Sunday, 30 May 2010

Knitting furiously

As you can see I am knitting furiously. I really want to finish this cardigan. Each row is now 241 stitches, so it takes a while to knit a row, but if you are watching something (like season 8 of 24) it goes quite fast. I think I have anothe 24 rows and then I divide for the front, so basically will be halfway through, not bad when I only started it last Tuesday. First time for a long time that I have been so motivated. Shame it's not the same with housework. Still once it's finished I can do more cleaning!!Plus the fact it's half term, so the children can help, then if we all work together it's finished in half the time.
Today we are off to my mums, she has a pool, and despite it being 17 degrees with a chilly wind, the boys at least will still go in the pool. I am happy to sit in the conservatory and watch them through the glass. It's funny where the years go. It only seems like yesterday I had to follow them round the garden, keeping an eye on them in case they ate something they shouldn't, or pulled up some of my dads flowers, and now they mostly know how to behave. Life is a bit easier, apart from the teenagers arguing - but you can't have it all. Bye for now

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