Friday, 4 June 2010

Lovely day, and a surprise

Today was the last chance of a lie in, as it's the last day of half term. So did I have a lovely lie - in??No, I woke up and the sun was streaming in the window, so I couldn't waste the daylight, and all that knitting time. I took the two boys to the park today. I met daughter number one, and my grandaughter, and we had a lovely hour in the park. It was so warm, and that was at 9.15 this morning. I sat and did some knitting, whilst the boys went on the swings etc and the youngest ran through the water squirters that they have at the park, so it was a nice time.

I can see the end in sight of knitting this cardi. I reckon by next week it will be finished, and be the quickest ever project. My grandaughter is getting dedicated next week, so hopefully it will be finished by then.

Today we had a courier turn up at the house and inside was a lovely surprise......

Two weeks ago, we had magnum ice lollies for pudding. On the box it said a chance to win a Sony Vaio laptop. So everyone (apart from me) had a magnum. I kept all the sticks and thought, well, why not give it a go. Next morning I woke early, and decided to go on the computer. I saw the lolly sticks and thought I would enter the code on one of the sticks and see what happened. The first stick I entered the code in and blow me, they said I had won. I couldn't believe it, but I was emailed a prize claim code. Went in and entered it, and I had to wait 28 days for my laptop. I still couldn't sort of believe it, so I rang them, and they said if it's not turned up in 28 days, phone again. Well you guessed it, today it turned up. It is lovely, so small though, a netbook I think they call it. Not sure if I will keep it though. It's worth some money, so we have some plans in the pipeline, so maybe use the money for that. Will know more by the end of June, so watch this space.

The other thought was I could sell it, and put it in a fund for a mini cooper. I would so love to have one. Very impractical with 5 kids, but it could be for just me - or is that really selfish??Don't answer that - I know the answer.

So if ever you think does anyone ever win those competitions - the answer is yes, someone somewhere does. I have won 2 big prizes now. I enter the mini competitions too, but somehow don't think I will win one of them. Happy knitting to you all. I'm off to look on ebay how much laptops are going for.

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