Thursday, 30 December 2010

Happy Days

Well, what a lovely Christmas. I had a watch, from my parents, a knitting book, from myself, some lovely willow tree figures, from my friend, chocolates, a top and lots of other bits and pieces. My eldest son even bought me a mini. The roads were too icy to drive outside, so I had to make do with driving it by remote on the dining room table. I know, shame it wasn't a real one, maybe one day!!

I have done lots of knitting, but not finished yet. I have almost finished the front of the long line waistcoat, but it's great knitting for doing while watching dvds. I am going to finish this, and some of the other wips (I know, I always say that) but I feel I should stop being so wasteful. I have listed some of my books and dvds on amazon, and 2 have sold already. I am going to put the money by, in a separate account, to save for spending money if I can go to wonderwool wales in april!!By then I should have knitted up some of my stash, so can maybe, maybe buy something really small and wooly, like a ball of wool???

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas. I am sitting here, waiting for my lovely hubby to get home from work. The children are soooo excited as they want to open their presents, and can't until dad gets home. So I hope he's quick. I made the most of the time, and prepared some of the veg, just left the potatoes and sprouts for later. It's still icy and snowy here, like and ice rink to drive round the country lanes, but my eldest manages to still get out to the pub!!!Happy Christmas to all of you (3 that read this) and a Happy New Year too.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Hooray, we managed it, we got out. My lovely, lovely husband, cleared the track with the tractor, and we managed to get out. It was a bit dodgy in places, not our track but the little road up to the main road, but we did it safely. Once at the main road, it was brilliant, like being in another world. I went to visit my very best friend, and we sat and had a catch up and a cup of tea together, then we managed to go to the shops without any children, how nice that was. We had a lovely mooch round the shops. I tried on some boots for myself for Christmas but they didn't fit, which was a real shame as I loved the boots, they were a bit on the big side. Then I just thought, what's the point, I don't need anything. We went back to her house, had another drink, then by then my kids were all there, as they had bused back to her house, and we came home. The hill back up to ours, was a bit slippy in places, and the wheels were spinning, but we made it. Home safe and sound. Life is good!!

Getting excited!!

I know, I know, you're thinking what is a 40 something year old getting excited about Christmas for. Think again. I am getting excited because as I type my lovely husband is in a tractor with a bucket on the front, trying to scrape the snow off our hill!!Yay - go hubby!! I am so hoping that he can get it clear enough for us to go out today. Three of my lovely daughters, who are 16,15,14 (I know teenage years have been hard!!), got up at 7 this morning and left the house with their eldest brother. They walked down the hill, in the snow to get in his car, so he could give them a lift into town. They all arrived safely, which gives me hope. If I can get our car down the hill, then I can go out and see my very best friend. I am taking my knitting, and a gift of wood, so we can sit by here fire, drinking cappucinos and knitting, what more can a girl ask for.

Finished the hat off in bed this morning, so that looks lovely. Don't think it suits me, but I will wear it as it is so pretty, and I knitted it in 3 days. Now to do some more rico can can scarves for christmas presents aaaggghhh, how many can I do in 3 days???If you don't hear from me before Christmas it's because I have made up for lost time!!!Happy Christmas to my loyal readers - well my daughter, and 2 friends, and an interenet buddy!!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

still stuck in!!

This is some of the days knitting. Left the Friendship Shawl. Stripey hat in Rowan fine milk cotton then in grey a long waistcoat for myself from Blacker Design, it's lovely.
This was yesterday, before the children messed up the snow, but we still have as much, just not so perfect.

My youngest had fun, building a snowman and taking the biggest carrot for his nose, which I notice is still outside but not on the snowman

This is how deep the snow was up my daughters ankles, haven't they heard of wellies!!

The town we live near (7 miles away) is open, and the roads are ok, but on our country lane it is very icy. And I know I sometimes complain about my children, but I don't want to put them in any danger, by risking taking out car out. Plus the fact, the track down to country lane, is impassable for a car. The snow is still a good 6 inches thick. My eldest son (22) who has moved back in, has been leaving his car down the bottom of the track and walking up and down the hill at night. Tomorrow my lovely hubby said that he would scrape the snow off with a tractor bucket, so maybe if its not too icy we can go out. I am finding it difficult inside with 5 children. To be fair to them, they have kept themselves occupied, and there hasn't been too much moaning - apart from me!!

I have knitted loads. Not finished anything. Started a lovely hat in Rowan fine milk cotton. It is so nice to knit with. Not sure if I have enough to finish the hat, as I only bought two balls (as it's a bit pricey) but it's looking good.

The shawl is coming along slowly. Also have 2 or three other projects hanging around, but will finally finish them one day. Off to do a few more rows. My fingers are getting sore from so much knitting. Wish it burn calories off!!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Snow was falling snow on snow

I am so bored of snow. It started on Friday, and where we live, it's still here. Can't go out, unless hubby takes me in his truck, as our car can't manage the slippery lanes where we live. I am supposed to be having my tesco shop delivered on Tuesday, somehow think that will be cancelled. The only good thing, is that I have done loads of knitting. I have managed to knit 3 of the rico can can scarves. I have finished the back of a long waistcoat which I started ages ago. So even though I haven't got a finished article (apart from the scarves) I have finished a lot of bits and pieces that were hanging around. Trouble is, I know there are lots of others waiting to be finished too.

I am all ready for Christmas, apart from the last minute food. I can always send my lovely hubby out to buy it. He is the most stress free person I know. He can stand and wait in a queue for ages, and not complain, or even feel angry (unlike me).

I also have been very naughty. I have started knitting a friendship shawl. It's from Anniken Allis over at confessions of a yarn addict. It's lovely, it's a free download pattern, with a contribution going towards a worthwhile charity. I also acquired some beautiful sock wool to knit it with. Just today I have knitted quite a lot, it doesn't grow really fast, but it's one of those patterns that you think, I'll just do a few more rows, so who knows I may even finish it one day, but as long as I don't get side tracked by other things.

I have got an absolutely stinking cold, felt really rough with it, supposed to be going out tomorrow to meet a friend for a swim and a sauna, but what with the weather and this cold, think I will have to cancel. Also supposed to be going out for a meal tomorrow eve, don't fancy it at the moment, but I could feel much better by tomorrow.

This is also the time of year, that I wish we had a tv. You can only watch so much stuff on iplayer, and this time of year, there are christmas films on too. Can't even go and visit my mum, who has Sky, because of the roads. Enough moaning. At least I can knit. Happy Christmas everyone.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Happy News

My little baby brother (37) had his first baby yesterday. Very exciting. A little boy. I haven't met him yet, but have seen a photo of him, and he looks very lovely. He was wearing the little tank top that I knitted him, which was really sweet.

On the knitting front, I have knitted a little flower brooch. Not sure if I would do it again, as it took all day, and was really fiddly. The similar sort of thing are selling for £8 in the shop - East. My talents are wasted. I am back on the hats again, need to do 3 before I can get some of my creativity going, by trying some new ideas out.

Happy knitting.

Friday, 3 December 2010


Everyones blogs these past few days are probably about snow. This picture is last weeks snow, which melted, now we have more. All of the kids schools were shut, so for the past two days they have been home. They have had some fun in the snow, and there have been a few arguments (nothing new there), but hopefully by the weekend it will all be gone, well I hope so.
I have been looking through my stash, and finding things that I had forgotten about, so I really must get organised. I found a half finished beret, so I am finishing that today. I have some lovely bootees to do, but I have sewn them up wrong, so have to unpick them, so I will probably put that off too!!
In fact last night I was sitting on a chair in the bathroom knitting, as you do, and the piece of knitting was on a straight needle, so I was putting it on to a circular. I was knitting and chatting to my hubby (he was in the bath), and I said, "I can hear those rats", then I would stop knitting. He would stop talking and we would both listen, but nothing could be heard. I kept knitting and he was chatting, then I stopped again, to listen, nothing. Then I looked down and realised that the other end of the circular needle was scratching across plastic of the laundry basket, so it wasn't rats!!