Monday, 20 April 2015

Knitting Driftwood Again

I have been knitting Driftwood AGAIN|, and I have a photo to prove it.

This is a free pattern from ravelry. It is lovely to knits up quite quickly. It is supposed to be knitted in worsted weight, so aran. Anyway by mistake I ordered 4 Ply from as I got distracted by the colours. So I have been knitting this with two strands held together. Its a bit fiddly at times, especially when you are changing colours, but its worked out so far so good. I think this has only cost me £10 to knit so far, so bargain. I went up a size as my knitting is slightly on the tight size. My daughter has tried it on as I have knitted and it is looking good. I am on the sleeves at the moment. They are knitted on dpns so they are a bit fiddly but I am doing other knitting occasionally too.

I had an operation last Friday on my eye. I had to go to Salisbury which is over an hours drive from here. There was a child before me so I didn't go in until 5pm after having nothing to eat from 7.30 am and having nothing to drink since 10am. I was only in about an hour, and came home with a fetching eye patch on. I was told to have a week off work, and not to drive for a week. I felt fine the next day so told my boss I could come back in, and then the swelling began!! I look like I have been stung by a bee on one eye, so I think I will be staying off work. I get my results on Friday of the biopsy. I am hoping that this week I get loads of knitting done, maybe even finish the Driftwood. As per usual, I have a lot of projects on the go, or at least that need to be finished.

I have had a new grandson, and I have knitted him a fluffy bear suit, now its too hot to wear it, and its too big for him, so I have lost the will to sew it up!! 

I was going to buy myself a new navy cardi for work. When I looked at the price of one, I decided to knit one instead. I have a great pattern which I know will work, even for someone of my large size. I have bought the wool, so now to finish what I have started.

Off to prepare tea now, never ending peeling potatoes and carrots. My least favourite job in the world.  Happy Knitting.