Friday, 10 June 2011

The yarn fairy has been to visit!!


This is Blue Sky Alpaca Melange. 100% baby alpaca, and it is soooo soft. The yarn fairy bought it all the way from America for me, via Ravelry. How kind, how generous, how squishy, soft and gorgeous this yarn is. This is going to be knitted for me. If I wasn't so fat, I would so knit a bra and pants, as it is so soft. Trouble is it's not supportive enough, but so soft next to your skin!The two colours go really well together. I was going to knit a hat with it, but I am now thinking of knitting something like a cowl/neckwarmer as it's so soft. Decisions, decisions. Just off to hide it in a packing box.

Still packing, still trying not to get stressed about moving, as it doesn't make things any better, or time go quicker. I am doing really well on the knitting front. I have got one sleeve left to do on my daughters cable cardigan, and one front and 2 sleeves on my bodice cardigan. Hopefully both these items will be finished before me move into our new house - mid july. Well the cable one should be.

Anyway off to fondle my yarn before hiding it!!

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