they were only 15p each. The buttons I loved were 58p each, and thought it was a tad expensived. But still it's done now, and I like it. I still look like an all in wrestler in it, but that's not my knitting, it's my body!!

This caridgan is lovely. It is king cole aero chunkypattern number 3286. I used Stylecraft Life super chunky. It was knitted on 10mm needles so really quick. It was easy pattern to follow too. Now just got to hope it fits the daughter it was intended for. Mind you if it doesn't, there's two others after her, that will like it.

Now I am knitting less. Well I have a few other things I could finish, but I'm not feeling the love for them. I have started and frogged, and started and frogged a rowan cardigan. I think I will have another stab at getting that started and try and follow the pattern a bit more carefully. I also unpicked my Bobbi cardigan. I knitted  it ages ago, and liked it, but haven't worn it, so I am unpicking it and reknitting something else with it. Trouble is I need to do a tension square to make sure my knitting isn't too tight, so I probably will leave that for a while.

Anyway off to start the day. Happy knitting

Friday, 26 August 2011


Been back at home since Sunday. How funny does that seem, now I am actually calling our new house "home". It was nice to get back, and get all of the washing done. I was also chuffed because while we were away camping, I finished my moonglow cardigan(almost) and I have sewn it up, and it fits. I had to order some more knitpro circular tips, and now I just have to pick up and knit the button band, which goes up the front, round the hood, and back down the other front. I am so hoping to get some more of it done today. I will wear it too. It is a chunky type of wool, but it is so soft, and I think it looks ok. Also I have 2 more rows to do on my daughters chunky cable cardi, and I ran out of wool. So annoying. I had to order another ball, and I am hoping that the postman will bring it today. So all in all, a productive time. I will put some photos on when they are both finished.

I finished the Daisy Shawlette ages ago, but need to block that, so that will probably wait until the kids go back to school, so I can leave it out to dry on the table. Also been naughty and started another cardigan. This is knitted in super chunky, so yesterday I did one front, and I am already a third of the way up the other. That should be a quick knit. I figure if my girls are happy to wear my knitted stuff, then let them choose the wool, and I will get on with it.

Off to do a couple more rows. Happy knitting

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Night without end

My darling hubby has been away since Monday night. Now I really miss him, but also enjoy watching a dvd in bed, staying up late etc, until last night. I had just gone to sleep and my youngest, 7 year old, came in and said mum I've been sick. We go back downstairs (we are in an attic room) and he promptly goes back in the bathroom and is sick some more. I go into his bedroom to try and see what mess has been made, and his brother (11 year old) wakes up and is promptly sick all over the carpet too. I'm shouting do it on the bed, do it on the bed, and I figure it's easier to sort out sheets that carpets. By then it's mainly on the carpet. Then I just stand there and cry. My darling hubby is away, and I have to be the grown up, and clean up this mess. My eldest son (22) comes out of his room, and gives me a hug, but takes one look at the carnage, and goes back to bed. I attempt to clear up said mess, and I just can't. My stomach is heaving, and so I go downstairs and phone my hubby. He answers straight away, and I tell him the story, and cry some more, and on the phone he calms me down, and is so lovely. I get off the phone, and manage to clean up the mess. Then I get on with the cleaning job. Put kids in different beds, and I go on sofa. Then can't sleep. Washing machine blows electrics, I find fuse box, turn rcd back on, then all is well. Suddenly 3.30 before I can get to sleep. Wake up at 6 imagining I hear the sound of someone being sick!!Then that's it. The rest of the day has been watching dvds, iplayer etc (not got tv so don't watch proper tv). Did lot sof knitting. On the last sleeve of moonglow cardi, could get it finished in next couple of days. Youngest son is ok, next one has been floppy and weird all day. Long and short of it, my lovely hubby has come home early, and then will take well kids away tomorrow and me and sickest will follow down on friday, if he's better. Oh the joys of motherhood. Really appreciate being married to a help mate. Know it's so hard being a single parent, and so grateful for my lovely hubby. We have been married 21 years this year, and it's been the best 21 years of my life.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Missing knitting

The only trouble with summer holidays, and moving, and holidays, I have missed my knitting time. I am still managing to knit, but not as much as I used to. Mind you the house is a bit tidier because of it!!I started to wonder if I was going off it. But I'm not, I still think about it, and plan what I am going to do next. I think it doesn't help that my lovely hubby has said no more yarn buying. Now, he has said that before, but I haven't taken it seriously. Now he has a new job, we don't have so much spare income, so I have to take it seriously. Also when I tried to fit my yarn stash all in one trunk, I had a real job to!!I think I have lots of odd balls, which are suitable for hats and gloves, but I haven't done any yet. There is probably only enough for 3 or 4 big projects. I did think about selling some, but then I would lose money on most of it. I will just have to say I will make an effort to find patterns to go with the yarn I have. That's where Ravelry is great, you can spend hours (and I have) looking for patterns to go with the yarn you have. I am not going to knit for myself after I have finished the two things on my needles. I am not happy with the way I look, so when I put knitted things on, I look bigger. I could lose weight, but while there are cool original Doritos and wine - all within walking distance now, I can't see that happening.

I love reading other peoples blogs and having a snapshot into their lives. You  feel like you know them, and so sometimes I do comment on other peoples blogs, especially if something they have said has touched me.

I know not many people read my blog, but for me, it's like an online diary of my life, with a bit of knitting interspersed. It's like writing a journal, and its quite liberating in some ways. I know my parents don't know about it, so I can write about family stuff too. At the moment my mum is really struggling with anxiety and depression, and I find it really hard to deal with, as I havne't got a clue what it's like.

I have just been given a lovely knitting pattern with chunky wool. One of my daughters has said I can knit it for her. She's only a size 10 so it wouldn't take long. Note to self -STEP AWAY FROM THE LAPTOP - do not browse for chunky wool. Finish what you have started. Will let you know how I get on!!

Friday, 12 August 2011

Busy busy

Wow is that the date already???Where has the summer gone???We have been so busy. I can't believe it. We moved house in the begining of July. Then stayed with friends for two weeks. It was amazing, they were so hospitable, and kind, it felt like a holiday. Then we moved into our new house and stayed a week. Then we went on holiday to Yorkshire. What a beautiful place. So lovely. So many lovely things to look at. What a stressful holiday. Obviously the kids (5 came with us) were still adjusting, and they took it out on us, and each other. There were arguments, outbursts and stress!!Never mind we ended up leaving a day early, as I had just had enough. Then we were home friday until Monday and then away again.

This time it was great. We went with our church youth group to an event up in Norwich, at the Norfolk showground - called New Day. It was great. There were a group of 31 of us, went to be among 6500 teenagers, yes you read it right the first time. It was brilliant. I really enjoyed it. Manged to knit a sock whilst away, and started another one. That was the only advantage of a 6 hour mini bus ride with said teenagers!!

While away in Yorkshire I worked like mad and finished my blue bodice cardigan. It was knitted in Sirdar Balmoral (slightly itchy wool). It looked amazing when finished but once again, it didn't suit me. I must learn, do not knit for myself. I am too big busted, and a bit fat for knitted items. They are ok if they are sloppy round the house stuff, but I need finely knitted stuff really, so basically stop knitting for me. Or lose weight. I am sat here typing with a glass of white wine and some cool original doritos, so basically the losing weight thing isn't going to happen tonight!!

I have been trying to finish stuff off, and have almost finished my daughters chunky knit cable cardi. Just got to pick up and knit the button bands, so it's achievable. I am not starting anything new. When I unpacked my wool in the new house, I realised how much stuff I had. I put all the unfinished items next to my bed in a chest of drawers. I found a cardigan, I started it a couple of years ago. It's in paton moonglow. Lovely blue colour with silver threads running through. Its one of those thick and thin yarns, with like slubs in. It's ok but looks a bit scruffy knitted up as the stitches aren't even. It will be cosy round the house in the winter, and as it knits up on 6.5mm needles it should be a quick knit.

Off again next week. Church camp this time. It's part of my lovely hubbys' job, so got to go with the flow. I am already planning what knitting to take, as there should be plenty of knitting time. Happy knitting to my loyal readers. Debs - be nice to catch up with you sometime xx

Monday, 11 July 2011

Almost Done

I have almost done the Daisy Shawlette. It's looking nice. Got 3 more rows to do, then I can post some photos. Also on the last sleeve of the bodice cardigan, so that's good. We are having a lovely time, staying with friends. They have a pool, so the boys have been in it everyday. Today is a scorcher, and my lovely hubby has the day off. So do the boys, as their school has a teacher training day. So they have been in the pool, now we are off to walk into town. I am taking my knitting with me, so hopefully I can get some more done. On Saturday we move into our new house, looking forward to that. I am looking forward to organinsing my stash too, but I am saving that until the kids are all out one day. I love doing days like that, putting books away, labelling stash for ideas etc. Funny the simple things in life, are the most enjoyable. Hope you all are ok, and still knitting.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Moving Day

Well Saturday, was moving day. It took forever to finish off the odds and ends. We moved some of our stuff out on Friday, but Saturday meant, trip to the dump, one load of mattresses to new house, one load of odds and ends to friends we are staying with, and one more load again. I didn't realise how much stuff we had.

We have had a nice couple of days though. Our friends have made us really welcome. They have a pool, and the weather has been amazing, so the kids have loved being in the pool. Even me and hubby went in on Saturday.

Today I had another trip to Bath. This time, the highlight, was actually finding the wool shop. I restrained myself and bought one ball of Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino, to knit a pair of baby bootees for a friend. Would have loved to have browsed longer, but it was difficult with some non-knitters being there. Anyway been a long day, so I am off to bed. Have been finishing a lot of knitting off, as only bought 3 things with me, so will do my best to finishe them before the 16th of the month, when we move in our new place.

Sunday, 26 June 2011


I have been so busy packing up the house to move. I have managed some knitting time, as it's chilled me a bit, as I do get a bit stressed. I am on one of the sleeves on my bodice cardigan, I am really looking forward to finishing it, because it just may be the one item I knit that I like, fits me, and I feel happy in it, so let's hope so. Still doing my daughters cable cardi, on the last sleeve now, so hopefully it will be finished sometime. I keep a sock to knit, in my handbag, so if I am out and about, I can keep on with that.

Today we are moving most of the furniture out of our house, then I can clean the carpets. We actually move out Saturday but we are doing it through the week. We will actually be in the new house in two weeks on saturday. In the meantime, some lovely friends are having us to stay for 2 weeks, bless them. I am only going to take 3 knitting projects with me, then hopefully I will finish them, as no other distractions. Off to wake the family up for school now.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Feeling strange

I know I have posted today, and I know not many people read this, but I wanted to write down somewhere how I am feeling. Today my dad phoned, and said that my mum has been going into a pysch hospital as a voluntary patient, just in the daytimes. My mum has suffered from depression for a long time, and the longer it goes on, the harder it is to understand and be compassionate. Now I feel really weird that my mum has got to that stage. It's odd to think that she can find it easier to go out for the day with a few people that have mental illness, than be with my dad. I find it difficult as she often makes arrangements, and then cancels, because she's not having a good day, but we have to have her down whenever it suits her. Now I feel guilty because I feel like I should be doing something to help her. But on the other hand, I'm thinking I want my mum back. My mum who was funny, and helpful. She was one of my best friends, I could talk to her about everything, and she always was encouraging. Now she's only 62 and she has turned into this shrivelled woman who is locked away in her own little world, an insecurities. It's very sad. Sorry to dump on you (2 followers), and my number one daughter, but sometimes just to jot things down, helps to clear your head. x

The yarn fairy has been to visit!!


This is Blue Sky Alpaca Melange. 100% baby alpaca, and it is soooo soft. The yarn fairy bought it all the way from America for me, via Ravelry. How kind, how generous, how squishy, soft and gorgeous this yarn is. This is going to be knitted for me. If I wasn't so fat, I would so knit a bra and pants, as it is so soft. Trouble is it's not supportive enough, but so soft next to your skin!The two colours go really well together. I was going to knit a hat with it, but I am now thinking of knitting something like a cowl/neckwarmer as it's so soft. Decisions, decisions. Just off to hide it in a packing box.

Still packing, still trying not to get stressed about moving, as it doesn't make things any better, or time go quicker. I am doing really well on the knitting front. I have got one sleeve left to do on my daughters cable cardigan, and one front and 2 sleeves on my bodice cardigan. Hopefully both these items will be finished before me move into our new house - mid july. Well the cable one should be.

Anyway off to fondle my yarn before hiding it!!

Friday, 3 June 2011

New Books

I have bought two new knitting books. One was lacy knits. I was a bit disappointed with it, as I only love one pattern in it. But I bought it with vouchers, so I only paid £1.65 for it myself, so it's not too bad. The other book is The Gentle Art of Knitting, by Jane Brocket. What a lovely book.  There are so many things in the book that I would like to knit. It's a nice book to read as well, so I don't begrudge the money.

My trip to Bath was lovely. Cath Kidston shop was lovely, but I didn't go mad. I bought myself a blue polka dot oil cloth bag, had 15% voucher off, so it was a bargain. Actually came home with most of my money that I had saved. Had a quick peruse of ravelry, and will soon be the owner of some blue sky alpaca, say no more!!

Happy knitting

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Boxes everywhere

This post is about packing. Trouble is with moving house, you have to try and put the contents of your house into boxes. Well we live in a big house, it actually has 14 rooms, including toilets. My yarn alone has filled at least six boxes. I think I said earlier, that I labelled them Craft in the end, instead of Sallys wool. I have missed having my knitting books to browse through as they are all packed. I must admit I did briefly toy with the idea of opening them, but no, I mustn't.

Our car failed the MOT today, not surprised really. But it shouldn't be too expensive to sort out. So I am carless, and it's knitting group tomorrow. I have decided that I will walk to the bus stop, which is about 2 miles, and if I am feeling super dooper fit, I may even walk all the way to town. But not sure how long it will take me. I think if I leave at 8.30 when the boys go, then I should be ok.

Friday I am having a day out with my Very Best Friend. We are going to Bath, and will be perusing the Cath Kidston shop amongst other places. Should be fun. I haven't managed to find any wool shops in Bath yet, so perhaps that's a good thing.

Happy knitting.

Friday, 20 May 2011

I'm not feeling the love

I'm sorry if you are bored about reading about sheep, but I am so bored of the destructive little critters!!!Yesterday my hubby took down the electric fencing as the battery had run out, so the lambs kept escaping. Now I would have just hooked it up to the pylons to be honest, they would have learnt then!!So he basically blocked the two entrances to the courtyard with sheep hurdles, so we left the car out the front, and the lambs could graze the whole courtyard. My eldest son needed to get his motorbike out for work, so I opened the hurdles to let him through, whilst watching the lambs, because I could see their little minds looking for that window of opportunity to escape. I shut the hurdles and linked them together, but obviously there was a small gap that the little blighters found. I looked out the windown half an hour later, and they are all milling around at the front of the house. So me and son number two (he's 11), went outside and got them back in where they should be. Then we both put the hurdles together and wedged them in place with a rock. Blow me, I look round and 8 of the little darlings (believe me that is not meant as a term of endearment) were in the house. I shout to son number 3, who is in the house, but he didn't hear. So son number 2 goes in after the sheep and gets them out. In the meantime he had trod in sheep poo, and walked it through the house. FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!So then I had to clean the poo off the floor and carpet, and then off his shoes so he could wear them to school. Whilst cleaning the said shoe, I looked up the hallway and there was a lamb attempting to come in again (someone didn't shut the door) I screamed "GET OUT OR I WILL KILL YOU" I think it realised that I wasn't joking and ran.

Now when I look at back at what I have written I must sound like some sort of psycho!!It has just been a long time. I wish we had just bought a mower, there is poo all over the path, garden etc. The boys ended up jumping out of the dining room window to go to school rather than walk through lamb country. I think my lovely hubby is taking them back to the farm today. If not I will strap them in my galaxy and take them back myself!!!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Friendship shawl

Finished, but I expect, despite my trying to subtely arrange it, you can see the mistake. I grafted in the wrong place, so that the two holey edgings don't quite meet up, very annoying, but not much I can do about it. I will still wear it, I may even do a sewing job on it to arrange it differently. Nice easy pattern to use, and I would definitely do it again.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Hooray, yes at last, I have finished the Friendship Shawl. It is lovely. I emailed the pattern writer for some final finishing tips, and then followed a grafting garter stitch link on youtube, and it's done. Now I am just off to wet it and block it, so I can take some photos to put on here tomorrow. I know I have made a couple of mistakes, like the holes in the bottom that form the patter, are slightly out of line in one place. And the grafting I should have been in a quiet room to do it, but hey, it's my first finished shawl and it's not bad. It was a lovely easy pattern to do, I might even do it again one day, but must finish all the other bits and pieces first.

Sold our beautiful solid pine barley twist king size bed. It had matching furniture and I sold it all on ebay. Trouble is, it's 6 weeks until we move, so hubby and I are sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Its actually very comfy, but not so easy to get off the floor in the mornings.

Went somewhere today and they had Wendy Merino Aran for 99p for 100g ball - what a bargain!!Did I buy some???Now that would be telling!!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

No knitting time

The last couple of days have been a bit frustrating. I haven't really had any quality knitting time. I took the girls to youth group last night, and waited in the car for 2 hours (saves petrol as it's 7 miles away), and I did some knitting in the car. Today, I did one round of a sock, very disappointing. Had a nice time out with friends with breakfast, then coffee with a friend. Then taxi service to town to buy trainers for one of my boys. Now we are just about to go out for a meal with lovely friends. I am so looking forward to moving, from the point of view, to have my knitting books out, and my wool sorted into stash piles. That will be a good way to be organised. I am going to write down what I have, and list it on Ravelry, so I know what I have for projects. Maybe then I won't be tempted to buy stuff. Anyway off to nag hubby to get in the shower, as he is busy painting our utility room, ready for the next person who moves in. See you soon.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Giving In

Well, the thing is, I am not very good at dieting. Hence I am still a bit on the plus size, well a lot on the plus size!!  I have been researching wool for a project that I wanted to do, but couldn't get the right stuff for a good price, despite looking for about 3 days in a row, on various sites.

I decided one day this week to take myself off to Hobby craft. And lo and behold I found some wool, and it jumped into my basket and I took it home. And I also found a lovely pattern book too. I bought some Sirdar Balmoral, which was half price, as it's obviously going to be discontinued. It's a lovely shade of blue, almost navy. I have started knitting a cardigan. I know, I know I shouldn't have, but I needed something easy to do. I have finished the friendship shawl, apart from the grafting, finished the sock, and the cable cardigan I am on the last front, but can't do anything whilst doing that. I know, I am trying to justify it. It came out of my knitting money, which goes surprisingly a long way. I am determined to finish the cable cardi, but the blue one is just a quick knit to fill in between times, and I will probably finish it for the winer, when I will need to wear cardigans again. I then promptly wasted time looking for more bargain wool on line. I have to give myself a good talking to STEP AWAY FROM THE LAPTOP. Think I should go to LTA Lap Tops Anonymous, as I am seriously addicted. Off to knit!!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The lambs of doom

I couldn't believe it, I was sat on my laptop (surprise there!!) and saw something out of the corner of my eye. Loh and behold it was a lamb, leaping up onto the stone wall which surrounds our garden, trying to escape!!I yelled get down, and it obviously remembered me from a few days ago, and it did!!

OOh I have had itchy compter fingers. Seen some lovely crepe dk that my friend has, and I want some. I keep researching, and have found some as cheap as 2.11 for 100g, which is less than half price, but I am a reformed character, so I didn't click on the buy now, despite the itchy fingers. It's like you have to have a mental conversation, I don't need it, my hubby will be cross, I don't need it, I have stacks, quick shut the laptop down!!And I listened to myself for a change. Off to finsh my sock

Monday, 2 May 2011

All change

Well, we are having some big changes round here, but good ones. Basically we are going to be moving from a big farmhouse, in the middle of nowhere, to a house in town. We still have the same amount of bedrooms, but it's going to be a big change for us all. I had a good look around the new house, and there is plenty of room for my stash, so that's good. My hubby has another job to go to. We will have to pay rent on a house, so we won't have any spare cash, so good job I have a stash. Now I will just ask for wool for my birthday and christmas. Already starting packing. That's when I realised how much stuff I had, but it will be free entertainment for the next couple of years.

It's exciting and scary. Big change for the kids, especially the 2 youngest boys, who are 11 and 7. They have only lived in this house, and had freedom to build dens, and go up to work with dad, and help on the farm. They were upset when we told them, but they are coming to terms with it. Off to do a bit of planning.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Calmer now

This is what the lambs should have been after yesterdays fiasco. But today my lovely hubby is putting electric fence up around the back of the garden, so they should stay in and eat the grass, and make my life calmer. Ihad been putting them back in the garden for the last few days on and off, and the novelty had worn thin!!

Had bbq last night with friends which was nice, and got friends here for lunch today, so just off to make a cake.

Friday, 29 April 2011

GRRRRR Rage time

Hmm, bet that title got you interested. People think that living on a farm (we are actually 2 miles away from the farm, but in the country) must be so lovely. THINK AGAIN. This is my morning. Woke up, thought oh, could go on the wii fit everyone is in bed, apart from hubby who had to go to work ON A BANK HOLIDAY!!!!!Get out of bed and get semi dressed, then hear the tv is on, and one of the kids already up. So ok, plan foiled. Decide to go on laptop and have some breakfast. Look out of the window, and see 5 lambs in the chicken run, one tangled up in the electric fencing netting (not connected, as no battery).So I slowly meander to the front door to go out - actually who am I trying to kid!! I run out of the front door in a rage (surprising that) to assist the lovely little lambs out. It's annoying because they are in a massive back garden with loads of long grass, which we want them to eat, as our lawn mower has broken. So by the time they spot me coming, with that look of evil intent in my eye, they are running, and of course, they run in the chicken run, so I expect the eggs are broken now. I manage to get them out, without hurting any of them, though I am sorely tempted. One of them tangled itself up in the wire, which is flexible wire so it won't cut them, but it was struggling so much it had it tangled around it's neck, and was trying to run. So after I got it out, while inwardly trying not to swear out loud (kids might hear) the flipping things had completely trashed the electric fencing. So after I chased them like a maniac back into the garden, I had to put the chicken fence back up, not easy, as the ground has cobble stones in and there are not many soft bits to push the fence in.

Then I had to drive down to our local town with one of the girls to drop her off to a drama rehearsal, about 7 miles away. I got back and sat down at the dining table with a well deserved coffee and some toast. Ate my breakfast and then looked out of the window. I DON'T BELIEVE IT, I saw the little blighters climbing over the hedge of our garden into a field. I ran out into the garden (I am so entering the 100m dash) and then had to open hurdles, and grab a stick, and chase them round the field. Got them in, and blow me , 2 missing!!! Saw them in the hedge, I am so glad I don't have a shotgun, because I would have just shot them in the hedge, I was so irritated (blocked goals, I know). Anyway had to do some sheep pyschology, if I move away from the hedge, and feed the others and pretend I don't mind them being in the hedge, they will come back in the garden. Which after a few minutes and death threats from me, they did. So then I have blocked the hole in the hedge with garden chairs. As I'm typing this, I could hear the dulcit tones of a little lamb bleating, I looked out of the window. I DON'T BELIEVE IT. One lamb is out, near my washing line. It did only take me 30 seconds to get it back in. I think it knew that it had pushed me to the edge of reason. If it wasn't so early, I'd crack open the wine. Think I had better knit a bit to soothe my nerves. The only good thing about lambs, are lamb kebabs and fleeces!!!It has made me realise - I so have anger issues. Hope you all have a lovely day.xx

Friday, 22 April 2011

Easter Holiday

Happy Easter to my loyal readers. Been busy today, well this morning, knitting. I had a lovely time, trying to crack on with my number one daughters cable cardigan. Got up to the armhole, so the end of the back is in sight. Yesterday, I managed to finish the front of the long grey waistcoat, so only one more piece to do. I am just trying to finish things on the needles. I won't necessarily finish the whole garment, just the piece that is on the needles. I am also trudging on with my friendship shawl, don't think that will be finished quickly, but I try and do some every week.

I managed to spend my knitting voucher, and bought some lovely wool by Lang, it's sock yarn, and lovely colours ranging from reds, greens, rust, mustard it's really nice.

Got lots of changes going on around here, will blog more, when I know more. Happy knitting

Saturday, 9 April 2011


It's so lovely to wake up with the sun shining. It's just after 9 and I have pegged my washing out, made a cake and caught up on reading some blogs too. The girls want to go to town today, so I am taxi service again. We are on a money saving mission, which means I have to spend about 3 hours in town too, just to save petrol driving back and forwards. It's 7 miles to town, so better to do 14 miles, than 28. We have a 7 seater, so petrol is costing a fortune. I don't mind, as I will probably go and sit down near the sea and knit. I will have a mooch in the library, maybe even pick up a couple of knitting books, as they seem to have loads in there at the moment. Also I can go and have a lovely long look around the wool shop, and decide what to spend my voucher on. Very exciting. Well washing machine has finished again, so better go and peg some more washing out. Hope you have a fun day (that's to my number one daugher!!)

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Mothers Day

Mother's Day is really overrated. The kids feel they have to buy something, and end up getting charged more flowers etc. Anyway I told my kids not to buy anything, as I would rather they were just nice for the day!!But I did get some surprises. A lovely cook book, the hair bikers family cookbook, some lovely tea towels that look like orla kieley, a ceramic travel mug, and my 16 year old (bless her) bought me a £10 voucher for the wool shop in town. I am so looking forward to Thursday to be able to go and browse and choose something lovely.

Have been busy knitting baby hats. 2 strawberries and a cupcake. Quite sweet, but bit fiddly, as I had to try and juggle the pattern at the same time as knitting, but they are all finished now.

Knitted one glove of another pair of the Louisa Harding gloves in Riot, in shades of grey. They are nice but I prefer the multi coloured ones. Last night I sat and watched a couple of episodes of spooks and knitted some more of my friendship shawl. Sometimes you just need easy knitting to do while watching tv.

My hubby has finished lambing now, I did help a bit,  but not much this year. Last year of lambing for now. Won't say too much, but changes are in the air!!Happy knitting.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Quick knits

I have been busy knitting some quicker knits. I know, I know I wasn't goint to start anything else, but these gloves are sooo lovley. I was reading another ladies blog, and she had made these gloves, so I had to buy the book, and knit them. They are so lovely. I used Rico yarn, and they look really nice. I know I have done something wrong, as one glove is slightly longer than the other, but I will be wearing them, so it doesn't matter. I will definitely knit these again, in another type of yarn, just to see what they turn out like. I may even give some as Christmas presents.

This hat is called Shroom and it's from  I think. I had some of this wool, only 2 balls, can't for the life of me remember what it was, think it was Twilleys Freedom, but not 100% sure. It was really fiddly to knit, on fat 8mm circular needles which were only 16 inches long. Then I finally finished it, and it didn't fit. I unpicked the bottom cast on edge, and now it does fit, but it's a bit tight. Another one, to try again I think. This has made me think now. I have knitted a couple of other hats, and they turned out small, so I am thinking I need to do a tension square for everything now. The last 2 things I have started for myself (or my hubby) I have decided to check and I had to go up half a needle size. So from 6.5mm to 7mm and then it's ok, think that means my knitting is a bit tight, so I will have to check everything now, and then hopefully no more mistakes. Right, I am now off to carry on with a cable cardigan for my daugher. It's lovely that she wants me to knit for her (she's 24) so I have checked the tension, and off I go. Hopefully it will get finished before summer is here!! Lovely weather at the moment. Happy knitting.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Small World

We definitely live in a small world. My hubby is busy lambing at the moment, and an old friend of his from college is helping him. In the course of conversation it turns out that this guy used to live next door to the lady we stayed with in India, when she lived in England. How amazing. Also my best friends mum, has a friend called B. They were chatting and B told my friends mum how she met this lovely girl through work, and how nice she was and how well they got on. It turns out that the girl she is talking about it my lovely sister in law. Small world. Makes you think before you speak too, you never know who knows who. Random post nothing to do with knitting, but random is part of my make up. Have a good day.

Friday, 11 March 2011

A new start

Very exciting, I am just about to start a new project. I know, I know, I have some on the go, so shouldn't but this is special. My number one daughter has asked me to knit her a cardigan. It's in chunky, and has cables, so I hoping that it will grow really quickly. It's a lovely yarn, shades of lilac and greay. I will take photos once I start. But first I have a beret to finish for a friend. I have done one, and have one more to go, so by Monday or Tuesday, I should be able to start the cardigan, very exciting.

Monday, 28 February 2011


I have just discovered the fun of knitting dishcloths. I have knitted a couple of plain ones, with craft cotton, just by casting on 40 sts and then the first row, you wrap the wool twice round the needle and knit the stitch, then carry on until the end of the row. Next row just knit the first stitch (there are 2 stitches wrapped round the needles) and drop the next stitch off, so you get a big loop, then knit the next row. Simple. They wash well, even go through hot wash on the washing machine. Good mindless knitting for car journeys or tv watching.

I bought the mason dixon knitting book, and the pattern for the above dishcloths were in there. I found the yarn (peaches and creme) on and then just played around. The teracotta one has been used and washed and dried, and the green one I finished last night. Trouble is I have only got  a few colours, and I am banned (hubby) from buying more wool. I figure, mothers day is in just over a month, so I will aske for peaches and creme instead of flowers etc, I will get more pleasure out of it, and it won't cost the kids so much. I can even let them pick the colours and surprise me.

Half finished the friendship shawl, must start the second half, as it will look nice when finished. The wool is lovely, very easy to knit with, and doesn't split at all. Can't remember which one I bought, think it was a sock yarn from definitely worth looking at her yarn, and follow her blog, it's really good. Just really enjoy little projects at the moment, only have one big one on needles, and that's the long grey waistcoat, just got to finish the front, then I have only one to do. Must get on, knitting calls.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Been ill

Yesterday was horrible. I woke up feeling a bit sick (and knowing I defnitely wasn't pregnant). I also felt very tired. The rest of the day, I stayed in bed. I didn't even do any knitting, now you know I really was feeling rough. I slept on and off most of the day, apart from watching a couple of episodes of spooks, and then starting 24 season 8. I didn't even eat anything until the evening. Bet I still put on 2lb knowing the way my body works!!

Today I feel much better. I have still had a quiet day, but have purchased some amazing knitting patterns. One site I love is she sells lovely yarn, but also I bought a couple of her patterns via Ravelry. Then I also bought one from I bought the Romney Kerchief pattern, and of course, I had to cast on straight away for it. I have had to frog it twice, but now I am writing down each row as I do it, so I don't lose my place. I am not using the right yarn for it, but I am willing to risk it, I can always unravel it all. I had to do a provisional cast on for the first time, thank goodness for it makes knitting life so much easier. Got to go, cake timer is going off - I have been baking too, home made rolls, home made currant bread, and now big fairy cakes for tea. Glad I am still off my appetite a bit.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

At last

At last the jumper is finally finished. I started this 20 July 2008. Why, oh why, it has taken me so long to do I don't know. It's Aran weight, lovely sirdar cotton type aran, so lovely and soft to knit with. Easy enough pattern, when you get into it. Anyway, it's finished, and it looks lovely, my girls even said it looks like a shop one, apart from I know the zip isn't as brillantly fitted as it should be.

I have finished half the friendship shawl too, so that's good. So what am I knitting at the moment. Well, I have just started another jumper for my husband. It's stripes, but some of them, are only one stripe, so you have to use dpns but I am using circulars, so I can just slide it along to the other end. I just ordered some more needle tips 3mm, to knit the jumper, and then actually did a tension square, and realise I don't need them, never mind. Also I am still on the sleeveless grey waistcoat, nearly finished one of the fronts. And still ploughing away at a moss stitch border on an almost knee lenght cardigan, so it seems to take for ever.

I so nearly bought some Rowan Alpaca cotton. I had it in my shopping basket, online, and quickly shut down the page. I don't need it, but I love it, I can't afford it, well I can, but I am telling myself I can't. I showed my daughter the poncho thing I wanted to knit with it, and she said that she knew I wouldn't like the way that I look in it. She suggested that if I lose weight, then buy it for myself as a reward, and then I would feel better in it. She has a point actually, so I will be walking to knitting group tomorrow. Well, only if it's not raining!!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Dear Dentist

Dear Dentist
You really are a nice lady, nicer still because I know you knit, because we had a conversation once before. I just don't like coming to see you to have fillings. So much so that now I have decided to buy myself an electric toothbrush and use it for 3 minutes morning and evening, and dental floss. I may even give up cakes and things that are bad for you teeth, because I don't like having fillings ( I have said that already I know). You are a nice lady, but those injections you give are killers, they hurt so much. Then you have your hands in my mouth, doing various torturous things, while my throat feels like it is going to close up. I feel like I am going to drown in my saliva. I lay there and think of calming things and pray for people I know, because the other part of my mind is screaming that I am actually going to suffocate with a latex glove in my mouth. You ask me if I am ok, while your fingers are in my mouth, and I go uhuh (means yes). Then you get the drill out, it makes a noise like chalk down a blackboard, and I try to not imagine all the bits of old amalgam fillings (shows my age) that are going down my throat, which could induce cancer in later years. Then you put stuff which tastes like play dough in my mouth and press it down ontop of my tooth, feels like my jaw is going to drop off, you push so hard. My mouth is aching as it has been open wide for ages, and you say open up, just a bit longer. And then finally it's finished, the filling is done, then you tell me that I can't eat for an hour, what after all that torture, no chocolate, sweets or cake as a treat for the intrusion. Well, not sure I will be coming back for a while, but I will be flossing. And I do still like you, but only because you knit.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Knitting Books

Two lovely knitting books came my way. Cowl Girls - full of scarves, cowls etc. Must admit I'm not loving it, but I have started to knit a cowl from it, and have nearly finished. It's being knitted in baby alpaca, which is soo soft. It's in dark grey, and I am going to sew a different colour flower on.

The other book was stitch and bitch superstar knitting, by Debbie Stoller, may have got the name of title of the book but it's got loads of useful information in and a few nice patterns. Not sure how much I will knit from it, but it's full of lots of tips.

I was soooo tempted today to buy some Rowan Lima. I bought a lovely pattern book and there is a lovely pattern I want to knit.I even got as far as emailing someone for a price. Then I decided to stop myself. I realise I have an addiction, like a crack habit, or something. It's maybe a bit of  OCD too. So anyway, I am going to set myself a target of clearing enough stash, to fit in one storage facility, not 4. So there I have posted it on here, so that's it committed.

Friday, 28 January 2011

John Lewis

I went to John Lewis today. I was meeting one of my lovley sister-in-laws for coffee. I happened to be early, so went into the yarn section of John Lewis. Did I buy anything??I won't lie!!So I won't say anything. It was good.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Kings Speech

I went to the cinema last night to watch the kings speech. What a brilliant film. I thought that Colin Firth acted brilliantly.

I have been in all day today. I made home made rolls, home made bread, more home made rolls (for lunchboxes tomorrow) and 2 dotty mocha cakes. Then I sat and knitted. Well, actually I did wash all the downstairs floors and the bathrooms too. The sleeves of hubbys jumper have about 1 inch to go, and then decrease. At last it could be finished by the weekend. Even managed to go on the wii fit again, did a bit of jogging, hula hooping and snowball fights, great fun.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Keeping Fit

Well, the title sounds good. I have been on the wii for 10 hours, not continuously I hasten to add. It still says that I am obese, my little boy (who's 7) said "mum, you're not even fat!" I love that child. I have tried to do the step things and the jogging (whilst holding my boobs down!) so that I actually do some sort of aerobics. I walked to town last week, it's only about 3 miles, but I walked both ways, so that was a start. Trouble is I expect that with that sort of commitment, I should have lost at least half a stone!!No, nothing, zilch. I won't give up though, I will try and walk 2 times a week, and the other days go on the wii.

Not finished anything yet, but then I haven't started anything either. I am almost at the end of the jumper for my hubby. Knitted another cupcake hat, just got the cherry to do, then that's done. I wrote out the pattern as I went along, as I forget otherwise. Still on my yarn diet, I did contemplate going in to a wool shop today, but talked myself out of it. Going to meet my sister in law in Bristol on Friday, so I know I will find myself in John Lewis in the yarn department, so who knows I may have confessions to tell!!I am still trying to hold off until April for Wonderwool Wales, but watch this space!!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Ta Dah!!

New spotty bag to go inside my spotty knitting bag
Sewing tin - so maybe I will sew buttons on my hubbys shirts!!

The finished tank top.

Finally, finished the tank top for my new nephew. Not sure if it's 100% correct, but it looks ok, so hopefully it will fit him.
Yesterday my lovely hubby was out for the day, so it was just me and 5 of the children. Well you know what teenagers are like, it was almost lunch time before they were all up and ready, so we had lunch then took a few of them out, to a lovely little shop I know that sells Cath Kidston stuff, and it had a sale on. So I ended up buying myself a couple of treats, namely a sewing tin - half price, and a little spotty zip up bag to go in my knitting bag with tape measure etc inside. Bargain. I also looked at the bags, and touched them, but I resisted!!

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Been Knitting

The shawl from
Knitted dishcloth is craft cotton

Baby tank top for my new nephew

Fingerless gloves

I have been knitting, but this time I have photos to prove it. I knitted two pairs of fingerless gloves. Both pairs are in Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed (from my stash). The purple pair are knitted in the round on 4 needles, then cast off for thumb slot, then cast back on next time round. The striped ones are knitted flat and then leave a gap up the side when you sew them up. They were really easy to do, and knitted them in an evening. Also I have started to knit another tank top for my new little nephew, hopefully I will get that finished in the next couple of days, then I have an excuse to go and see him again.
Also I finished a dishcloth, which has been on my needles since November. I know, why knit dishcloths, but they last a lot longer than shop ones, and they are an easy portable project to take with you, in your handbag.

Still plodding on with the shawl, I babysat for a friend last night so I was able to get another 12 rows done. It is a labour of love, but I have found it really easy. Not sure what I will do with it when I have finished, but who knows we may have a wedding to go to this year, so I could buy a dress to match!!
I have been reading other peoples blogs, and love getting a glimpse into other peoples lives, and ideas they have. One blog, suggested putting yarn together in bags (which I have done) and then put a copy of the pattern in there, that you intend to use the yarn for. It's on my to do list, but I think it will have to be a day when I have nothing else to do. My housework is always bottom of the to do list, but I think it's more important than sorting out yarn (well to my husband anyway!!)

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Back to school

Yesterday, was the first day back at school. How quiet the house was. I managed to have 45 minutes on the wii fit, with no kids watching, I even managed to beat the top score on the snowball game!! Went out for the day with my very best friend. We went to a big shopping mall, and ended up have a good look round Marks & Spencer.

Today I have been in most of the day. Only done a little bit of knitting. Tomorrow is knitting group. I haven't been for 3 weeks because of kids being off, so hopefully will be nice to catch up tomorrow. I have been racking my brains trying to think what knitting to take. My sleeveless waistcoat, is a bit big, and the shawl I need to concentrate, so I will have to look and take another unfinished thing. I know the long cardigan knitted in Wendy Skye, it's just a boring moss stitch button band, which goes on forever, so that will be perfect.

This yarn diet til April, is a bit depressing. Mind you I have got lots to do, just can't make up my mind which thing to finish first!!Happy knitting.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year

Well, that's the start of another year, where does the time go. This has got to be the year of change. Maybe lose weight, no, let's be positive, lose weight, and get fitter. Have been on the Nintendo wii a few times, so will keep up with that, and do more walking. Finish off all the unfinished knitting projects. DEFINITELY no buying yarn until April at the earliest. That's because in April I am hoping to go to Wonderwool Wales. My lovely sister-in-law lives there, so will hopefully be able to stay with her. So before then I am going to have to knit from my stash (not really a problem). Anyway, hope this year is a happy one for all of you my loyal (2) readers.xx