Sunday, 30 May 2010

Knitting furiously

As you can see I am knitting furiously. I really want to finish this cardigan. Each row is now 241 stitches, so it takes a while to knit a row, but if you are watching something (like season 8 of 24) it goes quite fast. I think I have anothe 24 rows and then I divide for the front, so basically will be halfway through, not bad when I only started it last Tuesday. First time for a long time that I have been so motivated. Shame it's not the same with housework. Still once it's finished I can do more cleaning!!Plus the fact it's half term, so the children can help, then if we all work together it's finished in half the time.
Today we are off to my mums, she has a pool, and despite it being 17 degrees with a chilly wind, the boys at least will still go in the pool. I am happy to sit in the conservatory and watch them through the glass. It's funny where the years go. It only seems like yesterday I had to follow them round the garden, keeping an eye on them in case they ate something they shouldn't, or pulled up some of my dads flowers, and now they mostly know how to behave. Life is a bit easier, apart from the teenagers arguing - but you can't have it all. Bye for now

Friday, 28 May 2010

New knitting

I couldn't resist. This is my new project. I only started it on Wednesday, and I have already knitted one sleeve and got to the increase for the main body. I am knitting this in Rowan Organic Dk, and it is soooo lovely to knit with. I bought the wool from ebay, and then thought, what am I going to knit with it. I started to try and knit something else, but the pattern was a bit complicated, and I didn't have anyone to ask for help, so found this pattern in my folder. It is looking really nice. I have just sat and knitted it whenever I have had the chance.
I am hoping to get this finished before the summer is over.
Today I had to take the car to the garage to get the electric window sorted out, as the passenger one doesn't open. It's ok during the winter, but in the summer it gets a bit hot. So I dropped the car off and walked into town. I ended up meeting daughter number one, and we had a coffee with my grandaughter, and went to the park, where grandaughter pushed her little dolls pushchair around for a while. After my daughter had gone, I sat in the park and knitting for a while, it was so nice in the sunshine, listening to a podcast about knitting. Keeping an eye on the seagull which was hoping to get under the bench to eat the crisps someone had dropped there. I kept my eye on it, must admit I am not that fond of seagulls, why they are protected - I don't know. Anyway it was lovely. Then went and had a coffee in a coffee shop and did some more knitting, then picked the car up, which needs to go back as they need to spend some more time on it. Oh well, more park knitting I think!!Happy days

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Some knitting finally finished

Finally finished something. This cardigan pattern was bought from Ravelry. It is called Golden Vintage Cardigan, and it is lovely. I had a few problems with the pattern, and when I contacted the lady who had written it, she was so helpful, and I had actually found a mistake in the pattern, which she corrected. I knitted this in Rowan Silk Cotton from my stash, finally finished something. I am really pleased with it. I still realised that I had made a mistake. The twisted rib that is on the bottom and sleeve bottoms should have continued up the front, but never mind, I think it still looks ok. I am not putting buttons on. One, because I don't do them up, and two, my button holes aren't that great to be honest.
The weather has been so lovely the last few days. I must admit, I have been inside as it's much cooler there. It has been nice to have a few days at home, instead of rushing around everywhere. I am on a mission, to try and save some money. I am also trying to lose weight, mainly by excercising, and just trying to cut out the rubbish. I would just like to be a size 16 all over, not too unattainable, as I am an 18 at the moment. By October I have set myself a goal, so it is very achievable. We have a party to go to Saturday with a hog roast, but I will just keep off the crackling, which I love. Also wine, must be in moderation from now on, because it makes me eat doritos!! Why does rubbish food taste so good.
Back to knitting, my long cardigan, I am still on the last sleeve, this is the third time I have had to rip it back, as I kept making mistakes on the increases. Now I have written it out step by step so I don't make the same mistake again. I think it will be a while before it's finished though, as I have to do the button band, which is in moss stitch the whole length of the cardigan, and then the collar, not looking forward to that.
Also I have a cross stitch which I am trying to finish for my mum. I have been doing it for over 2 years, but I prefer knitting, but I must try and do this picture. It's so lovely, and I know she will love it, she has even started asking me when I will get round to finishing it. Too many hobbies, not enough time. Bye for now

Monday, 17 May 2010

Old friends and knitting novels

Today I met up with an old friend, now I don't consider her as old, I mean we have been friends for years. Funny enough, she was my mums friend, and I have sort of taken over now. The best thing about this lovely lady is she helped me so much with my knitting years ago. I used to phone her up and ask her, which side was the right side of knitting, and when it says ending with a ws row, what does that mean. She always helped me, and encouraged me. I also remember going round to her flat, when she was at work, and she let me watch her kaffe Fasset video on colour knitting, and that inspired me. She doesn't knit so much now, as her life is busy, but she is happy for me to ramble on about what I am knitting. It's so nice to have a friend, that you don't have to pretend with. You can totally be yourself, warts and all, and they just totally accept you. I love this lady, as she is always encouraging, kind and helpful, but she is also lovely and down to earth too, so you can have a real laugh with her.

I have just finished reading Knit the Season by Kate Jacobs. I quite enjoyed it. I have read The Friday Night Knitting Club, and the second one (which I can't remember) and now I have just finished this one. Very good. I do like reading knitting novels, and I have sort of had a go at starting one myself, but not sure where it's going so it's saved on a memory stick somewhere. I like Needles and Pearls by Gill McNeil too, and Divas don't knit. Very enjoyable. I must admit, I like audio books, but don't get them very often, but that's a great way to multi task. You can knit and listen to a book too. I know the library do free downloads, but you have to track down a book that you like first.

Not done lots of knitting this week. I have had a go at doing crochet, and I do like the way that little things grow. I really want to make a ripple blanket. I have sort of got the hang of it, but you need too much time, to sit down and play. Maybe tomorrow. I am going to have a home day tomorrow. Life gets too busy and I never seem to do anything at home. So tomorrow, baking, ironing, cleaning, and then knitting. Let's hope I don't get sidetracked by the internet!!happy knitting.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Well good morning, to anyone who may be reading this. It's 7.20 am and I have been awake since 6, so rather than waste the day, I got out of bed, and wasted half an hour on the computer. I have been checking facebook, checking emails and reading others blogs. My back is much better now, just the odd twinge, but I can do my normal list of everending jobs now.

I haven't done as much knitting the last few days. Life has been busy, busy, busy. I was knitting furiously last week to try and finally finish something. I have knitted so much that I poked a small and wickedly painful hole in my finger, with the point of my knitting needle. I think I should learn to knit another way, or wear a thimble. I took my knitting to knitting group on Thursday but ended up doing some crochet. Then that got me hooked (excuse the pun). I came home and read some of Attic 24 blog, and ended up trying to teach myself how to do a ripple blanket. I spent about 4 hours all day crocheting, and even made my back and shoulders ache. Never finished anything, but had fun learning. Later today I will try and finish the cardigan that's been on my needles for a while.

Last night, we went to a family barn dance thing. It's called a something beginning with C - but I am not even going to try and spell it. It was quite fun catching up with all hubbys brothers and sisters (he's one of 11). Most of them were there, and we are all getting older unfortunately. My number 1 daughter and number 1 son came with us. It seemed quite weird going out with them as adults, it was nice though, as there was no fighting and arguing in the back of the car like there used to be. Didn't have to turn round and shout at them, or slap a leg. Very civilised. We did all have a dance, but only one. Lovely food, and nice wine (it was take a bottle, so I did). Didn't get to bed til midnight, so today will probably be a long day. Bye for now.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Handling disappointments

Still go a dodgy back, so I have stayed at home all day today. Now that doesn't happen much here. I do tend to go out a lot. I am always here when the kids come home from school, but while the kids are away, the mummy must play!!Today I made 2 cakes and did washing, apart from that it was knitting most of the day. Getting closer to being able to put some photographs up of finally finished objects.

The disappointment is:- I was supposed to be going to Bath at the end of this month with my mum, and my lovely sister-in-law. It's been planned since February, it was my mums treat. I was looking forward to it, as we were going to the therma spa, and going shopping (also there is a Cath Kidston shop there too!). I even asked my lovely husband if he would take the time off work to be here for the children when they got home from school, and he said he would.

My sister-in-law phoned me to say that mum was having a bad day (she suffers with depression), so she decided to cancel the trip (which is in two weeks time). My sis-in-law tried to say that she may feel different in two weeks, but mum wanted to cancel. I am gutted, I was half expecting it, as mum sometimes feels under pressure about things. But she invited us!!She wanted to do it, it was all her idea. It makes you see what you are like inside. I think I must have changed a bit, as I am disappointed, but not in a way that you want to cry, scream and throw yourself on the floor (I have been known to do that!!) Now I have got that off my chest I feel better. I must admit though, I have put the answer phone on, because I don't feel positive enough to speak if my mum telephones. Maybe I am a bit childish but that's the way I work.

I am tempted to comfort buy some wool off ebay, but no I will not yield to temptation!!I am going to knit and now my phone is ringing, and I am not answering it.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Lead me not into temptation

Yes, I have been to church today, but this post has nothing to do with that.

I have been knitting, Friday, most of Saturday and today. My back is still uncomfortable, so sitting and knitting is a great way to pass the time. Who am I trying to kid, I am going to make the most of this free, without guilt, time to finish some stuff. I have finished the back of the latest cardigan, and am half way up the front. I am on the last sleeve of the long cardigan, so the end is in site. So why, oh why, do I keep hearing some Crofter DK wool calling me from the depths of the wool stash. I found the pattern, and I keep wanting to start something new. Why can't I finish things??I am even thinking of giving my number one daughter (not because she is favourite, but because she is my first born) this wool, so that I can only start it when I have finished one thing on my needles. Not sure if this will work though, as she is easily bribed with a look at my new Cath Kidston magazine, or a coffee and a day out with me, but it's worth a try.

Tomorrow my lovely hubby has the day off. We were going to go for a nice walk and have lunch out, but as walking is what put my back out, think we may have to forgo that. Could try and tempt him into a long drive (more knitting time) and lunch out somewhere nice. Not worth trying to go anywhere near wool shops, as he would just put his foot down, and drive off really fast.

Well off to try and finish something quick before the crofter crawls out of the stash and jumps onto my needles. Bye for now

Friday, 7 May 2010


Walking is good for you. So today I met a friend and went for a walk. It was a nice day, sunny at times, with a cool breeze. After about 10 mins walking I jarred my back. I kept on walking though, as I thought it would help loosen my back up a bit. We did have a nice walk, and my back was just niggling a bit. By the time I got back to her house, to get my car, I realised that I had hurt my back a bit more than I had thought. Oh dear. Then I got in the car, and realised I had to get petrol. It was in the red, so I couldn't risk it, as the nearest petrol station to our house is 2 miles away. So managed to do that, with a bit of contortionism, getting in and out of the car. Then I came home and had a hot bath, and now am sat with hot water bottle and a cup of tea. Every cloud has a silver lining, now I can sit and knit for the rest of the afternoon, and not feel guilty. Bye for now.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Time flies

When I started doing this blog, I thought I would write most days. I love reading other blogs, but sometimes felt disappointed when they hadn't written for a while. Now I understand. Life just zooms past. I am full of good intentions - whether it's too lose weight, finish off all those knitting projects that I have on the go or spend less time drooling over yarn on the internet. I am still knitting this lovely cardigan, Golden Vintage Cardigan, that I bought via Ravelry. I actually found a pattern mistake. I didn't realise it, I was stuck and emailed the lady who had written it, and she soon rectified the mistake, so I am knitting furiously to finish the back. It's Rowan Silk Cotton, I don't love the feel of it to knit with, but the half finished knitting is looking really nice.

On Saturday, I went to visit my mum with 4 of the children. My number 3 daughter is in Spain on holiday with a friend. Feels really strange without her, but she is having a lovely time. Whilst at my mums I managed to escape for one hour. I found myself at Carlys Crafts in Winton. I do love that shop. I think I may have mentioned that just a few times before. I was in there for a whole hour. I mean, how can that be, it's only the size of my lounge. She was so helpful and chatty. I only ended up buying one ball of 4 ply, and one ball of Rowan fine milk cotton. Well that's all I am posting on here, as it is read by family, who may grass me up!!I so badly want to knit a cardigan in Rowan magazine, so I have been trying to do tension squares, so that I can do it in cheaper wool. But I must say that my tension is spot on for the fine milk cotton, and I can feel myself weakening.

I did sell my ipod to my number 2 daughter. She was saving up for one, so I let her have it for half the price she would have had to pay in the shops. Now I am trying to be sensible with the money. Choices. Rowan fine milk cotton?My sensible, rational side says "NO! absolutely not, you have a trunk full of wool, knit something from there" but my lustful, covetous side (yes I do have them) says "they discontinue rowan wools so often, wait until it's on sale as a compromise" So I think that's what I must do. Still got three things on the needles so must finish them. They are all (apart from the silk cotton) on the sleeves, so the end is in sight.

I am sat at the computer looking out over fields with the sun shining and lots of different shades of green in all the fields. It's so lovely. I have been thinking lately, about how easy it is to take things and people for granted. I am trying to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Trying to think of things to be grateful for. A lovely, lovely husband, who is my best friend, lovely children, a lovely grandaughter, good health, a big house (messy but big) and friends. That's before you go on to the list of possessions. So if you are reading this, and I know at least 2 people do, don't forget to count your blessings, there is always something to be thankful for. Mostly knitting!!