Monday, 9 September 2013

Summer Lovin'

I have had to resort to using my phone to  blog as the blogpost site seems to be playing up. Summer was great but boy, did it zoom past. This is what we had for tea tonight - home made bacon and egg pie - I don't usually have any left bit tonight I made extra.
We have been swimming in my mums pool - even this week.
We have been swimming in the sea - it was lovely .
We have celebrated birthdays,
We have eaten lasagne at the local pub for a birthday treat - just me and my four girls - and yes it was yummy.
My best friend lent me her soft top mini for a few days. So I went on drives in the sunshine with the roof down with loud music playing and singing along - it was great.
And we have been planning a wedding as one of my girls is getting married in November - it's been busy, busy. I managed to fit in camping too- and knitting. I completed a cardigan, 2 dog coats, 2 berets, 1 floppy hat and I am attempting a crochet rasta hat (not going too well). Will do more photos of knitting next time x