Saturday, 2 October 2010

Fun Day

Today I went to Splashdown. For those of you who have not experienced this, then you must. It is basically a water park indoor, with loads of slides. There are water running down all these slides, and they twist round and round, and go inside and outside the building. The rides are really fast and really scary. There's one which you drop into, and then go round and round and then drop through, like a funnel. Great fun.

All this I experienced, watching from the coffee shop with my knitting. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I finished knitting a hat, and started another one. I manged to listen to 3 or 4 chapter of an audio book on my ipod, so it was altogether a fun day.

Got home, decided to take some photos of two pairs of mittens that I have managed to squeeze in, and for some reason I can't download photos onto my computer. It says that the device has malfunctioned. Personally I think one of my kids has used the camera, and then yanked the cable out of the camera, and now it won't work. Grrr. Now what to do. I need the camera for going to India so will have to have a chat with a friend and see if he knows what I can do. The camera works and I can use the memory card but the lead is much quicker. So sorry, you can't see any pictures of my new mittens.

Must go, got to finish some more hats. Happy knitting.

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