Sunday, 31 October 2010

All packed

It's Sunday morning, and I have been up since 5. Couldn't sleep any more. The cases are packed, just need to have a re-jig to fit some more bits in, and check the weights. Put my knitting in an outside pocket on the case, in the hope that I can knit on the plane. I have taken a wooden crochet hook, thinking that maybe they will let me take that on board, if not the knitting needles. We don't leave out house until 6.45 this evening, but I still need to hoover my room, and re make the beds, that I have just washed and dried. Then I find another pile of washing, I reckon it breeds.

Finished the last xmas pud hat last night, so now I can do a bit of my knitting. I sat and did about 20 rows of a scarf this morning, really nice to do something different. Got my grandaughters cardi to finish, just the sleeves, but don't want to risk taking that to India, in case it gets damaged/lost. Just taking some cotton to knit dishcloths for Christmas, and some plain wool for knitting fingerless gloves, and some sock yarn, and bamboo sock needles, just in case. I probably won't get much time to knit, but maybe on the 28.5 hour train journey???Anyway my 2 or 3 readers, thanks for reading, and be back in a couple of weeks, hopefully with a tan and not a nasty tummy bug!!

Friday, 29 October 2010

Happy Birthday to me

Yesterday was my birthday, and what a lovely day it was. My lovely husband took the day off work. He looked after the children in the morning, so I could go to knitting group. That was a lovely. They had made me a lovely card, and signed it, and also made me a yummy chocolate cake, which we ate with our coffee. Then I went home, we had lunch and then we went swimming (which I don't really enjoy). What was lovely, is that my lovely grandaughter came with us. She loved splashing around in the water, and really enjoyed the pool. Then we went back to our house, and in the evening my mum and dad took the whole family out for a meal, which was very nice, and very yummy.

I got some lovely presents. A box of chocolates, a lovely notebook with a knitted elephant on, a purple scarf, some grey fingerless gloves. One of my friends, bless her, bought me a bottle of win, a packet of cool original doritos, and a box of french fancies - how cool is that, all of my favourite things. I spent a lot of the day knitting in between times, so have just got one more Christmas hat to finish, in between packing. Leave for India on Sunday, oh my goodness!!!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Hats and more hats

As you know I have been knitting hats. They are lovely, so cute. I knitted the Christmas one, then another Christmas one, then a pumpkin and an apples. Now I have just finished another apple, halfway through a pumpkin and need to knit 2 more Christmas ones. I am doing my best to get them all done this week before I fly out to India next Monday. It is possible, but I do have to iron, pack, clean the house and entertain 5 kids now that it is half term!!Also it's my birthday this week, on Thursday. It's great, because its knitting group, and hubby is taking the day off work, so I can go to knitting and he will be with the kids. Then we are going swimming (not my favourite thing to do on my birthday), and then in the evening we are all going out for dinner, which will be lovely. So busy, busy. Off to finish pumpkin hat.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

wishing and knitting

Sometimes as I am knitting, I am wishing that I could knit faster. I have so many ideas in my head, so many things I want to knit, and so many things that I would like to do.

I want to knit something in Rowan wool, that I love, and I love on me. I want to knit a shawl, and I have the yarn. I want to knit a long cardigan coat, that's almost finished. I want to knit a hat, and look good in it.

I would love to own a yarn shop, but haven't got enough brains, passion and wherewithall to do it, oh yes, and the money would be helpful. It's not about making money, it's about doing something that you love and doing it well.

I have been knitting hats, and they are so cute. There's a photo at the top of the page. I managed to start that one day, and finish it the next. Why can't I get so motivated with all my knitting. Just found the long cardigan that I started last winter. I am on the last sleeve, so I am determined to finish it by Christmas at the latest. There you go, set myself a challenge. The other thing is if it doesn't fit properly (because I am largeish -0k fat) then I will slim to fit into it. There a decision. Finally.
Two weeks tomorrow I fly out to Inida, gulp, I am taking knitting, but think it will be cotton dishcloths, something you can pick up and put down anytime. Needs to be something that you don't think about. I have been looking through my stash and realised I have some beautiful things I want to start, but also some beautiful things that I need to finish. Oh well, off to do some more knitting.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Don't worry

I have been worrying. Not constantly, just occasionally. A couple of evenings ago, my hubby and I watched a DVD. It was a documentary about India. Very interesting, very enlightening, and also very worrying. We are going to be doing a 28.5 hour train journey. Sleeper carriages, 3rd class with air conditioning. (I am hoping air conditioning doesn't consist of me waving a newspaper in front of my face to create a draft)

On the documentary the women was in a first class sleeper compartment, all looked basic, but ok, until she decided to show the cockroaches crawling around the floor. Yuk and double yuk. I don't like insects very much, in fact at all. My hubby usually ends up jumping around our bedroom trying to catch/kill/destroy any creatures that creep into our room. Now I am putting myself in a place where I have no control over insects. I think I will keep my eyes closed and ear phones in with loud music!!

Knitting is coming along. I have finished a cardigan. I love it, but it isn't the best fit in the world. If my boobs were smaller, it would be fine. Now I know I can't have a boob job done, so I will just have to wear it undone.

I am on the last stretch of grandaughers flower cardigan. But I have managed also to knit one strawberry hat, one pumpkin hat and 2 pairs of mittens.

Had a quick visit to Bristol on Wednesday, wow, that was only yesterday. I went to meet my sister in law who lives in Wales, we meet in Bristol for coffee a couple of times a year. I had a lovely drool in the wool section of John Lewis. I was very restrained, but did end up giving into temptation and bought some alpaca cotton to knit myself a scarf. I know, I know, I have enough wool to knit 25 scarves, and haven't done one yet, but I will, honest I will. Off to finish something, not sure what yet, but happy knitting.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Fun Day

Today I went to Splashdown. For those of you who have not experienced this, then you must. It is basically a water park indoor, with loads of slides. There are water running down all these slides, and they twist round and round, and go inside and outside the building. The rides are really fast and really scary. There's one which you drop into, and then go round and round and then drop through, like a funnel. Great fun.

All this I experienced, watching from the coffee shop with my knitting. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I finished knitting a hat, and started another one. I manged to listen to 3 or 4 chapter of an audio book on my ipod, so it was altogether a fun day.

Got home, decided to take some photos of two pairs of mittens that I have managed to squeeze in, and for some reason I can't download photos onto my computer. It says that the device has malfunctioned. Personally I think one of my kids has used the camera, and then yanked the cable out of the camera, and now it won't work. Grrr. Now what to do. I need the camera for going to India so will have to have a chat with a friend and see if he knows what I can do. The camera works and I can use the memory card but the lead is much quicker. So sorry, you can't see any pictures of my new mittens.

Must go, got to finish some more hats. Happy knitting.