Friday, 17 February 2012

Chunky Knitting

I am doing so well on the chunky jumper. Already I am on the first sleeve. I am just hoping that I have enough wool. I seem to remember ordering and buying 600g, so I should have enough. If I can find that elusive ball of wool then I will breathe a sigh of relief, as at the moment I am halfway through one ball, and have one ball to go, and I have just started the first sleeve. EEEkkk. Still stay calm, it may turn up. I am so glad that wool isn't like socks that go missing for a pastime in our house. Talking to other people they seem to have a sock monster, and a pen monster in their house. My two boys have an odd sock box in their room. I put all the odd socks in there. At the moment there are more odd socks in the box, than there are in the drawer!!! You can guarantee if I have a sort out and chuck out some odd socks, then the other one magically appears, what is that all about??? And pens, I buy packs of pens. And when I need a pen - can I ever find one!!!

Knitting Furiously

Well don't know what happened to the post I typed up yesterday, but it's gone. So I am on the very last bit of one of the sleeves on my chunky jumper for my daughter. It does knit up quick. Hoping to get it finished this weekend. I have got another cardigan on the needles but it's one that you have to count and concentrate, so that's going to take a while to finish. It's funny I always seem desperate to finish things, but hate sewing them up, and also keep starting new things. What's the rush I ask myself??I have the rest of my life to knit, and probably enough yarn to last that long too. Anyway its half term, and I need to get my boys off the xbox, so will go swimming with them this afternoon. Well they will swim I will watch and knit and chat to my best friend.Happy days

Saturday, 11 February 2012


Apart from the eyes I have finished my owl jumper by Kate Davies. I am so pleased with it. It took me just over a week to knit, and was quite easy. A couple of times I wasn't sure of the instructions, but managed to work it out. Also asked someone on Ravelry who had just finished knitting it, and they helped too. I knitted in New Lanark Wool Chunky. Lovely, lovely 100% wool. I held its shape well, and was ok to knit with. I just hope that it softens a bit, as my daughter said it's a bit itchy. I knitted up size 3 which was for a 36 inch bust. Funny thing is it fits a 37 inch and a 35 inch, so two of my daughters are going to share it, happy days. It's so nice I am actually going to knit another one in a lilac wool Wendy Norse, so it will be interesting to see how that turns out.

The other great news (actually should be at the top of the page, but the photo goes to the top). I am a grandma again. My lovely daughter had a baby girl yesterday who weighed in at 9lb 3oz. I saw her today for the first time, and she's lovely, lots of dark hair. I suppose I ought to knit something to celebrate. I won't promise as I am not a good finisher, and she will probably have grown by the time I finish whatever I decide.

Back to knitting. I would love to wear the above jumper, but I personally don't think it looks so nice on a size 18 as it does on a size 10. It should give me some incentive to lose weight, but to be honest I'm not that desperate!!I did like the challenge of knitting in the round. What was nice about this pattern is it had waist shaping and back shaping, so it pulled it in to make a nice fit. I didn't block it or anything, I should but I know I won't. Now I have to knit a chunky plain round neck jumper for one of my daughters. Once they ask you, you almost feel you should because they will actually wear it. Off to search out that chunky wool. Happy knitting.