Monday, 10 October 2011


Well I was a bit disappointed to go along to weight watchers, only to find that the meeting wasn't at the place where it was listed on the internet. Shame. But the good news is I got my referral through from my doctors, so I am all booked in to go on Wednesday morning. The start of new things to come, hopefully. I am having my last bottle, sorry glass of wine. Well I will probably finish the bottle tomorrow evening. Then everything will have to be counted and weighed etc. I know I will feel better losing weight, and I know it's going to be so lovely to be able to knit something, that I feel good in. At least I have the incentive of a reward, and not food!!

Knitted a beret the last few evenings. Fancied doing a quick project, so that's done. Now I am plodding on with the last sleeve on my hooded jacket. It seems to be taking ages to knit. After that I am actually going to do a bit of charity knitting. A friend of mine, as links with a school in Kenya, and want some school jumpers knitting for some children out there. It will just be stocking stitch, so should be ok. Will be nice to do something for someone else.

Bye for now

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