Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Chocolate biscuits are great

Now you may be reading this, thinking what is she on about? Well, we don't buy biscuits that often, but for a treat, my daughter wanted me to buy some chocolate biscuits so she could use her fondue set. So I decided to buy mcvities chocolate biscuits, as they are by far the best. On the packet was an offer of winning an ipod nano. All you had to do was enter the code on the biscuits, and you had a chance of winning. Well I thought, worth a laugh. Went online and entered the code on my packet of chocolate biscuits, and I won. Then I thought oh, probably a mistake, but sent off all of the relevant information, and today through the post I received an ipod nano 86b 5th generation. How amazing was that??What are the chances of that happening??

I do enter competitions from time to time. Mainly the ones in the knitting magazines. So far I have won 10 pairs of tickets to various craft shows around the country, a knitting journal, a baby blanket, £10 worth of hair products and now this. I am hoping I am on a roll, as I have entered the dorset cereals one, the prize is a new mini, now that would be so cool, I would give back all of the other prizes to get that. Still, not much chance, but who knows??Watch this space. Now the dilemma is - to sell the ipod nano, as I don't need it (already have itouch, and ipod) or use it (but seems bit wasteful). If I sell it, how much for?and what to do with the money, apart from maybe splash out in the naughty shop (see earlier post) in Winton!!Now there's a thought. Off to knit and ponder now. Bye for now

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  1. How lucky are you. I'd sell the thing if you're not going to use it and buy something nice, how about putting it on ebay. Whatever you get for it will be more than you had before you bought the biscuits.