Sunday, 24 October 2010

Hats and more hats

As you know I have been knitting hats. They are lovely, so cute. I knitted the Christmas one, then another Christmas one, then a pumpkin and an apples. Now I have just finished another apple, halfway through a pumpkin and need to knit 2 more Christmas ones. I am doing my best to get them all done this week before I fly out to India next Monday. It is possible, but I do have to iron, pack, clean the house and entertain 5 kids now that it is half term!!Also it's my birthday this week, on Thursday. It's great, because its knitting group, and hubby is taking the day off work, so I can go to knitting and he will be with the kids. Then we are going swimming (not my favourite thing to do on my birthday), and then in the evening we are all going out for dinner, which will be lovely. So busy, busy. Off to finish pumpkin hat.

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