Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Catch up

Well the hair has gone back to its normalish sort of middle parting with a little bit of fringe. Much nicer, and easier to manage. Think I may have to go to a different hairdressers next time.

Monday was son number 3's birthday. He was 11. Where have those 11 years gone. It's really odd, when you suddenly realise that they are getting bigger. He asked me to get him some deodorant for when he has sport at school. I had to explain that deodorant is fine, but you usually use it on clean armpits before you do sport, not spray it around after!!I actually bought him a roll on then he won't be stinking the house out with lynx, or whatever it was.

I had to go with my number 1 daughter to the doctors to take my grandaughter to have another immunisation. She was very good, and only cried a little bit, bless her. I feel like an evil grandmother holding her tight, so a nasty nurse can stick a needle in her leg.

I am knitting a pumpkin hat at the moment, not for myself I hasten to add!!I think I would look a bit daft in that.

I have bought some lovely yarn from She has some lovely colours and types of yarn. I bought some lace weight yarn called peacock, and it is such a lovely shade of blue. I can't wait to start it, but I need to clear some wip's at the moment. I find I waste too much time on the internet getting ideas, and reading other peoples blogs, that I don't do as much knitting as I should. Right off to do a few more rows of the pumpkin. Happy knitting.

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