Sunday, 17 February 2013

On the move - AGAIN

Well it looks like we are moving house again. We moved into our current rented place in July 2011, and now the time to move on has arrived. We are going down to a 3 bed house, because the downstairs living area will be so much better for us as a family. I feel a bit overwhelmed as we have just over 2 weeks to pack up, and clean etc. I'm looking forward to being able to keep my wool downstairs, so I can get to it when I want, instead of traipsing up and down stairs. I do like the thought of putting things away etc, but its just so much to do.

I am on the last sleeve of Driftwood, so I WILL try to finish it before I move. I am also knitting the second front of aran cable cardi, so must get on. Will check in again soon.