Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Finished a project!!

Well I finally finished the Peru Gilet for my daughter. It looks really good, and she likes it too, so that is a great feeling. Now I am beginning to get excited because I soon will be able to start something new. I just have a scarf to finish (almost done) and the jumper from two years ago and the long cardigan, just got 2 sleeves to do and half one front. My head is already jumping ahead and wondering what I can start next. I have got a lovely new pattern book coming. Now I am wondering if that is a good thing or not, as it will only add the the list of choices.
I have lots of knitting magazines. I went through a phase of buying almost all of them, and reading them through. Trouble is there are a lot of patterns in there that I wouldn't ever knit. I know we all have different tastes but some of the patterns were awful. My girls would say "mum, who would ever knit that, and even wear it?"Trouble is with magazines is you can't flick through them in the newsagents. Most of them are covered in cellophane. Now I can understand this, as a lot of them have free gifts with them. But when you spend up to £5 on a magazine and then find nothing in there that you could knit, and some more plastic needles as a free gift, it's a bit disappointing. I have now just decided to subscribe to The Knitter. There are some projects in there that are a bit more challenging, and it's really interesting to read too. I love Yarn Forward too, but haven't subscribed to that as it's all the money up front. I know it's cheaper than buying it each month, but it's a big chunk of cash all at once. Most of the ladies at knitting group buy some of the magazines, so I can have a quick glance through theirs, then if it has great patterns in it, then I can buy it. Sometimes when you buy all the magazines, it seems like some of the articles are duplicated in at least two magazines. I do love looking through them though. Then they lead you to look at websites on the web, then you find yarn that you "NEED" and before you know it the magazines have made you spend money. I did realise after quite a while, that that is the idea. They are enabling tools. And I am the mug who fell for it!!
Well off to get some more knitting done, before the girls get up and ask "What are we doing today?" Whatever I reply, is always wrong. Still this is the last week of the holidays and the sun is still shining. Bye for now

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