Thursday, 8 July 2010

Early Start

I was up at 6 as my lovely youngest son decided as their is a staff training day today he would get up at 530!! So I have taken some photos. These are of our baby rabbits. The mother escaped 4 weeks ago, and this is the result of her getting out, 3 lovely baby rabbits.

These are our chickens, we live next to a chicken farm, so don't really need the chickens for eggs, but I do like seeing them outside, and eating your own eggs, well your own chicken eggs, is lovely. We have some lovely breeds, and then 4 scraggy ex battery hens, but at least they have a better life now, they dont look lovely though!!

The 2 at the front of the picture are 2 chicks that we hatched in our incubator, its great one cockrel and one hen, so maybe we can rear up our own chicks now.

This a picture of a wild rabbit, right outside our dining room window, I did use the zoom on the phone, but sweet picture

How cute, same rabbit, washing itself.

Mum washing the same rabbit.

Then these are the lovely poppies outside the window in the corn field. They look so lovely

The view from my dining window. Sometimes life can be so busy you forget to appreciate the small things in life.
Today I am going to see my lovely friend, the lady who invested so much time teaching me knitting, so she will always have a special place in my heart. Happy days.

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  1. Lovely photos and what a view, you lucky thing!