Friday, 25 June 2010

Feeling hot, hot, hot

Well the weather is luverly, absolutely bootiful!!I can spell properly but this weather is worth a bit of poetic licence. I was up at 6 today, and as it was so lovely, I put on my trainers and went for a walk for half an hour. That's 3 reasonable (half hour minimum) walks that I have done this week, plus one rosemary connelly (torture) dvd, so hopefully I will start to lose weight. Eating is ok at times, but no really bad days, but we have been invited out for dinner tomorrow night, so I am guessing that will be deliciously not slimming.

Not been knitting anything apart from cotton dishcloths, and that's only because you don't need to concentrate on them. Also started a crochet blanket in the granny stripe, just because I can. I love the different colours. I have done the first few rows in different shades of blue, then going into lilacs and purples, so it should look interesting. I don't need a blanket, but its a good way of using up odds and ends, so why did I go into local store and buy 4 more balls just because they were reduced to £1?Is there any hope for me, I ask myself?

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