Thursday, 1 July 2010

New additions to the family

Today started off like a normal Thursday. Got the children off to school, then drove most of the way to town, and then walked in to go to knitting group. There were only 6 of us today, but we still had a laugh. I have still mainly been doing crochet. I do love the granny striped blanket. I am doing it to use up all my dk cotton that I have. The only problem is (well it's not really a problem) I probably will have to buy some more dk cotton to finish it off!!I have been thinking about knitting, and started a little baby cardi for a friend who is due in late October. Done the back, so it won't take long to get finished.

I am going to knit my brother and his wife a few baby bits. They have their scan soon. They are going to find out the sex of the baby, so I will knit accordingly. I have more pink than blue, but a quick browse on line at kempswools and that problem can soon be fixed.

Daugher number 3 got home from school, and went to feed her rabbit, only to find that the rabbit had given birth. Great. The little minx managed to escape a few weeks ago, and she did come back a day later looking a bit disheveled (guilty), and we got her back in. Now we know what she was up to!!!Just have to make sure she NEVER EVER gets out again. Now we will have to get another hutch. We definitely have one living one, one died so had to take that out of the cage before she realised. There may be more, but not going to disturb them. So our family is growing again - at least it's not me this time!!

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  1. What a lovely surprise, hope to see you soon,
    Deb x