Monday, 28 February 2011


I have just discovered the fun of knitting dishcloths. I have knitted a couple of plain ones, with craft cotton, just by casting on 40 sts and then the first row, you wrap the wool twice round the needle and knit the stitch, then carry on until the end of the row. Next row just knit the first stitch (there are 2 stitches wrapped round the needles) and drop the next stitch off, so you get a big loop, then knit the next row. Simple. They wash well, even go through hot wash on the washing machine. Good mindless knitting for car journeys or tv watching.

I bought the mason dixon knitting book, and the pattern for the above dishcloths were in there. I found the yarn (peaches and creme) on and then just played around. The teracotta one has been used and washed and dried, and the green one I finished last night. Trouble is I have only got  a few colours, and I am banned (hubby) from buying more wool. I figure, mothers day is in just over a month, so I will aske for peaches and creme instead of flowers etc, I will get more pleasure out of it, and it won't cost the kids so much. I can even let them pick the colours and surprise me.

Half finished the friendship shawl, must start the second half, as it will look nice when finished. The wool is lovely, very easy to knit with, and doesn't split at all. Can't remember which one I bought, think it was a sock yarn from definitely worth looking at her yarn, and follow her blog, it's really good. Just really enjoy little projects at the moment, only have one big one on needles, and that's the long grey waistcoat, just got to finish the front, then I have only one to do. Must get on, knitting calls.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Been ill

Yesterday was horrible. I woke up feeling a bit sick (and knowing I defnitely wasn't pregnant). I also felt very tired. The rest of the day, I stayed in bed. I didn't even do any knitting, now you know I really was feeling rough. I slept on and off most of the day, apart from watching a couple of episodes of spooks, and then starting 24 season 8. I didn't even eat anything until the evening. Bet I still put on 2lb knowing the way my body works!!

Today I feel much better. I have still had a quiet day, but have purchased some amazing knitting patterns. One site I love is she sells lovely yarn, but also I bought a couple of her patterns via Ravelry. Then I also bought one from I bought the Romney Kerchief pattern, and of course, I had to cast on straight away for it. I have had to frog it twice, but now I am writing down each row as I do it, so I don't lose my place. I am not using the right yarn for it, but I am willing to risk it, I can always unravel it all. I had to do a provisional cast on for the first time, thank goodness for it makes knitting life so much easier. Got to go, cake timer is going off - I have been baking too, home made rolls, home made currant bread, and now big fairy cakes for tea. Glad I am still off my appetite a bit.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

At last

At last the jumper is finally finished. I started this 20 July 2008. Why, oh why, it has taken me so long to do I don't know. It's Aran weight, lovely sirdar cotton type aran, so lovely and soft to knit with. Easy enough pattern, when you get into it. Anyway, it's finished, and it looks lovely, my girls even said it looks like a shop one, apart from I know the zip isn't as brillantly fitted as it should be.

I have finished half the friendship shawl too, so that's good. So what am I knitting at the moment. Well, I have just started another jumper for my husband. It's stripes, but some of them, are only one stripe, so you have to use dpns but I am using circulars, so I can just slide it along to the other end. I just ordered some more needle tips 3mm, to knit the jumper, and then actually did a tension square, and realise I don't need them, never mind. Also I am still on the sleeveless grey waistcoat, nearly finished one of the fronts. And still ploughing away at a moss stitch border on an almost knee lenght cardigan, so it seems to take for ever.

I so nearly bought some Rowan Alpaca cotton. I had it in my shopping basket, online, and quickly shut down the page. I don't need it, but I love it, I can't afford it, well I can, but I am telling myself I can't. I showed my daughter the poncho thing I wanted to knit with it, and she said that she knew I wouldn't like the way that I look in it. She suggested that if I lose weight, then buy it for myself as a reward, and then I would feel better in it. She has a point actually, so I will be walking to knitting group tomorrow. Well, only if it's not raining!!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Dear Dentist

Dear Dentist
You really are a nice lady, nicer still because I know you knit, because we had a conversation once before. I just don't like coming to see you to have fillings. So much so that now I have decided to buy myself an electric toothbrush and use it for 3 minutes morning and evening, and dental floss. I may even give up cakes and things that are bad for you teeth, because I don't like having fillings ( I have said that already I know). You are a nice lady, but those injections you give are killers, they hurt so much. Then you have your hands in my mouth, doing various torturous things, while my throat feels like it is going to close up. I feel like I am going to drown in my saliva. I lay there and think of calming things and pray for people I know, because the other part of my mind is screaming that I am actually going to suffocate with a latex glove in my mouth. You ask me if I am ok, while your fingers are in my mouth, and I go uhuh (means yes). Then you get the drill out, it makes a noise like chalk down a blackboard, and I try to not imagine all the bits of old amalgam fillings (shows my age) that are going down my throat, which could induce cancer in later years. Then you put stuff which tastes like play dough in my mouth and press it down ontop of my tooth, feels like my jaw is going to drop off, you push so hard. My mouth is aching as it has been open wide for ages, and you say open up, just a bit longer. And then finally it's finished, the filling is done, then you tell me that I can't eat for an hour, what after all that torture, no chocolate, sweets or cake as a treat for the intrusion. Well, not sure I will be coming back for a while, but I will be flossing. And I do still like you, but only because you knit.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Knitting Books

Two lovely knitting books came my way. Cowl Girls - full of scarves, cowls etc. Must admit I'm not loving it, but I have started to knit a cowl from it, and have nearly finished. It's being knitted in baby alpaca, which is soo soft. It's in dark grey, and I am going to sew a different colour flower on.

The other book was stitch and bitch superstar knitting, by Debbie Stoller, may have got the name of title of the book but it's got loads of useful information in and a few nice patterns. Not sure how much I will knit from it, but it's full of lots of tips.

I was soooo tempted today to buy some Rowan Lima. I bought a lovely pattern book and there is a lovely pattern I want to knit.I even got as far as emailing someone for a price. Then I decided to stop myself. I realise I have an addiction, like a crack habit, or something. It's maybe a bit of  OCD too. So anyway, I am going to set myself a target of clearing enough stash, to fit in one storage facility, not 4. So there I have posted it on here, so that's it committed.