Friday, 27 April 2012

Road Trip and Sewing

I have been sewing. I saw some project bags on, and I fancied having a go at making some. I have borrowed daughter number 1's sewing machine, and my mum showed me how, and voila, here you see my first project bag. It's lined in exactly the same fabric too. I am quite chuffed with my first attempt. Daughter number 1 is selling her sewing machine, and I am very tempted. I also have bought some lovely material with liquorice allsorts on, so watch this space. It's just big enough to put some socks in, or a sleeve of a jumper, if you want to just pop something in your handbag. I reckon it costs about 2.00 to make, so quite cheap, and didn't take long. The ribbon, probably isn't the best thing to put through, but it was here, and it went with the bag, so there it goes.

Today I am going on a road trip. I am driving to Wales to see my sister-in-law and taking daughter number 4 with me. I have packed my knitting, and some clothes. Then I just remembered to print out a map, talk about getting your priorities right!! While I am in Wales it does happen to be Wonderwool Wales, and it's not far from her, but I can't really see it happening. I cleaned my sons house for him, and bless him he gave me some money,. so if I did to, and if I did see anything, then who knows!!Back soon.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Rowan Cotton Jeans

Well I started knitting with Rowan Cotton jeans in a lovely green colour. And I am still knitting, and still loving the colour. I am on a mission to get this one finished because I actually think I will wear it. I will also take photos of the finished item too. I splashed out and bought some new knitting patterns to use up some of my bargain wool. This means I should be busy for weeks now. Must go quick and finish my sleeve.

Sunday, 15 April 2012


I have been offered a job!!!How cool is that. After being turned down by Asda, not hearing back from the local hospital I was beginning to think - all I can do is knit. I popped in to an open day run by a care agency, and the next day got offered the job. I think the nices thing was, the lady said on the phone, "it was really nice to meet you, I think you have got a great attitude, and I think you will make a great carer" Now I know some people will think - its just what they say, but it made me feel quite good and positive about myself. People are quick enough to put you down, and take you for granted - so it was nice to hear something positive. I haven't had email confirmation yet, so will wait and see. Probably won't start til May, and my hours are 7 am til 10 am, so that fits in with the family and the school holidays, so I am well pleased.

In honour of the occasion, the fickle part of me is starting a new cardigan in Rowan Cotton Jeans. I havne't got enough, but a lovely friend of mine bought 14 balls of the same bargain colour, and said I could have some of hers - hooray, what a fab mate. So I have cast on. I know, I know, I still have all that other stuff to do, but hey, I am what I am, as the song goes.

Havnen't been to knitting group in 3 weeks!!! Won't be able to go this week either, funny thought I wasn't bothered, but I have missed the chatter. Still I will be back soon.

Sorry no photos, but couldn't wait to share the news that I am employable, and someone likes me!!!

happy knitting

Monday, 9 April 2012

Back to knitting

I am back to knitting furiously. Trouble is, yet again, too many things on the needles. I am going to try to take some photos today, so for once I can show you what I'm doing, well, more like keep a record for myself. I am knitting Ysolda Teagues Amelia, and it's been a challenge. It's knit from the top down on circular needles. I made a mistake and ripped back about 20 rows, only to find out I hadn't made a mistake. Now I have done the hood, the yoke and now have divided for the sleeves. It's good tv knitting at the moment, because there are 47 rows of straight to do, but I am easily distracted.

Also I am knitting a double knit cardigan, with a pattern. I will take a photo and add to the next blog. It's nice, but I have to concentrate, in fact I will be very surprised if I actually finish it, it will probably be another 2 year project.

I have knitted a couple of flowers in sock yarn. Basically to use up the odd bits, and with a view to possibly selling some at Christmas. They only took a couple of hours, and I get easily bored, so they added a bit of interest.

Then I had bought some Rowan cotton jeans for 99p for 50g balls. I love the colour, its a green fleck. I started knitting a cardi, but not sure if its right for that so have taken it off the needles. Not quite sure what to do with it. As it's 100% cotton it will end up hanging if it's too long a pattern, so have to look around. I have looked on Ravelry, but cant' see anything I like. I think I will try and find a pattern in my local yarn shop.

I gave some of my wool away to a friend who knits. I had had it in my stash for a few years, and she has already nearly finished the project with it. She's a size 10, so it knits quickly and it will look nice, when you are my size (18) you have to pick your projects. In exchange she bought me a pack 1000g of sirdar countrystyle DK. Lovely colours. I'm not sure whether to say where it came from as it's such a bargain - only £13.95. If you are desperate to know leave me a comment and I'll share the love. I had about an hour looking through projects yesterday to find something, but then decided - "step away from the patterns". If I find one I may start something new, so NO, I must finish something, or at least the back of something, so things are off the needles.

Its week 2 of the school Easter holidays. So far so good. My lovely hubby was off, and it made life easier. One of my daughters has a boyfriend and he was down visiting for the week. He stayed with friends of ours, but spent everyday with us, and ate with us. He's a nice boy. He bought us the game of risk for the kids. So I now am sitting at the other end of the table whilst my hubby and the two boys play risk. It's great, as I have uninterrupted knitting, blogging and reading, as it will take minimum of 2 hours.

Been looking for a job. I have been fortunate to be able to be a stay at home mum for 25 years. My youngest is 8 and at school. I manage to fill my days ok, but feel the need to do something else. I applied at Asda - unsuccessful. I applied as a maternity assistant - didn't hear anything. Now applied at Aldi - had a phone interview, will be asked for a group interview in the next 7 days if successful (not holding my breath). Also asked for an application form to be a carer. Not sure about that. But I had read a magazine article about old people at home not being always taken care of well, and how some of them only see the carer, and it did make me feel sad at the thought of people being lonely. Not that I can make a difference but I don't know, it's hard to know what to do for  job. I have to be able to be home at 3.15 whatever I do. I can start early mornings as my hubby could see kids off to school then go to work himself.

In an ideal world I would love to work in a knitting shop, but there are 2 in our town and they are fully staffed. Can't really afford to set one up in the neighbouring town, so that's that.

Anyway must go and make the most of the peace (apart from arguing about rolling the dice) and get on with some knitting. Hope you have a good day. I will.