Saturday, 17 April 2010


Yesterday, we had a lovely day as a family, as my darling hubby took the day off work and we went out as a family. We only went to the market. We bought some plants for the garden and some cheese, all very exciting stuff. Then we had a picnic, and a little wander around the town.

Funnily enough, we managed to walk past a yarn shop, and I managed to have a quick look (it was quick as hubby was lurking). I bought a lovely Rowan book. I felt really inspired. There are soooo many lovely things in there that I would like to knit. Then once we were home, I had a look on the internet. Oh my goodness. Rowan wool is sooo expensive. I am sure it's worth it, when done. Maybe if I lost weight and got down to a size 12 I could afford to knit something. At the moment it would cost me £68.50 to knit a cardigan. Now I know that I will have a little spend on yarn from time to time, but £68.50 is a bit too much. I looked on ebay too, and that was the cheapest. Then I thought about substituting but there isn't really anything else with a smiliar tension. I think I am going to have to do a lot of tension squares before I can find anything even vaguely similar. Very disappointing. It has taken all the joy out of the lovely book. Maybe it should motivate me to lose weight, but instead in my disappointment I feel like eating chocoalte biscuits!!What is that about??Happy knitting.

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