Friday, 21 September 2012

I want, I want

I feel such an ungrateful, covetous woman at the moment. I really, really want an iphone. I don't want an iphone 5, I would be quite happy with an iphone 4. I know I don't need one, well not at the moment anyway, but it still doesn't stop me wanting one. I would have to sell some wool to raise funds - so that in itself is a bit silly. And my contract would then be more money per month. I have a Blackberry, which does most things that an iphone does, I also have an ipod, so that can do the things that the Blackberry can't, but still I would rather have the phone. My eldest daughter, says, it's up to you mum, you're a grown up, if you can find the money, it's up to you. My hubby says, wait til your contract runs out, then think about it (why is he so sensible!!) So I have to stop dreaming about it and be patient. I will see what I get for my birthday, money wise, and then make an informed decision. I do need to talk to someone in a phone shop to find out exactly how much money it will cost.

Right that's got that off my chest (I think). I have done a bit of knitting today, I am on the final front of a cardi for daughter number 4, she actually asked me to knit her a cardi, so I felt I should comply. I am on the final front, and it's in olive green crepe so its nice and easy to knit. Bit boring knitting, but ideal to watch tv with. I said I won't knit anything else until this caridgan is finished. Then I am going to just try and finish things on the needle one at a time, so it will go quicker. Off to start

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