Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Nice Few Days

Well over the last few days, I have managed to get lots of knitting done. Amazing when you think it's the school holidays. Over the weekend we went to my mums for an easter egg hunt in her garden (annual thing) and all the kids got an easter egg. Think it was just me and hubby that didn't, mind you kids are so sick of chocolate by now, that they are happy to share! The above scarf is lovely. It's knitted in Rowan pure silk, which is so nice to knit with. So far, it has used a ball and a half, I think I will use the whole 2 balls. It's a present for a friend who is moving away, and I know she will appreciate it.
This is the front of the Peru gilet I am knitting for my daughter, only got to finish this and the right front, and that will be done. It is knitting up very quickly.

The rag doll from AK Traditions, is starting to look like a rag doll. I still have to stuff bits of it and do the hair and bits and pieces, but it's getting there. Not sure if I would do another one. Maybe in the future. The instructions in the book have been easy to follow, so that has helped.

This jumper is lovely. I knitted it for daughter number 2, it took me so long that by the time I had finished it, it didn't fit her. Daughter number 3 looks lovely in it, but doesn't like it, and daughter number 4 is so tiny (not my genes) that it swamps her. Can't unpick it as it's Sirdar yo-yo and it doesn't unpick easily, so will have to find a loving home for it, at knit group tomorrow.
I am actually beginning to feel like there's light at the end of the tunnel, as far as my knitting is concerned. I am looking forward to being able to choose what I want to do next, and starting one thing and finishing one thing. I really fancy knitting something in Rowan and actually buying the proper yarn. But not sure what hubby/bank manager will think about that!!Happy knitting!!

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