Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Good clean fun

Well, on Monday I had a lovely day out with my two youngest sons, who are 6 and 10. We went to see my parents and went out with them in their camper bus. We went to a lovely little beach, with a free car park (amazing). The boys, me and grandad went and put some crab lines off the little jetty, with some bacon rind on the end and we even managed to catch a crab. Then we had a picnic in the camper bus, and a cup of tea. It was so relaxing, the best part of the Easter holidays. The two boys were quite happy, and didn't ask for anything, and were quite content to catch crabs, and swim in the sea. Yes they went in the sea in April!!I was stood on the beach in my jacket watching them and laughing, and thinking how lovely it was to see them enjoying themselves, and there were no screens involved!!I even managed to get a bit of knitting done, whilst being driven around in the camper bus, so a good day for all.

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