Friday, 6 March 2015

Time goes by

I can't believe that its been so long since I last wrote anything. But then nothing much has happened.

I have another grandchild on the way. It (don't know what sex) is due in about 2 weeks and all going well, it will be born in my house. My daughter wants a home birth, but at our home - probably something to do with mum cooking dinners everyday!!

I have knitted a fluffy snowflake chunky bear suit for the baby. The trouble is I have all the pieces to assemble, and then sew together, and I hate doing that, so I keep ignoring it, thinking it will magically get done.

I had some sad news that a friend of mine has got cancer. I said I would knit her a hat in case her hair falls out (as a joke), then she asked if I would knit her a picc cover. This is to cover someones arm who has a chemotherapy line in. Click on the link below if you want to knit one, I know people will be really grateful

I have knitted mine in Riot DK wool, it does look really nice, I may even knit a hat to match.

I have been ruthless with my yarn, and I have sold a lot. I needed to buy a new laptop. I now have it all contained in one 6 foot blanket box. I have written down all that I have, and I am going to knit up the odd balls into hats etc for xmas.

Been busy working so I dont' get much time to knit now.

Got a problem with one of my eyes, and have to go and have a biopsy as I have a lump on my lacrimal gland. Still waiting for appointment  - good old NHS,

Will post some pics of finished picc line.