Saturday, 29 October 2011

Happy Birthday

Well I did indeed, have a happy birthday yesterday. I had such a lovely day.

First surprise was - Thursday evening my very best friend, were going to go out for a girly meal, and catch up, and present opening for me, with a meal, and wine. Happy days. Anyway, then she text me and said what about our hubby's going out for a drink, and then we got a taxi there and back. While my dear hubby got ready, I suddenly got suspicious, and thought, is there a plan going on here? Hubby would normally wear jeans and a shirt and he put on his smart black trousers. Anyway, I decided not to second guess, and then be disappointed. But I was not disappointed.  We went to an amazing restaurant (we had been once before for very best friends 25th wedding anniversary). VBF and hubby treated us on Thursday evening for my birthday. It was amazing. Absolutely amazing. Every course was an explosion in your mouth, of all the different taste buds. I had scallops, and they were so amazing and melted in your mouth. Followed by medallion of beef, which was to die for, then cheeses, then chocolate pudding, and wine. It was all so delicious. My VBF also bought me a lovely Cath Kidston Blackberry case, a CK diary and a bottle of wine, which we shared some of, whilst driving on way to restaurant. And two lovely mugs.

On the day, Friday, I woke up early, 5.30 and was de ding awake, so I put the light on, and went on my phone, and read a bit. Then just decided to drop off to sleep at 7.15 and suddenly heard "Nanny" and bless her (I think) my daughter and grandaughter turned up early. They had seen my notification on Facebook, and thought I was up, so decided to come over early. What a lovely surprise I had. The children had all clubbed together and bought me a Kindle. I couldnt' believe it. It's lovely. I have downloaded a couple of books, and will wait and learn a bit more how to use it, but a lovely surprise. Then last night, we went out for a meal as a family. We went to a bargain pub, two meals for £6.99, and my parents came too. They, bless them, paid for drinks and pudding, so we had a lovely evening.

Also yesterday my hubby took me and the two boys out to a beauty spot about 1 hour away, and we had a great time, climbing over rocks, paddling and walking, great fun, and the weather was amazing.

Also for my birthday I had some lovely cyclamen from my hubby, I love them, wine, doritos (I sooo love them), a weight watchers recipe book and calendar, some money and some aniseed twist sweets and tickets for the clothes show in Birmingham(!!)So I feel totally spoilt. Also an amazing friend bought me Aran wool, in a lovely colour, so going to start that soon.Today was my eldest sons birthday, but he had stayed out the night before so didn't see him til 2pm this afternoon, and he was still feeling worse for wear, from the night before, then he was playing football - mad.

Off to do some knitting now. Bye for now

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  1. Belated Happy Birthday Sally, sounds like you had a lovely time and was thoroughly spoiled and you really deserve it x