Thursday, 30 December 2010

Happy Days

Well, what a lovely Christmas. I had a watch, from my parents, a knitting book, from myself, some lovely willow tree figures, from my friend, chocolates, a top and lots of other bits and pieces. My eldest son even bought me a mini. The roads were too icy to drive outside, so I had to make do with driving it by remote on the dining room table. I know, shame it wasn't a real one, maybe one day!!

I have done lots of knitting, but not finished yet. I have almost finished the front of the long line waistcoat, but it's great knitting for doing while watching dvds. I am going to finish this, and some of the other wips (I know, I always say that) but I feel I should stop being so wasteful. I have listed some of my books and dvds on amazon, and 2 have sold already. I am going to put the money by, in a separate account, to save for spending money if I can go to wonderwool wales in april!!By then I should have knitted up some of my stash, so can maybe, maybe buy something really small and wooly, like a ball of wool???

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas. I am sitting here, waiting for my lovely hubby to get home from work. The children are soooo excited as they want to open their presents, and can't until dad gets home. So I hope he's quick. I made the most of the time, and prepared some of the veg, just left the potatoes and sprouts for later. It's still icy and snowy here, like and ice rink to drive round the country lanes, but my eldest manages to still get out to the pub!!!Happy Christmas to all of you (3 that read this) and a Happy New Year too.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Hooray, we managed it, we got out. My lovely, lovely husband, cleared the track with the tractor, and we managed to get out. It was a bit dodgy in places, not our track but the little road up to the main road, but we did it safely. Once at the main road, it was brilliant, like being in another world. I went to visit my very best friend, and we sat and had a catch up and a cup of tea together, then we managed to go to the shops without any children, how nice that was. We had a lovely mooch round the shops. I tried on some boots for myself for Christmas but they didn't fit, which was a real shame as I loved the boots, they were a bit on the big side. Then I just thought, what's the point, I don't need anything. We went back to her house, had another drink, then by then my kids were all there, as they had bused back to her house, and we came home. The hill back up to ours, was a bit slippy in places, and the wheels were spinning, but we made it. Home safe and sound. Life is good!!

Getting excited!!

I know, I know, you're thinking what is a 40 something year old getting excited about Christmas for. Think again. I am getting excited because as I type my lovely husband is in a tractor with a bucket on the front, trying to scrape the snow off our hill!!Yay - go hubby!! I am so hoping that he can get it clear enough for us to go out today. Three of my lovely daughters, who are 16,15,14 (I know teenage years have been hard!!), got up at 7 this morning and left the house with their eldest brother. They walked down the hill, in the snow to get in his car, so he could give them a lift into town. They all arrived safely, which gives me hope. If I can get our car down the hill, then I can go out and see my very best friend. I am taking my knitting, and a gift of wood, so we can sit by here fire, drinking cappucinos and knitting, what more can a girl ask for.

Finished the hat off in bed this morning, so that looks lovely. Don't think it suits me, but I will wear it as it is so pretty, and I knitted it in 3 days. Now to do some more rico can can scarves for christmas presents aaaggghhh, how many can I do in 3 days???If you don't hear from me before Christmas it's because I have made up for lost time!!!Happy Christmas to my loyal readers - well my daughter, and 2 friends, and an interenet buddy!!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

still stuck in!!

This is some of the days knitting. Left the Friendship Shawl. Stripey hat in Rowan fine milk cotton then in grey a long waistcoat for myself from Blacker Design, it's lovely.
This was yesterday, before the children messed up the snow, but we still have as much, just not so perfect.

My youngest had fun, building a snowman and taking the biggest carrot for his nose, which I notice is still outside but not on the snowman

This is how deep the snow was up my daughters ankles, haven't they heard of wellies!!

The town we live near (7 miles away) is open, and the roads are ok, but on our country lane it is very icy. And I know I sometimes complain about my children, but I don't want to put them in any danger, by risking taking out car out. Plus the fact, the track down to country lane, is impassable for a car. The snow is still a good 6 inches thick. My eldest son (22) who has moved back in, has been leaving his car down the bottom of the track and walking up and down the hill at night. Tomorrow my lovely hubby said that he would scrape the snow off with a tractor bucket, so maybe if its not too icy we can go out. I am finding it difficult inside with 5 children. To be fair to them, they have kept themselves occupied, and there hasn't been too much moaning - apart from me!!

I have knitted loads. Not finished anything. Started a lovely hat in Rowan fine milk cotton. It is so nice to knit with. Not sure if I have enough to finish the hat, as I only bought two balls (as it's a bit pricey) but it's looking good.

The shawl is coming along slowly. Also have 2 or three other projects hanging around, but will finally finish them one day. Off to do a few more rows. My fingers are getting sore from so much knitting. Wish it burn calories off!!

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Snow was falling snow on snow

I am so bored of snow. It started on Friday, and where we live, it's still here. Can't go out, unless hubby takes me in his truck, as our car can't manage the slippery lanes where we live. I am supposed to be having my tesco shop delivered on Tuesday, somehow think that will be cancelled. The only good thing, is that I have done loads of knitting. I have managed to knit 3 of the rico can can scarves. I have finished the back of a long waistcoat which I started ages ago. So even though I haven't got a finished article (apart from the scarves) I have finished a lot of bits and pieces that were hanging around. Trouble is, I know there are lots of others waiting to be finished too.

I am all ready for Christmas, apart from the last minute food. I can always send my lovely hubby out to buy it. He is the most stress free person I know. He can stand and wait in a queue for ages, and not complain, or even feel angry (unlike me).

I also have been very naughty. I have started knitting a friendship shawl. It's from Anniken Allis over at confessions of a yarn addict. It's lovely, it's a free download pattern, with a contribution going towards a worthwhile charity. I also acquired some beautiful sock wool to knit it with. Just today I have knitted quite a lot, it doesn't grow really fast, but it's one of those patterns that you think, I'll just do a few more rows, so who knows I may even finish it one day, but as long as I don't get side tracked by other things.

I have got an absolutely stinking cold, felt really rough with it, supposed to be going out tomorrow to meet a friend for a swim and a sauna, but what with the weather and this cold, think I will have to cancel. Also supposed to be going out for a meal tomorrow eve, don't fancy it at the moment, but I could feel much better by tomorrow.

This is also the time of year, that I wish we had a tv. You can only watch so much stuff on iplayer, and this time of year, there are christmas films on too. Can't even go and visit my mum, who has Sky, because of the roads. Enough moaning. At least I can knit. Happy Christmas everyone.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Happy News

My little baby brother (37) had his first baby yesterday. Very exciting. A little boy. I haven't met him yet, but have seen a photo of him, and he looks very lovely. He was wearing the little tank top that I knitted him, which was really sweet.

On the knitting front, I have knitted a little flower brooch. Not sure if I would do it again, as it took all day, and was really fiddly. The similar sort of thing are selling for £8 in the shop - East. My talents are wasted. I am back on the hats again, need to do 3 before I can get some of my creativity going, by trying some new ideas out.

Happy knitting.

Friday, 3 December 2010


Everyones blogs these past few days are probably about snow. This picture is last weeks snow, which melted, now we have more. All of the kids schools were shut, so for the past two days they have been home. They have had some fun in the snow, and there have been a few arguments (nothing new there), but hopefully by the weekend it will all be gone, well I hope so.
I have been looking through my stash, and finding things that I had forgotten about, so I really must get organised. I found a half finished beret, so I am finishing that today. I have some lovely bootees to do, but I have sewn them up wrong, so have to unpick them, so I will probably put that off too!!
In fact last night I was sitting on a chair in the bathroom knitting, as you do, and the piece of knitting was on a straight needle, so I was putting it on to a circular. I was knitting and chatting to my hubby (he was in the bath), and I said, "I can hear those rats", then I would stop knitting. He would stop talking and we would both listen, but nothing could be heard. I kept knitting and he was chatting, then I stopped again, to listen, nothing. Then I looked down and realised that the other end of the circular needle was scratching across plastic of the laundry basket, so it wasn't rats!!

Friday, 26 November 2010


So last night it started to snow, about 6.30pm. Our two boys were very excited and by 8pm they were outside, in the dark, playing with the snow. It was so lovely to look out of the upstairs window (with the outside light on) to see them playing around, and having fun. It was even more lovely, because it was warm inside.

On the knitting front, I have been very busy knitting hats for my friend. In between I am knitting a christmas present for my grandaughter, I can't say what on here, because my daughter is one of my few readers, and I want it to be a surprise. I started to knit one of those rico scarves today as well, it's looking good.

I have also at long last got some beautiful manos laceweight to knit a snood. I don't know if I would wear a snood as it is, but the wool is so beautiful, and the pattern. I can't wait to start it, but I am setting myself a goal of finishing the present, the 2 sleeves on my husbands 2 year old jumper, and also I have a cross stitch to finish for my mum. So probably won't start the snood until after Christmas. Well that's what I tell you all, but I have a sneaky feeling that I won't stick to my word!!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I'm back

Got to Heathrow, and lo and behold look what I see, a Cath Kidston shop, how exciting. I couldn't give my hubby the slip, so only got a quick look round the shop before having to move on. To be honest, there wasn't anything I needed anyway.

Had a brillian two weeks away. Amazing sights, sounds and smells. The last day there was 30 degrees, bit too hot for me. We were in Tamil Nadu for most of the time, helping out in a school and orphange. Met some lovely children, who were so sweet. One girl wrote me a lovely letter saying how much she would miss me, and she said"You are beautiful even though you are a big lady!!"I think it was meant as a compliment.

Glad to be home with my family though, I think they missed me a bit, and my cooking, so that was good. I did manage to do a bit of knitting while I was away. I started a sock, and knitted a dishcloth.

Back home, I have finished knitting my grandaughters cardigan, I just need to sew on the sleeves and it's finished, so I will put a photo up, when I am done.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

All packed

It's Sunday morning, and I have been up since 5. Couldn't sleep any more. The cases are packed, just need to have a re-jig to fit some more bits in, and check the weights. Put my knitting in an outside pocket on the case, in the hope that I can knit on the plane. I have taken a wooden crochet hook, thinking that maybe they will let me take that on board, if not the knitting needles. We don't leave out house until 6.45 this evening, but I still need to hoover my room, and re make the beds, that I have just washed and dried. Then I find another pile of washing, I reckon it breeds.

Finished the last xmas pud hat last night, so now I can do a bit of my knitting. I sat and did about 20 rows of a scarf this morning, really nice to do something different. Got my grandaughters cardi to finish, just the sleeves, but don't want to risk taking that to India, in case it gets damaged/lost. Just taking some cotton to knit dishcloths for Christmas, and some plain wool for knitting fingerless gloves, and some sock yarn, and bamboo sock needles, just in case. I probably won't get much time to knit, but maybe on the 28.5 hour train journey???Anyway my 2 or 3 readers, thanks for reading, and be back in a couple of weeks, hopefully with a tan and not a nasty tummy bug!!

Friday, 29 October 2010

Happy Birthday to me

Yesterday was my birthday, and what a lovely day it was. My lovely husband took the day off work. He looked after the children in the morning, so I could go to knitting group. That was a lovely. They had made me a lovely card, and signed it, and also made me a yummy chocolate cake, which we ate with our coffee. Then I went home, we had lunch and then we went swimming (which I don't really enjoy). What was lovely, is that my lovely grandaughter came with us. She loved splashing around in the water, and really enjoyed the pool. Then we went back to our house, and in the evening my mum and dad took the whole family out for a meal, which was very nice, and very yummy.

I got some lovely presents. A box of chocolates, a lovely notebook with a knitted elephant on, a purple scarf, some grey fingerless gloves. One of my friends, bless her, bought me a bottle of win, a packet of cool original doritos, and a box of french fancies - how cool is that, all of my favourite things. I spent a lot of the day knitting in between times, so have just got one more Christmas hat to finish, in between packing. Leave for India on Sunday, oh my goodness!!!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Hats and more hats

As you know I have been knitting hats. They are lovely, so cute. I knitted the Christmas one, then another Christmas one, then a pumpkin and an apples. Now I have just finished another apple, halfway through a pumpkin and need to knit 2 more Christmas ones. I am doing my best to get them all done this week before I fly out to India next Monday. It is possible, but I do have to iron, pack, clean the house and entertain 5 kids now that it is half term!!Also it's my birthday this week, on Thursday. It's great, because its knitting group, and hubby is taking the day off work, so I can go to knitting and he will be with the kids. Then we are going swimming (not my favourite thing to do on my birthday), and then in the evening we are all going out for dinner, which will be lovely. So busy, busy. Off to finish pumpkin hat.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

wishing and knitting

Sometimes as I am knitting, I am wishing that I could knit faster. I have so many ideas in my head, so many things I want to knit, and so many things that I would like to do.

I want to knit something in Rowan wool, that I love, and I love on me. I want to knit a shawl, and I have the yarn. I want to knit a long cardigan coat, that's almost finished. I want to knit a hat, and look good in it.

I would love to own a yarn shop, but haven't got enough brains, passion and wherewithall to do it, oh yes, and the money would be helpful. It's not about making money, it's about doing something that you love and doing it well.

I have been knitting hats, and they are so cute. There's a photo at the top of the page. I managed to start that one day, and finish it the next. Why can't I get so motivated with all my knitting. Just found the long cardigan that I started last winter. I am on the last sleeve, so I am determined to finish it by Christmas at the latest. There you go, set myself a challenge. The other thing is if it doesn't fit properly (because I am largeish -0k fat) then I will slim to fit into it. There a decision. Finally.
Two weeks tomorrow I fly out to Inida, gulp, I am taking knitting, but think it will be cotton dishcloths, something you can pick up and put down anytime. Needs to be something that you don't think about. I have been looking through my stash and realised I have some beautiful things I want to start, but also some beautiful things that I need to finish. Oh well, off to do some more knitting.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Don't worry

I have been worrying. Not constantly, just occasionally. A couple of evenings ago, my hubby and I watched a DVD. It was a documentary about India. Very interesting, very enlightening, and also very worrying. We are going to be doing a 28.5 hour train journey. Sleeper carriages, 3rd class with air conditioning. (I am hoping air conditioning doesn't consist of me waving a newspaper in front of my face to create a draft)

On the documentary the women was in a first class sleeper compartment, all looked basic, but ok, until she decided to show the cockroaches crawling around the floor. Yuk and double yuk. I don't like insects very much, in fact at all. My hubby usually ends up jumping around our bedroom trying to catch/kill/destroy any creatures that creep into our room. Now I am putting myself in a place where I have no control over insects. I think I will keep my eyes closed and ear phones in with loud music!!

Knitting is coming along. I have finished a cardigan. I love it, but it isn't the best fit in the world. If my boobs were smaller, it would be fine. Now I know I can't have a boob job done, so I will just have to wear it undone.

I am on the last stretch of grandaughers flower cardigan. But I have managed also to knit one strawberry hat, one pumpkin hat and 2 pairs of mittens.

Had a quick visit to Bristol on Wednesday, wow, that was only yesterday. I went to meet my sister in law who lives in Wales, we meet in Bristol for coffee a couple of times a year. I had a lovely drool in the wool section of John Lewis. I was very restrained, but did end up giving into temptation and bought some alpaca cotton to knit myself a scarf. I know, I know, I have enough wool to knit 25 scarves, and haven't done one yet, but I will, honest I will. Off to finish something, not sure what yet, but happy knitting.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Fun Day

Today I went to Splashdown. For those of you who have not experienced this, then you must. It is basically a water park indoor, with loads of slides. There are water running down all these slides, and they twist round and round, and go inside and outside the building. The rides are really fast and really scary. There's one which you drop into, and then go round and round and then drop through, like a funnel. Great fun.

All this I experienced, watching from the coffee shop with my knitting. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I finished knitting a hat, and started another one. I manged to listen to 3 or 4 chapter of an audio book on my ipod, so it was altogether a fun day.

Got home, decided to take some photos of two pairs of mittens that I have managed to squeeze in, and for some reason I can't download photos onto my computer. It says that the device has malfunctioned. Personally I think one of my kids has used the camera, and then yanked the cable out of the camera, and now it won't work. Grrr. Now what to do. I need the camera for going to India so will have to have a chat with a friend and see if he knows what I can do. The camera works and I can use the memory card but the lead is much quicker. So sorry, you can't see any pictures of my new mittens.

Must go, got to finish some more hats. Happy knitting.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Catch up

Well the hair has gone back to its normalish sort of middle parting with a little bit of fringe. Much nicer, and easier to manage. Think I may have to go to a different hairdressers next time.

Monday was son number 3's birthday. He was 11. Where have those 11 years gone. It's really odd, when you suddenly realise that they are getting bigger. He asked me to get him some deodorant for when he has sport at school. I had to explain that deodorant is fine, but you usually use it on clean armpits before you do sport, not spray it around after!!I actually bought him a roll on then he won't be stinking the house out with lynx, or whatever it was.

I had to go with my number 1 daughter to the doctors to take my grandaughter to have another immunisation. She was very good, and only cried a little bit, bless her. I feel like an evil grandmother holding her tight, so a nasty nurse can stick a needle in her leg.

I am knitting a pumpkin hat at the moment, not for myself I hasten to add!!I think I would look a bit daft in that.

I have bought some lovely yarn from She has some lovely colours and types of yarn. I bought some lace weight yarn called peacock, and it is such a lovely shade of blue. I can't wait to start it, but I need to clear some wip's at the moment. I find I waste too much time on the internet getting ideas, and reading other peoples blogs, that I don't do as much knitting as I should. Right off to do a few more rows of the pumpkin. Happy knitting.

Friday, 24 September 2010

A little treat

Sometimes when you need a little pick up, CK is just the tonic!!

I needed a bag for India, so this is the one I picked. Ok, I know I could have gone for the cheaper option, but hey I figure this will last a while anyway. I am not wild on messenger bags, but for India this is better for me than a rucksack worn round the front of yourself. This way I figure I can have it on my shoulder or across my body,with the bag around the front.

I made 2 cakes today, so I put the money towards the bag, so now I have to make 2 more, to pay for the rest of it.

Today has been a funny old day. I was sat in my dining room for over and hour, and I was freezing after that. My fingers were cold, so when I went out in the car, I had the heater on to warm me up. I just hope I am not sickening for something, as I have put the heating on, and I have a cardigan and a shawl on too. Not a good look, but hey it's cozy.

We have a party to go to tomorrow night. Feeling fat (surprising that, as I actually am!!), so not sure what to wear. Plus the fact the weather is unpredictable. I was going in linen trousers and a thin blouse. Now I am thinking grey trousers, blouse and the shawl of warmness!!

I had my hair cut about a week ago, and I still am not sure if I like it. The girl (who was the same age as my eldest son, 21) cut my hair and gave me a side parting. The trouble is I still can't figure out how far over the parting was, so every day I wake up, it seems different. I am in two minds what to do. Thinking about going for a restyle, somewhere else, or just making a bit more effort to do something with it. It was easier when I didn't care. If I could just stay in with my CK bag and knit, life would be much simpler.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Cant think of a title

Life seems to be whizzing by. I have finished my red cardigan, and not sure if I like it or not. Well I do like it, but not sure about the way it looks on me. It has 3/4 sleeves, so I have decided to lengthen them to make it long sleeved, maybe that will help.

Started knitting a pair of fingerless gloves in some Noro Cashmere Island that I had in my stash, and they look quite sweet, will take some photos when I have sewn them up.

My youngest son who is 6 lost another one of his teeth this week. For some reason he decided to hide it in one of the cereal packets for a joke. So then none of the others would eat the cereals. I went through all the boxes, and found it in my packet of Bran Flakes, but luckily it was in the box not inside the packet. I showed all the rest of the kids so they would believe me and then they would eat the cereals again.

Knitting group today was great. We had a lady there from South Africa. She had seen the copy of Simply knitting from a couple of months ago. We were club of the month and she knew she was coming to England on holiday, so she decided to join us. It was lovely to have someone from so far away, she is here for a month, so she will be coming again. I was also able to write her a list of all the knitting shops in the area, well within a 50 mile radius, so she will have fun yarn shopping.

I also have finally given in a bought a skein of wollmeise. Now this wool is so popular, that as soon as it is posted up on the internet, it is sold. I even looked on an american website, and they limit people to one skein per colourway. I have been looking but no joy so far. Then I looked on and someone was selling some, and somehow through the miracles of paypal (so it doesn't feel like real money!!) it ended up in my stash. I will have to wind it in to a ball and knit with it.

I managed to get a wool winder from ebay. It was a vintage one from the 1950's and I have manged to wind some of my skeins into balls now. Some of them are about £40 but I managed to get this one for £4.50 - bargain.

Well off to finish knitting my fingerless gloves and my grandaughters cardigan. I have so many ideas in my head and it's about time I got them out of my head, and onto my needles. Bye for now

Friday, 17 September 2010

Getting on with it!!

I have had a most productive week this week. I don't know why, as I have still been out and about but I have finally managed to finish some bits and pieces. The pink cardigan is knitted in snuggly, and it is so soft to knit with. It's for a friend of mine, whose baby is due in the next few weeks.
This lovely blue set is for my brother and his wife. The bootees were so quick to make. I didn't enjoy the tank top, as I am not so good at picking up around the neck and armholes, probably because I am in such a rush to get things finished that I don't take the proper care.

This lovely little dress was knitted for my grandaughter. The only problem is she is now 18 months old, so it won't fit her. It's 6-9 months old, that's how long it has been sitting in my to do pile. I feel really good as I have finished it at long last. It looks really sweet, better than in the picture, so I think I will give it to the lady with the pink cardigan too.
I have managed to track down some more red wool to finish the cardigan, so that's almost done, should be finished by Sunday. I have to take 3 of my girls to Primarni (Primark) tomorrow to get some clothes. They will be in their element, I am seriously tempted to sit outside on the bench knitting and they can call me in when they are at the checkout!!
I have loads of ideas buzzing around my head. I am going to try and design a jumper dress for my grandaughter. My daughter ordered her a dress from an online store. It was about £25, so I said I would knit her one, then she can choose the design herself. So I have got some lovely red wool and cream. The main body of the dress is in red, with red and cream striped arms and then I am going to knit a daisy seperately and sew it on the front. I think it will look lovely, but I have to do some swatching first, and I'm not sure how that will go.
Bought some lovely wool from the yarnaddict shop, take a look. She has got some lovely colours, I think I may be paying her a visit again soon.
Happy knitting.

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Lidls (enabling store)

I realise now that I seriously have an addiction problem. No, I am not hooked on drugs, only of the wooly variety. Last week a friend of mine (well I'm not sure now, if she is or not!!) told me that on Monday (bank holiday Monday) Lidls were going to be getting wool in. So in the back of my mind all weekend, is trying to get down to the local Lidl's and buy more wool. We ended up having a bbq and inviting a few friends (23 of us altogether). My shopping was delivered by 9.30 so by 10am I was at Lidl's trying to control my breathing (as wool shopping is very exciting). First of all I thought that they didn't have any, and then I found the shrine, I mean display box. The first two shelves, weren't my cup of tea, but then at the bottom I found some gorgeous sock yarn. So lovely. Only 2.99 for 200g. I bought some variegated and some plain. They are lovely. I haven't started any yet, but can't wait, but I am going to wait. This is just a small selection. I bought a couple of packs of the greens and the orangey browns, as the colours are so pretty. Apparently you can knit two pairs of socks out of one packet, so bit of a bargain.

At the weekend it was daughter number 4's birthday. She was 14. We went swimming as a family, with nanny and grandad too, and then had a chinese for tea. It was a nice day. I started to knit the little blue tank top, just in the car on the journey up to my mums, and have already almost finished the back. I know, I know, I have two or three other things on the go too, but some things are easier to take in the car, because at least you can talk at the same time. Plus, if I knit in the car, I tend not to criticise my darling husbands driving!! The lovely, lovely red cotton calico cardigan that I am knitting - well something awful has happened. I am well over the half way point, but I am on my last ball of wool. I have emailed everyone on ebay who is selling it, to see if there is anyone with the same dye lot, I have emailed Sirdar direct, no joy, and also everyone on the internet who sells it, and most of them, no joy. Apparently it's been discontinued now. I thought that I had enough. Trouble is as it's knitted from side to side, I can't even change the dye lot, how annoying. I think I will have to unpick it, I can't bear to at the moment. I am holding on to the one hope, that another supplier that I have emailed will come up trumps. Here's hoping!!

Thursday, 26 August 2010


We all need places to keep our wool. This is probably what I should have, just this lovely little project basket, for a current WIP (work in progress). This is great, useful and portable, but too small.

Move on to this little beauty. This was a gift from a friend, and no I am not parting with it. It sits in my dining room, behind the door, so nobody knows what treasures lay inside. I tend to use this for my many WIP's. I can quickly put all my current projects in there, to tidy up if someone is coming round.

Then this sideways photo (can't work out how to turn it round) is one wardrobe in my room full of odds and ends of knitting. The baskets are great, as you can pull them out and look at the treasures inside. I have partly started things and whole packs of wool too. Maybe I keep it in boxes because then I don't feel guilty about all of the things that I have started, but not finished. Sometimes I pull them out looking for stuff, and end up finding things that I have forgotten.

Then in my lounge, down the side of the piano is this lovely yellow stencilled (by my mum) yarn box. This mainly has all my knitting needles in, and tools, like stitch markers, tape measures, scissors and the like. It also contains a jumper that I started for my ever patient husband, three years ago.

Then the beautiful wooden chest that my mum bought for me to originally keep my small (well it was then) stash of wool. This is like a deep cavern, you can bury things in here, and totally forget what is in there. It's great. Now some people may think that I am totally obsessed - well you are half right.
Some people get a real buzz out of eating food (ok that's a vice too), but I just love the colours, and the fibres. I love the books (I have a whole bookshelf) about knitting. Also if wool is in a sale, then I am so going to buy it. I have been trying to be restrained because I am saving to go to India. But every now and then I have a little blip. Such as yesterday reading a lovely blog, and there was an offer of if you buy the wool today, you get entered into a draw to win a voucher. So I ordered some sock yarn (you can never have too much) and lo and behold I have won a voucher to buy some more, how cool is that.
I have stopped browsing ebay, and I keep coming across these bargains which are calling out my name. I have to say "It's only a bargain if you need it" and "It's not a need, it's a want". Trouble is I don't always listen to myself. Off now to rearrange my stash enhancers a.k.a the wool storage units. Happy knitting.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010


This is what happens when you have your grandaughter over for her first sleepover. You teach her to knit!!Actually she is only 17 months old, so no way was she going to learn. When I put the needles in her hands for a quick photo opportunity, her eyes lit up with delight, not because she valued all the time and effort that I had put into knitting her a new cardigan, but because she saw a chance to be able to quickly destroy something of mine!!Bless her. Her cardigan is going well. I say that, I have done about half of the back.

She came to stay as it was my number one daughters wedding anniversary, so her and hubby went out for a meal, and a night away. My daughter was warning me about my grandaughters nocturnal activities - basically she sometimes wakes up, and screams, and screams. So I thought I had better have an early night. I woke up at 5.30 and was instantly worried that something was wrong, as she hadn't woken up. I crept up the landing to check on her, and she was still asleep, so I went back to bed, and she didn't wake until 7.30. So that was lovely.

My daughter and grandaughter have had to come and stay as they have some work being done in their house. It's nice, but also difficult. All my children (5 of them) are at home from various holiday activities, and then we have number one daughter, and grandaughter. And we have been going stir crazy as it has been raining, and raining, and raining. She took her home to sleep tonight, as she didn't sleep well last night. I did hear her crying, but for the first time in my life when I heard a baby crying, I could just pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep!!

Bought myself a little treat today. Not wool, I know, shock, horror - but I bought myself some new knitting needles tips. They are Knitpro symfonie wooden tips that screw on to a wire, to make circular needles. I love them, they are so cool. And I bought myself two new wires, as I have so much stuff on the needles I needed some more. Well you've got to have a little treat now and again.

Next time I may show you some of my stash, and my stash holders, as I have a new one - thanks to a friend - you know who you are!!Happy days.

Friday, 13 August 2010

New projects (again)

My brother and his wife are having a baby in November. It's very exciting for them. They weren't going to have children, and then they changed their mind. I bought these two lovely patterns and wool to knit some little boy things (as they are having a boy).

This is one pattern from the new Debbie Bliss book that I found. My daughter loves this, but unfortunately Cashmerino isn't the cheapest of wools.

Look at this lovely, lovely book. I happened to be in the neighbourhood of Carlys Crafts (the naughty shop) in Winton. The lady in there has so much yarn porn and naughty books - it is so tempting. So as you can see I gave in to temptation. This book has lots of lovely patterns in. My eldest daughter happened to be with me, and she ended up buying the wool for me to knit one of the cardigans for my grandaughter, so I am itching to start it. The cardigan pattern is in the middle, with the flowers, but she has chosen navy blue and two shades of pink for the flowers. It looks so nice. I so want to cast it on, but I have one hat to finish. I finished the hat last night and then realised I had done 2 rows too many. Which is annoying, because I have to unpick at least 6 rows to get the pattern right. Off to correct that, then I can get started on the cardigan. I do wish I could knit as fast as I can type, I would get loads done!!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Busy Day

Well, got the sock knitting sorted out with the lady last week, so that was good.

Today is a baking day - all day, as long as the chickens can keep up with demand!!My 3 girls are off to camp tomorrow (hurray), two of them have already had an argument - about a mug (I know how ridiculous!!)So I am making cakes for them to take to camp. I have 3 dotty mocha cakes in the oven at the moment, and I am hoping to make a chocolate cake, and some cookies too. The day could well drag, as it's raining, we are not going out anywhere and they are all hyper about going away tomorrow, so they are all irritable too. I just have to remember to try and keep calm (not easy)

I am ploughing my way through hats at the moment. I have finished 2, on the brim of another, and then I have another to do. And in between times I am still ploughing on with the red calico, and that is well over half way now. I started a sock too, only because I have knitted one, about a year ago, and thought it was time that I started and finished the second one of the pair.

I have been going to the sales and trying to buy myself some clothes for going to Inida in November. I did quite well, and I am probably about there now. I need to buy hubby some shoes (as he doesn't do sandals in England) but will probably want to wear them over there. I have been advised that it's modest dress, no clingy clohes or cleavage on show. So that's good, as I will feel at home there then. I am back on a diet now, need to shift at least half a stone so that last years linen tops aren't quite so snug. I actually stuck to it yesterday, which is quite amazing. At least I have a focus now. Well must go and do some more cakes, and knitting in between batches. Happy days.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

ho hum

Sometimes I can never think of a title, so there you go, ho hum, that's about the extent of my brain power today. Had a nice day today, well nice afternoon. Went to visit some family who had come down for a holiday in a localish holiday park. We went for lunch, after church, and then the kids had a swim in the pool. It was really nice and relaxing. I took my knitting but didn't end up getting it out of the car.

Last month our knitting group was club of the month in one of the knitting magazines. Through that a local lady contacted me to see if someone could help her with sock knitting. So to cut a long and boring story short, I am going to meet up with her for an hour tomorrow, to try and help her. I am not an expert at knitting socks, but I have done 2 pairs and 3 odd socks, so I know sort of how to do it. I just hope I am ok at teaching it. I'll let you know how I get on. In fact it may inspire me to start some. I quite fancy doing some with a pattern on, but will have to see how I get on. I have 5 hats to knit for another friend. I have done one so far. Still ploughing on with the red cardigan, over halfway through now, and still got one sleeve to finish on a baby cardigan. Will I ever get anything else done.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


This is a lovely pattern for a lion that I bought from the Alan Dart website. I don't generally like knitted toys, but my brother and his wife are having their first baby and it's a boy. I know my sis in law likes jungle animals, so I am going to attempt to knit this but only the lion.

This is my new WIP (work in progress). It's the same as the beige cardi that I finished a few weeks ago. It was so nice to knit, that I found (ok I bought it) some lovely red cotton yarn. It knits up really lovely. I am trying to finish it so that I can actually wear it this summer. Last time I managed to knit one in two weeks, but this may take longer, as I am easily distracted as you know.

This is my granny stripe blanket. Attic 24 gives a great tutorial. This was my way of being good. Using up all my stash of cotton dk weight yarn. Trouble is I have used most of it and not finished yet. I have been hunting through my stash, and have manged to come up with some odd balls of green, so the colour combination will change a lot. I have run out of the blues now too.
I let the chickens out this morning. Went back in their shed to fill up their water drinkers. One of them (psycho) followed me, I thought she was just thirsty. I started to fill up one drinker, and I saw her looking at my toes (in flip flops), so I pushed her away. Started to fill up the other, and then realised that the psycho was on a mission, she must have thought my toes were worms, big fat stumpy worms. So I was trying to do a little dance, at the same time as tipping up a watering can, and pushing the chicken away. I am so glad no one else was watching. Happy knitting

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Another day

Well, joy of joys. Last week I had my youngest son off school all week. Now I hardly ever keep my kids off school, and to be fair they are not often ill. But he was all heavy eyed, and full of cold and bunged up sinuses, and he wasn't eating, so I knew he wasn't too good. I had to cancel some arrangements, but it was nice to have a week at home catching up, and of course knitting.

Now today I have the next son off school, with what might be the same sort of thing, so that will be this week probably out of action. Also my youngest daughter is off school (and she doesn't want to be!!) with conjunctivitus. So off to the doctors later to sort that out.

I have been ruthless and been through my wool stash, and listed lots of it on ebay. There were some things that I couldn't part with, but these things have been in the trunk for the best part of a year, so I thought the money would be more useful for our trip to India. I am seriously going to go through the house this week, and see if there is anything else that I can find to sell. I am sure I have more stuff, if I have a good clear out. It makes you feel good, having a clear out and tidy up. My number one daughter came over yesterday and we went through the plastic cupboards. You know, you buy all those pots, because they will be useful, and basically they sit in a cupboard not being used. I whittled them down to lunchboxes and a few small boxes, and the rest are off to the charity shop. The cupboard is tidy now, and it feels good.

Right off to do some more tidying and sorting, then maybe I can get some knitting done. Bye for now

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Early Start

I was up at 6 as my lovely youngest son decided as their is a staff training day today he would get up at 530!! So I have taken some photos. These are of our baby rabbits. The mother escaped 4 weeks ago, and this is the result of her getting out, 3 lovely baby rabbits.

These are our chickens, we live next to a chicken farm, so don't really need the chickens for eggs, but I do like seeing them outside, and eating your own eggs, well your own chicken eggs, is lovely. We have some lovely breeds, and then 4 scraggy ex battery hens, but at least they have a better life now, they dont look lovely though!!

The 2 at the front of the picture are 2 chicks that we hatched in our incubator, its great one cockrel and one hen, so maybe we can rear up our own chicks now.

This a picture of a wild rabbit, right outside our dining room window, I did use the zoom on the phone, but sweet picture

How cute, same rabbit, washing itself.

Mum washing the same rabbit.

Then these are the lovely poppies outside the window in the corn field. They look so lovely

The view from my dining window. Sometimes life can be so busy you forget to appreciate the small things in life.
Today I am going to see my lovely friend, the lady who invested so much time teaching me knitting, so she will always have a special place in my heart. Happy days.

Prem babies and India

My titles always seem a bit random, but hey that's a bit like me. It was knitting group today, which was really nice and relaxing, there were 11 of us there, I tried to persuade two young men to join us (they were my son's age - so relax!!) but they weren't so keen. It's cool for blokes to knit, but I don't think they agreed. Still, you can but try.

After I had finished knitting, I popped into WHSmith and bought knitting magazine. Had a good old read when I got home, and read the back article. The columnist Laura, had a baby with a heart condition, and she had some really difficult times to deal with. It made me remember when we had a prem baby 9 years ago. It is really hard to go home from hospital and leave your baby with other people to look after. We all cope in different ways, but it was a really hard time for us as a family. Sadly, our little boy died at 6 months old, but you never forget.

Anyway, enough of the rambling depressing stuff. Just found out that my husband and I are going to India in November. VERY EXCITING. It's not for a holiday, it's to help. We are going to be going with a team of people to Tamil Nadu, and helping in a school and childrens home. A friend has offered to come and live at our house for 2 weeks and look after our children. This is a once in a lifetime trip, to see a different part of the world. I am nervous, excited, scared and thrilled, all rolled into one. The trip does involve a 16 hour train journey!!!So I am definitely packing my knitting in my suitcase, not sure what yet, probably small things, that are portable. See even then I am planning what wool and needles to take, not what clothes.

Today at knitting group I have been finishing off some baby bootees. They are so cute. They are from a Debbie Bliss book that I borrowed from the library. I made a mistake on them, but it's easily fixed. Once they are finished I will put a photo on here.

Now I am on strict orders NOT to buy anything. Fortunately that was after I told hubby (who is away at the mo) that I had bought a sofa!!Don't worry it was a second hand one, so not too expensive. But no more knitting magazine, no more wool, we need to save the money for this trip. I have put my laptop on ebay, hope that sells, as that will pay for one ticket. I even said I would sell my wool if I had to, but I seriously hope it doesn't come to that. Maybe I could sell the chickens, furniture, bikes and car first!! Happy knitting

Monday, 5 July 2010


We had a dentist appointment booked last Friday at 4pm. The children usually get home from school by about 3.25, so it's a rush, but we can make it. This Friday was slightly different. My lovely husband got home from work and went upstairs to have a shower. He had been working with pigs, so believe me he had to have a shower!!I went to the car only to find that the back two seats were still loose. My husband had taken them out a week before, and we hadn't been out since then as a family. Then my stress levels got slightly raise.

I was muttering about flippin man, how annoying, why hadn't he put the seats back in and oh for goodness sake. Then I shouted to one of the boys to go and shout their dad that could he put the seats in the car, as I couldn't get one of them in. Then the girls were faffing around, and one of them was moaning because she didn't want to go. Then the volume in my voice slightly increased, ok, I admit it, I bellowed GET IN THE CAR RIGHT NOW, AND SHUT THE DOOR. By then hubby was outside fiddling around with the seat. He managed to get the seat in, and then said have you got the keys?

By then it was 3.40 and the dentist is 20 mins away. So hubby runs to the shed, grabs the ladder, props it up against the house and climbs, or scurried like a rat up a drain pipe, into the open bathroom window. As he just gets his leg over the top rung, I find the keys in my handbag. I've got the keys I shout, so he runs through the house and back through the front door, by which time I am laughing so hard. It kept me chuckling all the way to the dentist. Then I wonder, why I get so stressed because we get there in time, in fact we end up having to wait 5 mins as the dentist is running late!! Happy knitting

Thursday, 1 July 2010

New additions to the family

Today started off like a normal Thursday. Got the children off to school, then drove most of the way to town, and then walked in to go to knitting group. There were only 6 of us today, but we still had a laugh. I have still mainly been doing crochet. I do love the granny striped blanket. I am doing it to use up all my dk cotton that I have. The only problem is (well it's not really a problem) I probably will have to buy some more dk cotton to finish it off!!I have been thinking about knitting, and started a little baby cardi for a friend who is due in late October. Done the back, so it won't take long to get finished.

I am going to knit my brother and his wife a few baby bits. They have their scan soon. They are going to find out the sex of the baby, so I will knit accordingly. I have more pink than blue, but a quick browse on line at kempswools and that problem can soon be fixed.

Daugher number 3 got home from school, and went to feed her rabbit, only to find that the rabbit had given birth. Great. The little minx managed to escape a few weeks ago, and she did come back a day later looking a bit disheveled (guilty), and we got her back in. Now we know what she was up to!!!Just have to make sure she NEVER EVER gets out again. Now we will have to get another hutch. We definitely have one living one, one died so had to take that out of the cage before she realised. There may be more, but not going to disturb them. So our family is growing again - at least it's not me this time!!

Friday, 25 June 2010

Feeling hot, hot, hot

Well the weather is luverly, absolutely bootiful!!I can spell properly but this weather is worth a bit of poetic licence. I was up at 6 today, and as it was so lovely, I put on my trainers and went for a walk for half an hour. That's 3 reasonable (half hour minimum) walks that I have done this week, plus one rosemary connelly (torture) dvd, so hopefully I will start to lose weight. Eating is ok at times, but no really bad days, but we have been invited out for dinner tomorrow night, so I am guessing that will be deliciously not slimming.

Not been knitting anything apart from cotton dishcloths, and that's only because you don't need to concentrate on them. Also started a crochet blanket in the granny stripe, just because I can. I love the different colours. I have done the first few rows in different shades of blue, then going into lilacs and purples, so it should look interesting. I don't need a blanket, but its a good way of using up odds and ends, so why did I go into local store and buy 4 more balls just because they were reduced to £1?Is there any hope for me, I ask myself?

Monday, 21 June 2010

I am now a hooker

No, no, no, don't take the title the wrong way. I have now managed to learn how to crochet granny square stripes. I looked on Attic 24 blog and followed her tutorial and voila!!I have made this little dolls cot blanket for my lovely grandaughter. I know she won't appreciate the work involved, but the colours are pretty. I had some Rowan handknit cotton, so I thought I would use it, to make this. It is very addictive, I started it yesterday, and have sat and done it whenever I have had 5 minutes.
The only knitting that I have done, is knitted dishcloths. I know it's the sort of thing that old ladies do - but hey I am 42 and a grandma!!They are easy enough to knit, and brilliant to use. I have got a long sleeveless cardigan that I have started knitting, but I don't feel like knitting anything big.
Must go, got 5 mins so need to finish the crochet blanket. Happy hooking/knitting

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Being Crafty

Now I am not talking about the pair of reef flip flops that I managed to acquire on Thursday when I went down to knitting group. I felt a pang of guilt (ok maybe I didn't!) These flip flops are so lovely, and my last pair last 2 whole summers so I am trying to justify them.

I am talking about these two projects. I decided to have a break from knitting (well, for a day) and try some other things. Above is a knitting loom. I bought it over a year ago, and decided to have a go last night with it. The idea is to make a bag with Noro Blossom (lovely, expensive but I bought it on offer). When it is finished I will felt it in the washing maching, and then I may use my weaving sticks (another to do project) and make handles for it. I will have to see how it turns out. This is a bit like knitting nancy dolls that some of us had years ago. But that was making endless cords which I never remember doing anything with, but hey it was educational. Don't know how much I would actually use the loom, but I thought I could start it and maybe encourage one of my daughters to have a go??Number one daughter if you are reading this, take note!!

Then there is this crochet. I am doing a granny square, I found good instructions on youtube. I am using up all the odds and ends of sock yarn that I have. This was started in socks that rock yarn, that was left over from socks, obviously. There wasn't enough to knit more socks, so I decided a granny square/blanket would be good. I love the colours in this range of yarn. You can only buy it from Blue Moon Fiber Arts (american site) and it is so lovely. I have decided to just do this blanket in left over bits. I have 2 or 3 skeins left, so next time I knit some socks at least I know the leftovers can make this blanket grow.

Well must go, kids are stirring so we are off for a swim in mums pool. Happy knitting.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Finished another project

I have finally finished my cardigan. I love it. But I don't love the way that I look in it, e.g. wide!!Methinks, work harder at the excercise and less eating. I made my daughter take about 6 photos as I was almost as wide as the lense. This cardigan took me exactly 2 weeks to the day to finish. I am so pleased. It's quite warm, despite being a cotton yarn. Rowan purelife DK. I have loads left, well about 600g so I think I may even knit something else in this. Now the dilemma, which project should I now finish, as I have no new plans in the pipeline. Off to eat fruit, and think about rosemary connelly (torture) dvd for tomorrow!!

Friday, 4 June 2010

Lovely day, and a surprise

Today was the last chance of a lie in, as it's the last day of half term. So did I have a lovely lie - in??No, I woke up and the sun was streaming in the window, so I couldn't waste the daylight, and all that knitting time. I took the two boys to the park today. I met daughter number one, and my grandaughter, and we had a lovely hour in the park. It was so warm, and that was at 9.15 this morning. I sat and did some knitting, whilst the boys went on the swings etc and the youngest ran through the water squirters that they have at the park, so it was a nice time.

I can see the end in sight of knitting this cardi. I reckon by next week it will be finished, and be the quickest ever project. My grandaughter is getting dedicated next week, so hopefully it will be finished by then.

Today we had a courier turn up at the house and inside was a lovely surprise......

Two weeks ago, we had magnum ice lollies for pudding. On the box it said a chance to win a Sony Vaio laptop. So everyone (apart from me) had a magnum. I kept all the sticks and thought, well, why not give it a go. Next morning I woke early, and decided to go on the computer. I saw the lolly sticks and thought I would enter the code on one of the sticks and see what happened. The first stick I entered the code in and blow me, they said I had won. I couldn't believe it, but I was emailed a prize claim code. Went in and entered it, and I had to wait 28 days for my laptop. I still couldn't sort of believe it, so I rang them, and they said if it's not turned up in 28 days, phone again. Well you guessed it, today it turned up. It is lovely, so small though, a netbook I think they call it. Not sure if I will keep it though. It's worth some money, so we have some plans in the pipeline, so maybe use the money for that. Will know more by the end of June, so watch this space.

The other thought was I could sell it, and put it in a fund for a mini cooper. I would so love to have one. Very impractical with 5 kids, but it could be for just me - or is that really selfish??Don't answer that - I know the answer.

So if ever you think does anyone ever win those competitions - the answer is yes, someone somewhere does. I have won 2 big prizes now. I enter the mini competitions too, but somehow don't think I will win one of them. Happy knitting to you all. I'm off to look on ebay how much laptops are going for.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Having cake and not eating it!!

Yesterday was a beautiful day, so we were at my mums. We had a bbq and the kids had a swim in the pool too, very cold, but they don't care.

When we go to my mums, it's lovely. She usually buys some lovely cakes for pudding, and they are usually ones that I love too. Yum Yums. Now if you haven't had these cakes, you haven't lived. They are so moreish. I have been known to eat 4. I know 4 - what a pig. I also couldn't eat anything else for the day as I was so full. It was very greedy and I am sure that my body had such a huge sugar rush, that I was buzzing for the rest of the day.

Yesterday we had a bbq, which was lovely. I took some meat too. We had beefburgers, sausages and lamb kebabs. Mum had made homemade potato salad, which has smoked sausage, onions, gherkins and potatoes, and it's lovely. Also there were new potatoes with garlic butter on them, and salad. It was all so nice. I was quite restrained and ate until I felt full, but not uncomfortable. Then the cakes came out. Oooohhh it was so tempting. There were cream eclairs, cream coffee choux pastry buns, jam and cream donuts and normal jam donuts. And there were yum yums. I had been helping my dad with the dishes, so by the time I got outside 3 out of the 4 were gone, and my daughter was just taking the final one out of the box. I could feel my resolve melting as she picked it up and put it to her mouth. My brother was there too, and I asked if he had ever eaten one, he hadn't so my daugher broke off a bit for him. He too, got that manic glint in his eye. Well there was another box on the table unopened. My mum said, "Go on Sal, help yourself" (She is such an enabler) I picked up the packet, by then my mouth was salivating, and I could just imagine biting into the glazed icing then into the fried donut. Bet you know what happened next. No??Well I just licked the outside of the packet and gave them to my mum and told her to put them away from me, where I couldn't find them. Even I was impressed. I feel so pleased with myself.

I have been trying not to eat rubbish, and even one of my boys noticed tonight at tea time. They all had a mars ice cream for pudding, and I said I don't want them. He said, aren't you eating cakes or something, coz you said no yesterday as well. So somebody has noticed. I just hope my waistline will notice too, and start shrinking.

Knitting, still on the same thing (obviously). One more row and I am dividing for the fronts so half way mark. Hope to finish it by the end of next week. Can't go to knitting group on Thursday. My washing machine is broken, so repair man coming. Hole in flat roof above one of the bedrooms, so builder is coming. Friend coming for coffee too, so should be nice. Happy days. Tomorrow we are off to mums again. The weather is supposed to be good, so I may even get my costume on and go in. But then maybe not, the water is COLD.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Knitting furiously

As you can see I am knitting furiously. I really want to finish this cardigan. Each row is now 241 stitches, so it takes a while to knit a row, but if you are watching something (like season 8 of 24) it goes quite fast. I think I have anothe 24 rows and then I divide for the front, so basically will be halfway through, not bad when I only started it last Tuesday. First time for a long time that I have been so motivated. Shame it's not the same with housework. Still once it's finished I can do more cleaning!!Plus the fact it's half term, so the children can help, then if we all work together it's finished in half the time.
Today we are off to my mums, she has a pool, and despite it being 17 degrees with a chilly wind, the boys at least will still go in the pool. I am happy to sit in the conservatory and watch them through the glass. It's funny where the years go. It only seems like yesterday I had to follow them round the garden, keeping an eye on them in case they ate something they shouldn't, or pulled up some of my dads flowers, and now they mostly know how to behave. Life is a bit easier, apart from the teenagers arguing - but you can't have it all. Bye for now

Friday, 28 May 2010

New knitting

I couldn't resist. This is my new project. I only started it on Wednesday, and I have already knitted one sleeve and got to the increase for the main body. I am knitting this in Rowan Organic Dk, and it is soooo lovely to knit with. I bought the wool from ebay, and then thought, what am I going to knit with it. I started to try and knit something else, but the pattern was a bit complicated, and I didn't have anyone to ask for help, so found this pattern in my folder. It is looking really nice. I have just sat and knitted it whenever I have had the chance.
I am hoping to get this finished before the summer is over.
Today I had to take the car to the garage to get the electric window sorted out, as the passenger one doesn't open. It's ok during the winter, but in the summer it gets a bit hot. So I dropped the car off and walked into town. I ended up meeting daughter number one, and we had a coffee with my grandaughter, and went to the park, where grandaughter pushed her little dolls pushchair around for a while. After my daughter had gone, I sat in the park and knitting for a while, it was so nice in the sunshine, listening to a podcast about knitting. Keeping an eye on the seagull which was hoping to get under the bench to eat the crisps someone had dropped there. I kept my eye on it, must admit I am not that fond of seagulls, why they are protected - I don't know. Anyway it was lovely. Then went and had a coffee in a coffee shop and did some more knitting, then picked the car up, which needs to go back as they need to spend some more time on it. Oh well, more park knitting I think!!Happy days

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Some knitting finally finished

Finally finished something. This cardigan pattern was bought from Ravelry. It is called Golden Vintage Cardigan, and it is lovely. I had a few problems with the pattern, and when I contacted the lady who had written it, she was so helpful, and I had actually found a mistake in the pattern, which she corrected. I knitted this in Rowan Silk Cotton from my stash, finally finished something. I am really pleased with it. I still realised that I had made a mistake. The twisted rib that is on the bottom and sleeve bottoms should have continued up the front, but never mind, I think it still looks ok. I am not putting buttons on. One, because I don't do them up, and two, my button holes aren't that great to be honest.
The weather has been so lovely the last few days. I must admit, I have been inside as it's much cooler there. It has been nice to have a few days at home, instead of rushing around everywhere. I am on a mission, to try and save some money. I am also trying to lose weight, mainly by excercising, and just trying to cut out the rubbish. I would just like to be a size 16 all over, not too unattainable, as I am an 18 at the moment. By October I have set myself a goal, so it is very achievable. We have a party to go to Saturday with a hog roast, but I will just keep off the crackling, which I love. Also wine, must be in moderation from now on, because it makes me eat doritos!! Why does rubbish food taste so good.
Back to knitting, my long cardigan, I am still on the last sleeve, this is the third time I have had to rip it back, as I kept making mistakes on the increases. Now I have written it out step by step so I don't make the same mistake again. I think it will be a while before it's finished though, as I have to do the button band, which is in moss stitch the whole length of the cardigan, and then the collar, not looking forward to that.
Also I have a cross stitch which I am trying to finish for my mum. I have been doing it for over 2 years, but I prefer knitting, but I must try and do this picture. It's so lovely, and I know she will love it, she has even started asking me when I will get round to finishing it. Too many hobbies, not enough time. Bye for now

Monday, 17 May 2010

Old friends and knitting novels

Today I met up with an old friend, now I don't consider her as old, I mean we have been friends for years. Funny enough, she was my mums friend, and I have sort of taken over now. The best thing about this lovely lady is she helped me so much with my knitting years ago. I used to phone her up and ask her, which side was the right side of knitting, and when it says ending with a ws row, what does that mean. She always helped me, and encouraged me. I also remember going round to her flat, when she was at work, and she let me watch her kaffe Fasset video on colour knitting, and that inspired me. She doesn't knit so much now, as her life is busy, but she is happy for me to ramble on about what I am knitting. It's so nice to have a friend, that you don't have to pretend with. You can totally be yourself, warts and all, and they just totally accept you. I love this lady, as she is always encouraging, kind and helpful, but she is also lovely and down to earth too, so you can have a real laugh with her.

I have just finished reading Knit the Season by Kate Jacobs. I quite enjoyed it. I have read The Friday Night Knitting Club, and the second one (which I can't remember) and now I have just finished this one. Very good. I do like reading knitting novels, and I have sort of had a go at starting one myself, but not sure where it's going so it's saved on a memory stick somewhere. I like Needles and Pearls by Gill McNeil too, and Divas don't knit. Very enjoyable. I must admit, I like audio books, but don't get them very often, but that's a great way to multi task. You can knit and listen to a book too. I know the library do free downloads, but you have to track down a book that you like first.

Not done lots of knitting this week. I have had a go at doing crochet, and I do like the way that little things grow. I really want to make a ripple blanket. I have sort of got the hang of it, but you need too much time, to sit down and play. Maybe tomorrow. I am going to have a home day tomorrow. Life gets too busy and I never seem to do anything at home. So tomorrow, baking, ironing, cleaning, and then knitting. Let's hope I don't get sidetracked by the internet!!happy knitting.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Well good morning, to anyone who may be reading this. It's 7.20 am and I have been awake since 6, so rather than waste the day, I got out of bed, and wasted half an hour on the computer. I have been checking facebook, checking emails and reading others blogs. My back is much better now, just the odd twinge, but I can do my normal list of everending jobs now.

I haven't done as much knitting the last few days. Life has been busy, busy, busy. I was knitting furiously last week to try and finally finish something. I have knitted so much that I poked a small and wickedly painful hole in my finger, with the point of my knitting needle. I think I should learn to knit another way, or wear a thimble. I took my knitting to knitting group on Thursday but ended up doing some crochet. Then that got me hooked (excuse the pun). I came home and read some of Attic 24 blog, and ended up trying to teach myself how to do a ripple blanket. I spent about 4 hours all day crocheting, and even made my back and shoulders ache. Never finished anything, but had fun learning. Later today I will try and finish the cardigan that's been on my needles for a while.

Last night, we went to a family barn dance thing. It's called a something beginning with C - but I am not even going to try and spell it. It was quite fun catching up with all hubbys brothers and sisters (he's one of 11). Most of them were there, and we are all getting older unfortunately. My number 1 daughter and number 1 son came with us. It seemed quite weird going out with them as adults, it was nice though, as there was no fighting and arguing in the back of the car like there used to be. Didn't have to turn round and shout at them, or slap a leg. Very civilised. We did all have a dance, but only one. Lovely food, and nice wine (it was take a bottle, so I did). Didn't get to bed til midnight, so today will probably be a long day. Bye for now.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Handling disappointments

Still go a dodgy back, so I have stayed at home all day today. Now that doesn't happen much here. I do tend to go out a lot. I am always here when the kids come home from school, but while the kids are away, the mummy must play!!Today I made 2 cakes and did washing, apart from that it was knitting most of the day. Getting closer to being able to put some photographs up of finally finished objects.

The disappointment is:- I was supposed to be going to Bath at the end of this month with my mum, and my lovely sister-in-law. It's been planned since February, it was my mums treat. I was looking forward to it, as we were going to the therma spa, and going shopping (also there is a Cath Kidston shop there too!). I even asked my lovely husband if he would take the time off work to be here for the children when they got home from school, and he said he would.

My sister-in-law phoned me to say that mum was having a bad day (she suffers with depression), so she decided to cancel the trip (which is in two weeks time). My sis-in-law tried to say that she may feel different in two weeks, but mum wanted to cancel. I am gutted, I was half expecting it, as mum sometimes feels under pressure about things. But she invited us!!She wanted to do it, it was all her idea. It makes you see what you are like inside. I think I must have changed a bit, as I am disappointed, but not in a way that you want to cry, scream and throw yourself on the floor (I have been known to do that!!) Now I have got that off my chest I feel better. I must admit though, I have put the answer phone on, because I don't feel positive enough to speak if my mum telephones. Maybe I am a bit childish but that's the way I work.

I am tempted to comfort buy some wool off ebay, but no I will not yield to temptation!!I am going to knit and now my phone is ringing, and I am not answering it.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Lead me not into temptation

Yes, I have been to church today, but this post has nothing to do with that.

I have been knitting, Friday, most of Saturday and today. My back is still uncomfortable, so sitting and knitting is a great way to pass the time. Who am I trying to kid, I am going to make the most of this free, without guilt, time to finish some stuff. I have finished the back of the latest cardigan, and am half way up the front. I am on the last sleeve of the long cardigan, so the end is in site. So why, oh why, do I keep hearing some Crofter DK wool calling me from the depths of the wool stash. I found the pattern, and I keep wanting to start something new. Why can't I finish things??I am even thinking of giving my number one daughter (not because she is favourite, but because she is my first born) this wool, so that I can only start it when I have finished one thing on my needles. Not sure if this will work though, as she is easily bribed with a look at my new Cath Kidston magazine, or a coffee and a day out with me, but it's worth a try.

Tomorrow my lovely hubby has the day off. We were going to go for a nice walk and have lunch out, but as walking is what put my back out, think we may have to forgo that. Could try and tempt him into a long drive (more knitting time) and lunch out somewhere nice. Not worth trying to go anywhere near wool shops, as he would just put his foot down, and drive off really fast.

Well off to try and finish something quick before the crofter crawls out of the stash and jumps onto my needles. Bye for now

Friday, 7 May 2010


Walking is good for you. So today I met a friend and went for a walk. It was a nice day, sunny at times, with a cool breeze. After about 10 mins walking I jarred my back. I kept on walking though, as I thought it would help loosen my back up a bit. We did have a nice walk, and my back was just niggling a bit. By the time I got back to her house, to get my car, I realised that I had hurt my back a bit more than I had thought. Oh dear. Then I got in the car, and realised I had to get petrol. It was in the red, so I couldn't risk it, as the nearest petrol station to our house is 2 miles away. So managed to do that, with a bit of contortionism, getting in and out of the car. Then I came home and had a hot bath, and now am sat with hot water bottle and a cup of tea. Every cloud has a silver lining, now I can sit and knit for the rest of the afternoon, and not feel guilty. Bye for now.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Time flies

When I started doing this blog, I thought I would write most days. I love reading other blogs, but sometimes felt disappointed when they hadn't written for a while. Now I understand. Life just zooms past. I am full of good intentions - whether it's too lose weight, finish off all those knitting projects that I have on the go or spend less time drooling over yarn on the internet. I am still knitting this lovely cardigan, Golden Vintage Cardigan, that I bought via Ravelry. I actually found a pattern mistake. I didn't realise it, I was stuck and emailed the lady who had written it, and she soon rectified the mistake, so I am knitting furiously to finish the back. It's Rowan Silk Cotton, I don't love the feel of it to knit with, but the half finished knitting is looking really nice.

On Saturday, I went to visit my mum with 4 of the children. My number 3 daughter is in Spain on holiday with a friend. Feels really strange without her, but she is having a lovely time. Whilst at my mums I managed to escape for one hour. I found myself at Carlys Crafts in Winton. I do love that shop. I think I may have mentioned that just a few times before. I was in there for a whole hour. I mean, how can that be, it's only the size of my lounge. She was so helpful and chatty. I only ended up buying one ball of 4 ply, and one ball of Rowan fine milk cotton. Well that's all I am posting on here, as it is read by family, who may grass me up!!I so badly want to knit a cardigan in Rowan magazine, so I have been trying to do tension squares, so that I can do it in cheaper wool. But I must say that my tension is spot on for the fine milk cotton, and I can feel myself weakening.

I did sell my ipod to my number 2 daughter. She was saving up for one, so I let her have it for half the price she would have had to pay in the shops. Now I am trying to be sensible with the money. Choices. Rowan fine milk cotton?My sensible, rational side says "NO! absolutely not, you have a trunk full of wool, knit something from there" but my lustful, covetous side (yes I do have them) says "they discontinue rowan wools so often, wait until it's on sale as a compromise" So I think that's what I must do. Still got three things on the needles so must finish them. They are all (apart from the silk cotton) on the sleeves, so the end is in sight.

I am sat at the computer looking out over fields with the sun shining and lots of different shades of green in all the fields. It's so lovely. I have been thinking lately, about how easy it is to take things and people for granted. I am trying to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Trying to think of things to be grateful for. A lovely, lovely husband, who is my best friend, lovely children, a lovely grandaughter, good health, a big house (messy but big) and friends. That's before you go on to the list of possessions. So if you are reading this, and I know at least 2 people do, don't forget to count your blessings, there is always something to be thankful for. Mostly knitting!!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Chocolate biscuits are great

Now you may be reading this, thinking what is she on about? Well, we don't buy biscuits that often, but for a treat, my daughter wanted me to buy some chocolate biscuits so she could use her fondue set. So I decided to buy mcvities chocolate biscuits, as they are by far the best. On the packet was an offer of winning an ipod nano. All you had to do was enter the code on the biscuits, and you had a chance of winning. Well I thought, worth a laugh. Went online and entered the code on my packet of chocolate biscuits, and I won. Then I thought oh, probably a mistake, but sent off all of the relevant information, and today through the post I received an ipod nano 86b 5th generation. How amazing was that??What are the chances of that happening??

I do enter competitions from time to time. Mainly the ones in the knitting magazines. So far I have won 10 pairs of tickets to various craft shows around the country, a knitting journal, a baby blanket, £10 worth of hair products and now this. I am hoping I am on a roll, as I have entered the dorset cereals one, the prize is a new mini, now that would be so cool, I would give back all of the other prizes to get that. Still, not much chance, but who knows??Watch this space. Now the dilemma is - to sell the ipod nano, as I don't need it (already have itouch, and ipod) or use it (but seems bit wasteful). If I sell it, how much for?and what to do with the money, apart from maybe splash out in the naughty shop (see earlier post) in Winton!!Now there's a thought. Off to knit and ponder now. Bye for now

Monday, 26 April 2010

Podcasts and new project

Well, I just wanted to start a little bit by talking about podcasts. This is a great way to learn about other peoples knitting styles, habits and generally be nosey about how other people live. I listen to sticks and string, electric sheep (just found this one, and it's brilliant), lime and violet (not always a clean podcast though, so be warned), it is funny and does enable you to search on line for yarn that you never have heard of, and they you end up buying it!!Knitty nora is also good, but she doesn't do podcasting as much as she is busy with twins. Basically if you search on itunes under knitting podcasts, there are loads. I used to listen to lots, but I ended up getting a bit confused, so tend to stick with these few.

Well I succumbed and gave into temptation. I didn't buy any more yarn (but I so want to), but I have started a new project. So naughty. Even hubby said, I thought you weren't starting anything new. I said I was just giving it a try, but I seem to have just kept knitting. I had some Rowan Silk Cotton that I bought in the sale, half price at hobbycraft (it's now been discontinued). I have been looking for ages for a pattern, and eventually I have found one on Ravelry. I actually bought it as I really like it. They specified a different type of yarn, but someone else knitted it in Silk cotton, and it turned out ok. Silk Cotton is quite unusual to knit with. It's almost an aran weight, but like cotton, but not so soft. It does split if you aren't careful, so I am going to use some knit pro symfonie circular needles to knit it on (when they arrive, as I had to buy new tips off ebay). The pattern is called Golden Vintage caridgan and it looks nice, short sleeves, so it should be ok to wear in the summer, so as summer is on it's way, I think I better go now and do some more knitting.

We have chickens now, so will take some photos and add them next time. They are so great, and we now have had 2 eggs.

Thursday, 22 April 2010


Forgot to put that in the last epistle, so will talk about that next time. Two words. Electric Sheep.

Excercise and podcasts

Today was knitting group. So I decided that I would cycle down to Caffe Nero's where we meet. So I dug out a rucksack from the cupboard under the stairs, filled it with my knitting and my purse, put on my fleece (as it was cold) and got my bike out. Then I had to unlock the shed, find a bike lock with a key that unlocked it, and then I was ready to go. I couldn't find a cycle helmet, well actually, the only one that I could find, was full of mud for some reason. Note to self - ask the boys about that one. So off I rode. The nice thing is that the first half of the 7 miles to town (yes 7 miles) is slightly downhill. Actually the drive down from my house, is like going on a deathslide. My brakes were squealing, or maybe that was me, and my heart was racing, just in case the brakes didn't hold. But they did. Onwards. By about half mile, I realised that I wasn't as fit as I used to be. I probably hadn't been out on my bike for a year, and I think there was something wrong with the saddle, or my belly really had got saggier, as it kept hitting my knees, everytime my leg went up. By about the mile (even though I was still slightly free wheeling) my thighs were starting to burn. I stopped the bike, looked in my purse, and was mightily relieved to see that I had enough money for the bus. I cycled another mile and a half (the bus stop was calling my name), and locked the trusty steed up to a road sign opposite where the bus stop was. I wobbled over the road (not because of my fat belly, but my legs were like jelly) and waited 5mins and got the bus to town. What a relief. By the time I got to knitting group, I was refreshed and felt quite hopeful about the journey home, after knitting group.

Fast forward 2 hours, got off the bus, unlocked the bike (not been stolen,unfortunately) and freewheeled down the road. Then the bones in my butt started to protest. Now I have a slightly (ok I lied) large butt, and a gel filled saddle. But still, my bones were not ready to sit on that saddle again. I gritted my teeth, and talked sternly to myself. Another 500 yards passed, and I pulled in off the road. I sent the following text to my lovely, lovely husband. "You know you love me, and you know you love it when I am home at lunchtime to make your lunch. Well in five minutes I will travelling along the (2miles) road to our house, so if you would like to pick me and my bike up, I can then make your lunch for you." Then I pushed the bike up the next nasty hill. I did manage to ride about another half mile, until a knight in shining armour, on a trusy white horse came to sweep me off my feet and rescue me appeared. Actually a smelly (working with pig poo today) farmer in a beat up red pick up, but still my knight, came and got me. Was I pleased to see him or what!!I got home, and thought seriously about relegating the trusty bike (instrument of torture) to the bonfire, but then realised metal doesn't burn very well. I'll just hide it in the bushes, and take the car next time!!