Friday, 7 May 2010


Walking is good for you. So today I met a friend and went for a walk. It was a nice day, sunny at times, with a cool breeze. After about 10 mins walking I jarred my back. I kept on walking though, as I thought it would help loosen my back up a bit. We did have a nice walk, and my back was just niggling a bit. By the time I got back to her house, to get my car, I realised that I had hurt my back a bit more than I had thought. Oh dear. Then I got in the car, and realised I had to get petrol. It was in the red, so I couldn't risk it, as the nearest petrol station to our house is 2 miles away. So managed to do that, with a bit of contortionism, getting in and out of the car. Then I came home and had a hot bath, and now am sat with hot water bottle and a cup of tea. Every cloud has a silver lining, now I can sit and knit for the rest of the afternoon, and not feel guilty. Bye for now.

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