Monday, 5 July 2010


We had a dentist appointment booked last Friday at 4pm. The children usually get home from school by about 3.25, so it's a rush, but we can make it. This Friday was slightly different. My lovely husband got home from work and went upstairs to have a shower. He had been working with pigs, so believe me he had to have a shower!!I went to the car only to find that the back two seats were still loose. My husband had taken them out a week before, and we hadn't been out since then as a family. Then my stress levels got slightly raise.

I was muttering about flippin man, how annoying, why hadn't he put the seats back in and oh for goodness sake. Then I shouted to one of the boys to go and shout their dad that could he put the seats in the car, as I couldn't get one of them in. Then the girls were faffing around, and one of them was moaning because she didn't want to go. Then the volume in my voice slightly increased, ok, I admit it, I bellowed GET IN THE CAR RIGHT NOW, AND SHUT THE DOOR. By then hubby was outside fiddling around with the seat. He managed to get the seat in, and then said have you got the keys?

By then it was 3.40 and the dentist is 20 mins away. So hubby runs to the shed, grabs the ladder, props it up against the house and climbs, or scurried like a rat up a drain pipe, into the open bathroom window. As he just gets his leg over the top rung, I find the keys in my handbag. I've got the keys I shout, so he runs through the house and back through the front door, by which time I am laughing so hard. It kept me chuckling all the way to the dentist. Then I wonder, why I get so stressed because we get there in time, in fact we end up having to wait 5 mins as the dentist is running late!! Happy knitting

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  1. Thank you for popping by and leaving a comment, it's nice to hear from you. Your dentist story is so funny. It's amazing how it's fine to keep us waiting when we get there but we're not allowed to be late. My husband's dentist refused to see him when he was 4 mins late due to traffic. We have since changed to a lovely lady dentist and i'm so glad we did as i'm not a big fan of those drills!