Saturday, 29 October 2011

Happy Birthday

Well I did indeed, have a happy birthday yesterday. I had such a lovely day.

First surprise was - Thursday evening my very best friend, were going to go out for a girly meal, and catch up, and present opening for me, with a meal, and wine. Happy days. Anyway, then she text me and said what about our hubby's going out for a drink, and then we got a taxi there and back. While my dear hubby got ready, I suddenly got suspicious, and thought, is there a plan going on here? Hubby would normally wear jeans and a shirt and he put on his smart black trousers. Anyway, I decided not to second guess, and then be disappointed. But I was not disappointed.  We went to an amazing restaurant (we had been once before for very best friends 25th wedding anniversary). VBF and hubby treated us on Thursday evening for my birthday. It was amazing. Absolutely amazing. Every course was an explosion in your mouth, of all the different taste buds. I had scallops, and they were so amazing and melted in your mouth. Followed by medallion of beef, which was to die for, then cheeses, then chocolate pudding, and wine. It was all so delicious. My VBF also bought me a lovely Cath Kidston Blackberry case, a CK diary and a bottle of wine, which we shared some of, whilst driving on way to restaurant. And two lovely mugs.

On the day, Friday, I woke up early, 5.30 and was de ding awake, so I put the light on, and went on my phone, and read a bit. Then just decided to drop off to sleep at 7.15 and suddenly heard "Nanny" and bless her (I think) my daughter and grandaughter turned up early. They had seen my notification on Facebook, and thought I was up, so decided to come over early. What a lovely surprise I had. The children had all clubbed together and bought me a Kindle. I couldnt' believe it. It's lovely. I have downloaded a couple of books, and will wait and learn a bit more how to use it, but a lovely surprise. Then last night, we went out for a meal as a family. We went to a bargain pub, two meals for £6.99, and my parents came too. They, bless them, paid for drinks and pudding, so we had a lovely evening.

Also yesterday my hubby took me and the two boys out to a beauty spot about 1 hour away, and we had a great time, climbing over rocks, paddling and walking, great fun, and the weather was amazing.

Also for my birthday I had some lovely cyclamen from my hubby, I love them, wine, doritos (I sooo love them), a weight watchers recipe book and calendar, some money and some aniseed twist sweets and tickets for the clothes show in Birmingham(!!)So I feel totally spoilt. Also an amazing friend bought me Aran wool, in a lovely colour, so going to start that soon.Today was my eldest sons birthday, but he had stayed out the night before so didn't see him til 2pm this afternoon, and he was still feeling worse for wear, from the night before, then he was playing football - mad.

Off to do some knitting now. Bye for now

Saturday, 22 October 2011

A good start

I can't believe that another week or more has flown by. I joined weight watchers, and in the first week I lost five and a half pounds. I couldn't believe it, I didn't even stick to it 100%. Makes me realise what a porker I am. This week had one bad day, Doritos (my downfall) and wine (well the bottle was open). But now I will make up for it, by going for a long walk this afternoon, and probably one other day, to make up for it.

I have been busy knitting this week. I am almost finished the back of a v neck jumper, that's going to be for a child in a school in Kenya. It's a 32 inch chest, so it's more like a small adult size, so it's best to sit and knit while watching a dvd.

I had been planning to knit some small things, with a view to selling them at Christmas, but don't think I will have the time. The above jumper doesn't need to be finished until January, but I know what I'm like so will try and get at least half done before the end of November. I have been knitting some toy jumper and scarves too, for a contact, hopefully that will work out. I am not on the hood of my round the house cardi knitted in James Brett Marble. It will look nice when finished.

Next Friday is my birthday, and one of my lovely, lovely friends brought me round a present when she came for coffee this week. As I squished it, and said I would save it for my birthday, I realised that it was wool. What  a lovely friend. You can tell she's a knitter, because no one else would know what wool to buy. Well, I gave in to temptation, and found some lovely Wendy Aran, which is really soft. I know exactly what I am going to knit with it. In a book I have - Little Red in the City - is a lovely long hooded cardigan, but the edging has a lovely honeycomb pattern on it. I am going to attempt to knit that. I must admit, that Friday night, I actually got the pattern out and was about to start it. But no, I didn't give in, I decided to finish what was actually on needles first. Then I thought I will start it on Friday, which is my birthday. So I have this week to quickly finish what's on the needles.

The exciting thing about this new jacket, is that it's knit all in one piece from the top down. I have never done something like that, so it will be a challenge too. Also I have enought wool, thanks to my lovely friend.

Also I am trying to finish a cross stitch for my mum. I have had it for about 2 years, and now it's knitting that takes all my time. So I have set myself a challenge of finishing it for Christmas. gulp. I have done over half of it, so I figure if I spend an hour a day, it's possible. So that's what I will be doing this afternoon.

Anyway it's quarter to 8, so I better go and shower, ready to start the day. Happy knitting.

Monday, 10 October 2011


Well I was a bit disappointed to go along to weight watchers, only to find that the meeting wasn't at the place where it was listed on the internet. Shame. But the good news is I got my referral through from my doctors, so I am all booked in to go on Wednesday morning. The start of new things to come, hopefully. I am having my last bottle, sorry glass of wine. Well I will probably finish the bottle tomorrow evening. Then everything will have to be counted and weighed etc. I know I will feel better losing weight, and I know it's going to be so lovely to be able to knit something, that I feel good in. At least I have the incentive of a reward, and not food!!

Knitted a beret the last few evenings. Fancied doing a quick project, so that's done. Now I am plodding on with the last sleeve on my hooded jacket. It seems to be taking ages to knit. After that I am actually going to do a bit of charity knitting. A friend of mine, as links with a school in Kenya, and want some school jumpers knitting for some children out there. It will just be stocking stitch, so should be ok. Will be nice to do something for someone else.

Bye for now

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Phew I survived. I went through the stash, wrote down what I have, and took some photos too, so that I can upload some to Ravelry. It took about 2 hours, I thoroughly enjoyed it, packed it all away and then saw the vacum pack under the bed, with more in. Needless to say, I left it well alone. That is for another day.

I found a plain Aran cardigan pattern, so I am frogging the mans aran cardi and knitting a plain one for me, I will wear it around the house. Along with the other one on the needles. Mind you, I am on the last sleeve now, so the end is in sight. I find it difficult buying knitting patterns. They are mainly photographed on a slim attractive, young lady. Now 20 years ago I was that, now I am the opposite of all of those, so a size 18/20 cardigan is not so flattering. I have learnt not to knit chunky, as I am chunky, so it looks like a double chunky. But the time has come to bite the bullet. I am off to weight watchers of doom tonight. Time to take stock, and get rid of some weight. The incentive is, I could then knit myself in a lovely yarn, in maybe a size 16, 14 would be better, but not going to get disilluisoned.

Knitting doesn't burn off enough calories, shame, the amount of time I spend doing it.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Having a tidy!!!

I am supposed to be having a tidy up!!Not just the house, but all of my knitting bits and pieces. I have just been really, really ruthless with my knitting magazines. I have gone through them all, and only kept the ones with articles I may use, and one of two patterns. The others I have whittled through them and ripped out the pattern I really, really like. It's so silly, some of these magazines I have had for 2 years, and I have only knitted one of two things from the whole pile, so it's just taking up space.

I am just about to go through my stash!!Now, I am NOT getting rid of any of that. I am going to go through it all, write down what I have, and I may even put a note in each bag, to say what I am thinking of doing with it. The trouble is I am not a very organised person. Basically I will end up emptying the contents of my pine wool chest all over my bedroom floor, getting half way through, and then giving up, as I will feel overwhelmed. So maybe I will take the things out one at a time, and think about it and then if I bored I can just put away the ones I have finished.

I am on the sleeve of the cardigan/jacket, so the end is in sight, it does seem to be going on for a long time, but it's great tv knitting.

I did get sidetracked by popping into Aldis and buying some Aran. I also cast on for a cardigan pattern and I have knit about 20 rows. Then I stopped. I realised that I was knitting a mans pattern. I also realised that I am not a man. I also realised that the men in my life wouldn't wear a green Aran cardigan, so I think I may have to frog that one, and think again. Probably best to just take it off the needles until I finish what I have on the needles.

Off to the yarn stash, I may be sometime. I may get distracted (probably) and I may up casting on something I find at the bottom. If I don't blog in the next month - email me!!