Monday, 15 April 2013

Catch Up

Sometimes you wonder why things happen, and then you just get on with it. We moved into the house we are in, and what a disaster. It's damp, and we didn't realise til we were well and truly in. Clothes in the built in wardrobes were wet, where the wall was running with water. There was mould growing on the wall, and turning into crystals too.

We contacted the estate agents, and to cut a long story short, we have had to have the heating on constantly, low, to dry the house out. Also we have had to ventilate the house too, which we have been doing, and four weeks on it's starting to dry out, with a heating bill of £90, which we have had to pay. I'm a bit annoyed really, because the damp wasn't our problem, it was here when we moved in, and got worse when we moved in. We actually found out about the previous tenants that they hadn't had the heating on at all, so that didn't help. Now we are just waiting for a plumber to come round and put some thermostat valves on the radiators, so we can turn them down. Been waiting three weeks now. After contacting the estate agents for the fourth time, we have been told that the plumber is coming,  but when, who knows??

The good news is that I have been knitting. I have felt like being ruthless with the amount of yarn I have got. So I have started knitting these dishcloths again. They are so easy to knit, that the pattern is in my head after knitting 5 one after another. The thing is I do use these too, and they are quite hard wearing.

Then there's this little baby, that's been sitting patiently in my stash, waiting for me to finish. I have sat and knitting almost everyday to try and get on. Now I have looked at it closely I can see a mistake grrrr. Now I don't know whether to unpick it back - yet again, or just put up with it. My hubby (a non knitter) didn't notice it, but I will. Basically on the, button band, about 1 inch above the needles there is a discrepancy in the pattern. Either I am using the wrong needles, but the stocking stitch looks fine. Or my tension is wrong. It's only the button band, it's annoying. And this has been sitting around for 2 years waiting for me to finish. I have learnt from this, FINISH THINGS STRAIGHT AWAY. It's ok having a couple of projects on the go, but when you leave something, this is what happens. I am in a dilemma. Will it just sort itself and droop a bit when it's left to rest, or am I kidding myself. If I keep on knitting regardless, then I can't just go back and undo this bit because it's all knitted in one piece. If I do unpick it, whose to say it may still not knit up right, and I would have to upick about 4 or 5 hours worth of knitting. But will I always wear it, and be annoyed by that bit. I'm not gonna put it away and think about it, I am going to have to think about it today, and sort it out today.

Back to work tomorrow after working 2 days the week before last and 1 day last week, as I had children off school, and no childcare. Now it's back to three day week again. I have been trying to resist temptation as Kemps aka have been emailing me with their tempting offers of wool. So many times have I put things in the basket and then quickly turned off the screen. I mean I have a 6 foot trunk full and three vacuum bags under my bed. I must learn to just say no. I have no room to store any more wool, so I have to knit up what I have, and plan what to knit with it. I have a lot of odd balls, so I can just crochet a blanket with it, as they do get used in our house. Trouble is I like the brightly coloured ones, and most of my yarn is dark, and I am NOT going to buy yarn just to contrast a blanket, that's such a waste.

I looked back at the blog. Still not finished Driftwood, still only the neckline to do. Maybe next time I am on here, I will have done it, but don't hold your breath.