Saturday, 12 June 2010

Being Crafty

Now I am not talking about the pair of reef flip flops that I managed to acquire on Thursday when I went down to knitting group. I felt a pang of guilt (ok maybe I didn't!) These flip flops are so lovely, and my last pair last 2 whole summers so I am trying to justify them.

I am talking about these two projects. I decided to have a break from knitting (well, for a day) and try some other things. Above is a knitting loom. I bought it over a year ago, and decided to have a go last night with it. The idea is to make a bag with Noro Blossom (lovely, expensive but I bought it on offer). When it is finished I will felt it in the washing maching, and then I may use my weaving sticks (another to do project) and make handles for it. I will have to see how it turns out. This is a bit like knitting nancy dolls that some of us had years ago. But that was making endless cords which I never remember doing anything with, but hey it was educational. Don't know how much I would actually use the loom, but I thought I could start it and maybe encourage one of my daughters to have a go??Number one daughter if you are reading this, take note!!

Then there is this crochet. I am doing a granny square, I found good instructions on youtube. I am using up all the odds and ends of sock yarn that I have. This was started in socks that rock yarn, that was left over from socks, obviously. There wasn't enough to knit more socks, so I decided a granny square/blanket would be good. I love the colours in this range of yarn. You can only buy it from Blue Moon Fiber Arts (american site) and it is so lovely. I have decided to just do this blanket in left over bits. I have 2 or 3 skeins left, so next time I knit some socks at least I know the leftovers can make this blanket grow.

Well must go, kids are stirring so we are off for a swim in mums pool. Happy knitting.

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