Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Another day

Well, joy of joys. Last week I had my youngest son off school all week. Now I hardly ever keep my kids off school, and to be fair they are not often ill. But he was all heavy eyed, and full of cold and bunged up sinuses, and he wasn't eating, so I knew he wasn't too good. I had to cancel some arrangements, but it was nice to have a week at home catching up, and of course knitting.

Now today I have the next son off school, with what might be the same sort of thing, so that will be this week probably out of action. Also my youngest daughter is off school (and she doesn't want to be!!) with conjunctivitus. So off to the doctors later to sort that out.

I have been ruthless and been through my wool stash, and listed lots of it on ebay. There were some things that I couldn't part with, but these things have been in the trunk for the best part of a year, so I thought the money would be more useful for our trip to India. I am seriously going to go through the house this week, and see if there is anything else that I can find to sell. I am sure I have more stuff, if I have a good clear out. It makes you feel good, having a clear out and tidy up. My number one daughter came over yesterday and we went through the plastic cupboards. You know, you buy all those pots, because they will be useful, and basically they sit in a cupboard not being used. I whittled them down to lunchboxes and a few small boxes, and the rest are off to the charity shop. The cupboard is tidy now, and it feels good.

Right off to do some more tidying and sorting, then maybe I can get some knitting done. Bye for now

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