Saturday, 22 September 2012


Sorry for moaning and groaning yesterday, I think it's out of my system now. I have realised that my life will still go on, if I don't have an iphone. I'm grateful for what I do have.

It's like I am going to the Ally Pally in October, and I'm really looking forward to it. My daughter is giving me some money to spend, but I am actually thinking it will be a total waste of money to buy any ~ANY yarn as I have loads. I have enough to knit at least 5 full sized cardis, and lots and lots of odd balls for hats etc, so to buy more is a waste. I need to stop and think before splashing the cash. I don't even need any more needles, as I have lots. Also got knitting bags. I will go as I have paid for the ticket, but I am going to go restrained. Well that's the plan anyway. Anyway must go and knit, sorry again.

Friday, 21 September 2012

I want, I want

I feel such an ungrateful, covetous woman at the moment. I really, really want an iphone. I don't want an iphone 5, I would be quite happy with an iphone 4. I know I don't need one, well not at the moment anyway, but it still doesn't stop me wanting one. I would have to sell some wool to raise funds - so that in itself is a bit silly. And my contract would then be more money per month. I have a Blackberry, which does most things that an iphone does, I also have an ipod, so that can do the things that the Blackberry can't, but still I would rather have the phone. My eldest daughter, says, it's up to you mum, you're a grown up, if you can find the money, it's up to you. My hubby says, wait til your contract runs out, then think about it (why is he so sensible!!) So I have to stop dreaming about it and be patient. I will see what I get for my birthday, money wise, and then make an informed decision. I do need to talk to someone in a phone shop to find out exactly how much money it will cost.

Right that's got that off my chest (I think). I have done a bit of knitting today, I am on the final front of a cardi for daughter number 4, she actually asked me to knit her a cardi, so I felt I should comply. I am on the final front, and it's in olive green crepe so its nice and easy to knit. Bit boring knitting, but ideal to watch tv with. I said I won't knit anything else until this caridgan is finished. Then I am going to just try and finish things on the needle one at a time, so it will go quicker. Off to start

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Time flies on by

I can't believe it's been so long since I wrote on here, what a dreadful blogger I am. It's amazing where time goes.

Loving my new job. I have the privilige of working with some lovely elderly people, that I could so be friends with too. I enjoy helping them, and getting a glimpse into their lives too. It's amazing how many of the ladies were keen crafters too, knitting, cross stitch and embroidery, with some of them having beautiful pictures on the walls of their homes. It's nice to have something to chat about with them.

Knitting is as chaotic as ever with me. It's funny, I was showing one of my daughters my blog, and then realised I have been doing it for 2 years now. When I looked back at the first few pictures, I saw that I still have things on the needles from 2 years ago. How bad is that? I did sort of loosely set myself a goal (again) of completing some of the stuff before I start new things. Trouble is there are at least 5 big projects to finish, and also another glove - to make a pair, and a few odd socks to make a pair.

Two amazing things have happened recently. One is that someone on freecycle was offering a bag of wool, enough to make a jumper. So I emailed straight back, and arranged to collect the wool. I got to the house, where it was left on the doorstep, so I put it in the back of my car, and drove home. Imagine my shock and delight to tip the bag out on my dining table to find some Rowan \purelife British Sheep Breeds Chunky. Cream, brown and grey, enough to knit at least 3 jumpers, over £200 worth of wool. How amazing. I did think of selling some, as cash flow not been too great, but then decided I would never treat myself to something so lovely, so I shared half with my friend, who loves to knit as much as me, and kept the rest. I have knitted one glove with it, and it's lovely. Thinking very hard and long about what to knit, as chunky makes me looke even chunkier, but maybe I can work something out.

The other lovely, lovely thing. My best friend (who doesn't knit - YET) is so lovely and kind.
For years, 5 actually, I have wanted a mini cooper. My mum very kindly hired one for me for my 39th birthday, and me and my best friend had a day trip in it, and it was lovely. I have wanted one, but it won't ever be a priority in our house. Maybe when I have retired, but then I probably won't be able to manage to get in one!! Well my best friend has bought one. Now when she had, she told me and asked if I was ok with it. I was. I was pleased for her, and accepted that it's not my time at the moment.

She came round to pick me up last week to go out for a spin in it. (Also it's a soft top). When I came out of my house, she got in the passenger seat, I said what are you doing, she said you can drive. I said I'm not insured, she said yes you are, I've put you on the insurance for the year, and you can borrow it whenever you want. I cried. How kind, how lovely. How generous. So I had a little drive, and the weather was even good enough to have the top down, lovely lovely day.

Off to Ally Pally in October, that will be fun, but I am not going to buy loads, as I have loads, too much really. Not enough for lots of jumpers, but lots of hats and socks and gloves and scarves.

One of my girls has gone off to university, so we are down to 4 children now. The house is slowly shrinking, unlike my waistline!!Probably have thin fingers from knitting,  but thick waistline from sitting. Still tomorrow is another day. Happy knitting.

The mini!!