Sunday, 29 January 2012

I'm on a roll - well I was

I felt like I was finally getting on top of my ufo's. Still waiting for daughter to take photos for me, but I have worn my long cardigan, lots of times, and it does look like a shop one, so I am pleased with it.

So I only had a jumper unfinished (for my darling hubby) so he doesn't mind, probably because he doesn't remember what I'm knitting most of the time.

Then I had the postman deliver some wool - amazing that man!!I had some lilac coloured Wendy Norse. The idea was that I was going to knit the owl jumper that is on Ravelry. So I bought the pattern, started knitting the patter (in the round) and then made a mistake, and didn't know where I was. Then I decided to plough on with my Melia by Ysolda Teague. Thats going well now, I have finished the hood and I am now working on the yoke. I have to concentrate to knit it, but as long as I write down what row I am on, it's fine.

Then I happened across The Electric sheep podcast again. She is such an enabler that lady. She was telling me (and thousands of other listeners) about New Lanark wools and how lovely it was. Before I knew it I had browsed the site, ordered some lovely chunky grey wool, and it's now on my needles knitting another Owl Sweater, and this one I won't make mistakes on.

At knitting group the other week another lady had made a lovely scarf in wool with sequins sewed in it, and it was so pretty, before I knew it I had bought grey and red, enough to make two scarves, which are so lovely when knitted up, so I am halfway through a grey one. I also still have a red plain raglan sleeve long length cardigan on the needles too, so now I am up to 4 projects on the needles - when will I ever learn. Don't answer that - I'm sure someone out there understands.

My eldest daughter is due her baby this week, on Thursday, so I am beginning to feel a little bit excited about having a baby in the family again, especially as it's not me giving birth!! I have been watching One born every minute on 4od - so amazing. I cried last week watching the one about the lovely disabled lady giving birth, it was so moving, and she was such a happy lady, made me think again about having an attitude of gratitude.

I read in a book about being grateful for 5 things everyday when you wake up, maybe just the fact that you have woken up, you are in a warm (ish) house, have food in the cupboard, a hubby, children etc. Then after a few days it can move on to nice coffee, the ability to see when you go out walking etc. It's so easy to moan about your life (I do it too) and actually my life isn't that bad. And to end it all I am so grateful that I can knit. Happy knitting.

Monday, 2 January 2012


Thats it, all finished, Christmas, New Year and a knitting project, actually 2. I will add photos later, as  my daughter took photos, added them to my computer, then deleted them, so will have to retake. I have finished my long cardigan. I changed the collar, and it looks really nice. also knitted a lovely hat from The Gentle Art of Knitting, and it looks lovely. Knitted it in the actual wool too, which was Blue Sky Alpaca Melange, very soft and fluffy, and the hat looks fab.

Didn't get anything knitted or knitting related for Christmas. Treated myself to some brown wool from always get some good bargains on there, but you have to keep browsing (not difficult).

Most of the family back to school/work tomorrow, just youngest (8 years) off, he's easily pleased with xbox and maybe a bike ride.

Had a nice Christmas, but be nice to get back into a routine again. Happy New Year