Sunday, 19 December 2010

Snow was falling snow on snow

I am so bored of snow. It started on Friday, and where we live, it's still here. Can't go out, unless hubby takes me in his truck, as our car can't manage the slippery lanes where we live. I am supposed to be having my tesco shop delivered on Tuesday, somehow think that will be cancelled. The only good thing, is that I have done loads of knitting. I have managed to knit 3 of the rico can can scarves. I have finished the back of a long waistcoat which I started ages ago. So even though I haven't got a finished article (apart from the scarves) I have finished a lot of bits and pieces that were hanging around. Trouble is, I know there are lots of others waiting to be finished too.

I am all ready for Christmas, apart from the last minute food. I can always send my lovely hubby out to buy it. He is the most stress free person I know. He can stand and wait in a queue for ages, and not complain, or even feel angry (unlike me).

I also have been very naughty. I have started knitting a friendship shawl. It's from Anniken Allis over at confessions of a yarn addict. It's lovely, it's a free download pattern, with a contribution going towards a worthwhile charity. I also acquired some beautiful sock wool to knit it with. Just today I have knitted quite a lot, it doesn't grow really fast, but it's one of those patterns that you think, I'll just do a few more rows, so who knows I may even finish it one day, but as long as I don't get side tracked by other things.

I have got an absolutely stinking cold, felt really rough with it, supposed to be going out tomorrow to meet a friend for a swim and a sauna, but what with the weather and this cold, think I will have to cancel. Also supposed to be going out for a meal tomorrow eve, don't fancy it at the moment, but I could feel much better by tomorrow.

This is also the time of year, that I wish we had a tv. You can only watch so much stuff on iplayer, and this time of year, there are christmas films on too. Can't even go and visit my mum, who has Sky, because of the roads. Enough moaning. At least I can knit. Happy Christmas everyone.

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