Thursday, 18 July 2013

Where has time gone

I can't believe it's been so long since I last blogged. I haven't been knitting as much as usual because it's so hot. I'm not complaining, but I knit in mornings and evenings, as too hot in the day.

Started a new job about 7 weeks ago. I love it, it's doing admin work for an online shop, and it's really great, work with some lovely people too.

Been knitting a lovely jacket called Fifth Street Jacket, you can find it on and I had a few problems with it, so emailed the designer, and bless her she emailed back really quickly, and the problems have been resolved.

One of my daugthers is getting married. Lovely. But this year in November aaaggghh. I did offer to knit her a dress, but she turned me down (glad really). She has already got her dress, and we got some lovely bridesmaid dresses from Debenhams, in the sale, with an extra 10% off, so that was good. My mum is making the little girls dresses, so all in all, so far, so good.

Been swimming a lot recently. Mum has an outdoor pool, so been up there to swim, and been in the sea 2 times this week, and hope to go again Sunday. It's lovely to go to the beach in the early evening when it's a bit quieter.

Been thinking about my stash, and wondering if it will ever go down. I have so much. I actually haven't bought any wool for quite a while, but I'm not knitting that fast either. Will have to have a think. Trouble is if you sell it on ebay, you lose so much money, and then have to pay fees too. Maybe I will knit things up to sell, just to cover the cost of the wool. Trouble is need to think about making small things now, for Christmas fairs etc, and hot weather doesn't inspire me that much.

Had to buy another car, as our lovely old reliable Galaxy, finally was not being cost effective. We sold it on ebay, and they guy managed to fix it, and apparently it's gone to Monaco to take part in some sort of banger rally, so a good way to go. We had it for years and had 187000 miles on the clock, so it served us well. The new car is a little car, but it's great for round town. The other little car has just broken down, needs a new water pump, so hey ho, always something.

And to top it all my youngest son, 9, fell at football yesterday and has fractured his shoulder, so he's in a sling for next 9 days til they can re x-ray. Oh the joys of family life.

Must go and do some knitting now it's cooled down.