Sunday, 26 June 2011


I have been so busy packing up the house to move. I have managed some knitting time, as it's chilled me a bit, as I do get a bit stressed. I am on one of the sleeves on my bodice cardigan, I am really looking forward to finishing it, because it just may be the one item I knit that I like, fits me, and I feel happy in it, so let's hope so. Still doing my daughters cable cardi, on the last sleeve now, so hopefully it will be finished sometime. I keep a sock to knit, in my handbag, so if I am out and about, I can keep on with that.

Today we are moving most of the furniture out of our house, then I can clean the carpets. We actually move out Saturday but we are doing it through the week. We will actually be in the new house in two weeks on saturday. In the meantime, some lovely friends are having us to stay for 2 weeks, bless them. I am only going to take 3 knitting projects with me, then hopefully I will finish them, as no other distractions. Off to wake the family up for school now.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Feeling strange

I know I have posted today, and I know not many people read this, but I wanted to write down somewhere how I am feeling. Today my dad phoned, and said that my mum has been going into a pysch hospital as a voluntary patient, just in the daytimes. My mum has suffered from depression for a long time, and the longer it goes on, the harder it is to understand and be compassionate. Now I feel really weird that my mum has got to that stage. It's odd to think that she can find it easier to go out for the day with a few people that have mental illness, than be with my dad. I find it difficult as she often makes arrangements, and then cancels, because she's not having a good day, but we have to have her down whenever it suits her. Now I feel guilty because I feel like I should be doing something to help her. But on the other hand, I'm thinking I want my mum back. My mum who was funny, and helpful. She was one of my best friends, I could talk to her about everything, and she always was encouraging. Now she's only 62 and she has turned into this shrivelled woman who is locked away in her own little world, an insecurities. It's very sad. Sorry to dump on you (2 followers), and my number one daughter, but sometimes just to jot things down, helps to clear your head. x

The yarn fairy has been to visit!!


This is Blue Sky Alpaca Melange. 100% baby alpaca, and it is soooo soft. The yarn fairy bought it all the way from America for me, via Ravelry. How kind, how generous, how squishy, soft and gorgeous this yarn is. This is going to be knitted for me. If I wasn't so fat, I would so knit a bra and pants, as it is so soft. Trouble is it's not supportive enough, but so soft next to your skin!The two colours go really well together. I was going to knit a hat with it, but I am now thinking of knitting something like a cowl/neckwarmer as it's so soft. Decisions, decisions. Just off to hide it in a packing box.

Still packing, still trying not to get stressed about moving, as it doesn't make things any better, or time go quicker. I am doing really well on the knitting front. I have got one sleeve left to do on my daughters cable cardigan, and one front and 2 sleeves on my bodice cardigan. Hopefully both these items will be finished before me move into our new house - mid july. Well the cable one should be.

Anyway off to fondle my yarn before hiding it!!

Friday, 3 June 2011

New Books

I have bought two new knitting books. One was lacy knits. I was a bit disappointed with it, as I only love one pattern in it. But I bought it with vouchers, so I only paid £1.65 for it myself, so it's not too bad. The other book is The Gentle Art of Knitting, by Jane Brocket. What a lovely book.  There are so many things in the book that I would like to knit. It's a nice book to read as well, so I don't begrudge the money.

My trip to Bath was lovely. Cath Kidston shop was lovely, but I didn't go mad. I bought myself a blue polka dot oil cloth bag, had 15% voucher off, so it was a bargain. Actually came home with most of my money that I had saved. Had a quick peruse of ravelry, and will soon be the owner of some blue sky alpaca, say no more!!

Happy knitting