Monday, 27 August 2012

Been Camping

I have just got back from camping for 4 days. What a lovely feeling to have a hot bath, and then get into a warm, soft, comfy bed.

My hubby went down to the camping place on Monday, to help set up, as lots of churches were all camping together. I went down with 4 of the children on Thursday. We had a lovely time, despite the rain. It was so wet and soggy underfoot that I was walking around in flip flops, with mud oozing between my toes. I didn't pack wellies, because I didn't think it would rain (why oh why, I don't know). It was lovely to be with so many people, and we had a communal marquee for meals and you could go in there when it raine (which was lots). There were a few knitters too, so we all managed to sit and knit for a while, which was lovely. I managed to do most of the front of a cardigan for one of my daughers so that was brilliant.

My hips are still sore from sleeping on the hard ground, on just a rollmat. Next year I will invest in a camp bed, will be so much more comfy.

I had a lovely day last week sorting out my wool (again) and writing down what I have, so that when I want to start something, I know I have the wool already. Found some lovely stuff, that I am desperate to knit, but there's too many things hanging around on my needles.

Right off to tackle the mountain of washing before the others come home with theirs.