Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Chocolate biscuits are great

Now you may be reading this, thinking what is she on about? Well, we don't buy biscuits that often, but for a treat, my daughter wanted me to buy some chocolate biscuits so she could use her fondue set. So I decided to buy mcvities chocolate biscuits, as they are by far the best. On the packet was an offer of winning an ipod nano. All you had to do was enter the code on the biscuits, and you had a chance of winning. Well I thought, worth a laugh. Went online and entered the code on my packet of chocolate biscuits, and I won. Then I thought oh, probably a mistake, but sent off all of the relevant information, and today through the post I received an ipod nano 86b 5th generation. How amazing was that??What are the chances of that happening??

I do enter competitions from time to time. Mainly the ones in the knitting magazines. So far I have won 10 pairs of tickets to various craft shows around the country, a knitting journal, a baby blanket, £10 worth of hair products and now this. I am hoping I am on a roll, as I have entered the dorset cereals one, the prize is a new mini, now that would be so cool, I would give back all of the other prizes to get that. Still, not much chance, but who knows??Watch this space. Now the dilemma is - to sell the ipod nano, as I don't need it (already have itouch, and ipod) or use it (but seems bit wasteful). If I sell it, how much for?and what to do with the money, apart from maybe splash out in the naughty shop (see earlier post) in Winton!!Now there's a thought. Off to knit and ponder now. Bye for now

Monday, 26 April 2010

Podcasts and new project

Well, I just wanted to start a little bit by talking about podcasts. This is a great way to learn about other peoples knitting styles, habits and generally be nosey about how other people live. I listen to sticks and string, electric sheep (just found this one, and it's brilliant), lime and violet (not always a clean podcast though, so be warned), it is funny and does enable you to search on line for yarn that you never have heard of, and they you end up buying it!!Knitty nora is also good, but she doesn't do podcasting as much as she is busy with twins. Basically if you search on itunes under knitting podcasts, there are loads. I used to listen to lots, but I ended up getting a bit confused, so tend to stick with these few.

Well I succumbed and gave into temptation. I didn't buy any more yarn (but I so want to), but I have started a new project. So naughty. Even hubby said, I thought you weren't starting anything new. I said I was just giving it a try, but I seem to have just kept knitting. I had some Rowan Silk Cotton that I bought in the sale, half price at hobbycraft (it's now been discontinued). I have been looking for ages for a pattern, and eventually I have found one on Ravelry. I actually bought it as I really like it. They specified a different type of yarn, but someone else knitted it in Silk cotton, and it turned out ok. Silk Cotton is quite unusual to knit with. It's almost an aran weight, but like cotton, but not so soft. It does split if you aren't careful, so I am going to use some knit pro symfonie circular needles to knit it on (when they arrive, as I had to buy new tips off ebay). The pattern is called Golden Vintage caridgan and it looks nice, short sleeves, so it should be ok to wear in the summer, so as summer is on it's way, I think I better go now and do some more knitting.

We have chickens now, so will take some photos and add them next time. They are so great, and we now have had 2 eggs.

Thursday, 22 April 2010


Forgot to put that in the last epistle, so will talk about that next time. Two words. Electric Sheep.

Excercise and podcasts

Today was knitting group. So I decided that I would cycle down to Caffe Nero's where we meet. So I dug out a rucksack from the cupboard under the stairs, filled it with my knitting and my purse, put on my fleece (as it was cold) and got my bike out. Then I had to unlock the shed, find a bike lock with a key that unlocked it, and then I was ready to go. I couldn't find a cycle helmet, well actually, the only one that I could find, was full of mud for some reason. Note to self - ask the boys about that one. So off I rode. The nice thing is that the first half of the 7 miles to town (yes 7 miles) is slightly downhill. Actually the drive down from my house, is like going on a deathslide. My brakes were squealing, or maybe that was me, and my heart was racing, just in case the brakes didn't hold. But they did. Onwards. By about half mile, I realised that I wasn't as fit as I used to be. I probably hadn't been out on my bike for a year, and I think there was something wrong with the saddle, or my belly really had got saggier, as it kept hitting my knees, everytime my leg went up. By about the mile (even though I was still slightly free wheeling) my thighs were starting to burn. I stopped the bike, looked in my purse, and was mightily relieved to see that I had enough money for the bus. I cycled another mile and a half (the bus stop was calling my name), and locked the trusty steed up to a road sign opposite where the bus stop was. I wobbled over the road (not because of my fat belly, but my legs were like jelly) and waited 5mins and got the bus to town. What a relief. By the time I got to knitting group, I was refreshed and felt quite hopeful about the journey home, after knitting group.

Fast forward 2 hours, got off the bus, unlocked the bike (not been stolen,unfortunately) and freewheeled down the road. Then the bones in my butt started to protest. Now I have a slightly (ok I lied) large butt, and a gel filled saddle. But still, my bones were not ready to sit on that saddle again. I gritted my teeth, and talked sternly to myself. Another 500 yards passed, and I pulled in off the road. I sent the following text to my lovely, lovely husband. "You know you love me, and you know you love it when I am home at lunchtime to make your lunch. Well in five minutes I will travelling along the (2miles) road to our house, so if you would like to pick me and my bike up, I can then make your lunch for you." Then I pushed the bike up the next nasty hill. I did manage to ride about another half mile, until a knight in shining armour, on a trusy white horse came to sweep me off my feet and rescue me appeared. Actually a smelly (working with pig poo today) farmer in a beat up red pick up, but still my knight, came and got me. Was I pleased to see him or what!!I got home, and thought seriously about relegating the trusty bike (instrument of torture) to the bonfire, but then realised metal doesn't burn very well. I'll just hide it in the bushes, and take the car next time!!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Good clean fun

Well, on Monday I had a lovely day out with my two youngest sons, who are 6 and 10. We went to see my parents and went out with them in their camper bus. We went to a lovely little beach, with a free car park (amazing). The boys, me and grandad went and put some crab lines off the little jetty, with some bacon rind on the end and we even managed to catch a crab. Then we had a picnic in the camper bus, and a cup of tea. It was so relaxing, the best part of the Easter holidays. The two boys were quite happy, and didn't ask for anything, and were quite content to catch crabs, and swim in the sea. Yes they went in the sea in April!!I was stood on the beach in my jacket watching them and laughing, and thinking how lovely it was to see them enjoying themselves, and there were no screens involved!!I even managed to get a bit of knitting done, whilst being driven around in the camper bus, so a good day for all.

Saturday, 17 April 2010


Yesterday, we had a lovely day as a family, as my darling hubby took the day off work and we went out as a family. We only went to the market. We bought some plants for the garden and some cheese, all very exciting stuff. Then we had a picnic, and a little wander around the town.

Funnily enough, we managed to walk past a yarn shop, and I managed to have a quick look (it was quick as hubby was lurking). I bought a lovely Rowan book. I felt really inspired. There are soooo many lovely things in there that I would like to knit. Then once we were home, I had a look on the internet. Oh my goodness. Rowan wool is sooo expensive. I am sure it's worth it, when done. Maybe if I lost weight and got down to a size 12 I could afford to knit something. At the moment it would cost me £68.50 to knit a cardigan. Now I know that I will have a little spend on yarn from time to time, but £68.50 is a bit too much. I looked on ebay too, and that was the cheapest. Then I thought about substituting but there isn't really anything else with a smiliar tension. I think I am going to have to do a lot of tension squares before I can find anything even vaguely similar. Very disappointing. It has taken all the joy out of the lovely book. Maybe it should motivate me to lose weight, but instead in my disappointment I feel like eating chocoalte biscuits!!What is that about??Happy knitting.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A new addition to the family

Here is the latest addition to the family, Pip. We got her on Sunday, and the children have had a great time playing with her. She is a collie x (can't remember). This is a great addition, as it involved no labour for me, and no more stretch marks. She is very sweet, and I think she will grow into a huge puppy as she has very big paws.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Finished a project!!

Well I finally finished the Peru Gilet for my daughter. It looks really good, and she likes it too, so that is a great feeling. Now I am beginning to get excited because I soon will be able to start something new. I just have a scarf to finish (almost done) and the jumper from two years ago and the long cardigan, just got 2 sleeves to do and half one front. My head is already jumping ahead and wondering what I can start next. I have got a lovely new pattern book coming. Now I am wondering if that is a good thing or not, as it will only add the the list of choices.
I have lots of knitting magazines. I went through a phase of buying almost all of them, and reading them through. Trouble is there are a lot of patterns in there that I wouldn't ever knit. I know we all have different tastes but some of the patterns were awful. My girls would say "mum, who would ever knit that, and even wear it?"Trouble is with magazines is you can't flick through them in the newsagents. Most of them are covered in cellophane. Now I can understand this, as a lot of them have free gifts with them. But when you spend up to £5 on a magazine and then find nothing in there that you could knit, and some more plastic needles as a free gift, it's a bit disappointing. I have now just decided to subscribe to The Knitter. There are some projects in there that are a bit more challenging, and it's really interesting to read too. I love Yarn Forward too, but haven't subscribed to that as it's all the money up front. I know it's cheaper than buying it each month, but it's a big chunk of cash all at once. Most of the ladies at knitting group buy some of the magazines, so I can have a quick glance through theirs, then if it has great patterns in it, then I can buy it. Sometimes when you buy all the magazines, it seems like some of the articles are duplicated in at least two magazines. I do love looking through them though. Then they lead you to look at websites on the web, then you find yarn that you "NEED" and before you know it the magazines have made you spend money. I did realise after quite a while, that that is the idea. They are enabling tools. And I am the mug who fell for it!!
Well off to get some more knitting done, before the girls get up and ask "What are we doing today?" Whatever I reply, is always wrong. Still this is the last week of the holidays and the sun is still shining. Bye for now

Friday, 9 April 2010

Rambling thoughts

Yesterday was great. I really enjoy going to knitting group. I often look round the group of strangers ,who have now become my friends, and smile inside. A lot of us would never have met if we didn't knit. Everyone has something to talk about, and something to bring to the group. We all seem to be able to help someone else, if they are stuck on a pattern. One of the ladies had bought the AK Traditions doll pattern book that I had, and she has finished her doll, and it looks amazing. I nearly felt like giving up as hers looked so professional, but now I have stuffed the body, it's looking a bit better.

The weather today has been amazing. I put on trousers and boots, and wish I had worn flip flops. I sat in my mums garden for about 2 hours and got sunburnt. Didn't expect it at all. Tomorrow is looking promising too, so will dig the flip flops out.

I had a conversation with one of my sister-in-laws yesterday (I have 9 of them) and she asked which of our houses did I like the best. We have moved a few times as my lovely husband is a farmer, and the house goes with the job. As our family (of 7) increased we needed a bigger house. I decided this house we are in is the best. It's big (so messy too) but there is always somewhere to escape to, if you need a bit of time alone. Our last house was much smaller and much easier to keep tidy, but the children were smaller too. I can't believe that I actually had 5 children at home, and 3 of them were under 2 and a half years old. I look back, and wonder how I coped. Then I realised, you had to cope. It was a great time, and it seemed like I was surrounded by nappies and pregnant forever, but it's over now. Where have those years gone. I didn't even knit much then, only occasionally. It still sometimes amazes me, when people ask how many kids have I got, I tell them, 7, and they are shocked and say "7" like it's weird. I suppose it is, but they have all been around so long you just get on with it.

Anyway enough rambling. I have knitting to do. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Good start

Today the sun is shining. Daughters number 2 and 4 are asleep in bed still (it's 8.15 a.m.), the boys are watching a dvd and today is knitting group. Nice when the day starts off so nicely. Hope anyone who reads this, has a good day too.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Nice Few Days

Well over the last few days, I have managed to get lots of knitting done. Amazing when you think it's the school holidays. Over the weekend we went to my mums for an easter egg hunt in her garden (annual thing) and all the kids got an easter egg. Think it was just me and hubby that didn't, mind you kids are so sick of chocolate by now, that they are happy to share! The above scarf is lovely. It's knitted in Rowan pure silk, which is so nice to knit with. So far, it has used a ball and a half, I think I will use the whole 2 balls. It's a present for a friend who is moving away, and I know she will appreciate it.
This is the front of the Peru gilet I am knitting for my daughter, only got to finish this and the right front, and that will be done. It is knitting up very quickly.

The rag doll from AK Traditions, is starting to look like a rag doll. I still have to stuff bits of it and do the hair and bits and pieces, but it's getting there. Not sure if I would do another one. Maybe in the future. The instructions in the book have been easy to follow, so that has helped.

This jumper is lovely. I knitted it for daughter number 2, it took me so long that by the time I had finished it, it didn't fit her. Daughter number 3 looks lovely in it, but doesn't like it, and daughter number 4 is so tiny (not my genes) that it swamps her. Can't unpick it as it's Sirdar yo-yo and it doesn't unpick easily, so will have to find a loving home for it, at knit group tomorrow.
I am actually beginning to feel like there's light at the end of the tunnel, as far as my knitting is concerned. I am looking forward to being able to choose what I want to do next, and starting one thing and finishing one thing. I really fancy knitting something in Rowan and actually buying the proper yarn. But not sure what hubby/bank manager will think about that!!Happy knitting!!

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Being Good

A good week, not because I was watching what I eat (though I should) but because I actually managed to get some knitting finished. I finished the back of this lovely gilet that I am knitting for my daughter. It's in Sirdar Peru on 6.5mm needles, so hopefully I will get on and finish the rest of it this week.

I have managed to finish this shrug. This is a 1950's pattern of a shrug or bolero. I knitted it in Sirdar Blur, and it has taken me forever to do. It was knitted on 3.25mm needles and I have taken almost two years. Not because I am a slow knitter, but I kept putting it off because it was quite long and boring. Now I knitted it up in a bigger size, but the friend I have knitted for, has put on some weight, so I don't think it's going to fit her now. Never mind, I tried. (Note to self - don't knit for other people, unless it's a gift)
It does feel good, and I am trying to set myself the challenge, of not starting ANYTHING!!! new (unless it's paid work) until I have finished what is on my needles. Currently that is 1. a sock. 2. an aran jumper for my darling hubby (started 2 years ago).3.a lovely pure silk scarf for a dear friend who is moving away at the end of April (so must get that done asap).4.Wendy Skye Long length cardigan for myself, the back is done, and almost one front.5.AK traditions rag doll, for my grandaughter, all the knitting is done, needs sewing up and stuffing. That's all I can think of off the top of my head.
Why do I do it, I am a starter not a finisher. Well things have to change. I have even managed to tidy my kitchen (must have looked good, as hubby commented when he got home from work this morning) and I have 3 cakes in the oven as I type this. Things have got to change. Off to finish the front of the skye cardigan. Bye for now