Wednesday, 9 February 2011

At last

At last the jumper is finally finished. I started this 20 July 2008. Why, oh why, it has taken me so long to do I don't know. It's Aran weight, lovely sirdar cotton type aran, so lovely and soft to knit with. Easy enough pattern, when you get into it. Anyway, it's finished, and it looks lovely, my girls even said it looks like a shop one, apart from I know the zip isn't as brillantly fitted as it should be.

I have finished half the friendship shawl too, so that's good. So what am I knitting at the moment. Well, I have just started another jumper for my husband. It's stripes, but some of them, are only one stripe, so you have to use dpns but I am using circulars, so I can just slide it along to the other end. I just ordered some more needle tips 3mm, to knit the jumper, and then actually did a tension square, and realise I don't need them, never mind. Also I am still on the sleeveless grey waistcoat, nearly finished one of the fronts. And still ploughing away at a moss stitch border on an almost knee lenght cardigan, so it seems to take for ever.

I so nearly bought some Rowan Alpaca cotton. I had it in my shopping basket, online, and quickly shut down the page. I don't need it, but I love it, I can't afford it, well I can, but I am telling myself I can't. I showed my daughter the poncho thing I wanted to knit with it, and she said that she knew I wouldn't like the way that I look in it. She suggested that if I lose weight, then buy it for myself as a reward, and then I would feel better in it. She has a point actually, so I will be walking to knitting group tomorrow. Well, only if it's not raining!!

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