Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Busy Day

Well, got the sock knitting sorted out with the lady last week, so that was good.

Today is a baking day - all day, as long as the chickens can keep up with demand!!My 3 girls are off to camp tomorrow (hurray), two of them have already had an argument - about a mug (I know how ridiculous!!)So I am making cakes for them to take to camp. I have 3 dotty mocha cakes in the oven at the moment, and I am hoping to make a chocolate cake, and some cookies too. The day could well drag, as it's raining, we are not going out anywhere and they are all hyper about going away tomorrow, so they are all irritable too. I just have to remember to try and keep calm (not easy)

I am ploughing my way through hats at the moment. I have finished 2, on the brim of another, and then I have another to do. And in between times I am still ploughing on with the red calico, and that is well over half way now. I started a sock too, only because I have knitted one, about a year ago, and thought it was time that I started and finished the second one of the pair.

I have been going to the sales and trying to buy myself some clothes for going to Inida in November. I did quite well, and I am probably about there now. I need to buy hubby some shoes (as he doesn't do sandals in England) but will probably want to wear them over there. I have been advised that it's modest dress, no clingy clohes or cleavage on show. So that's good, as I will feel at home there then. I am back on a diet now, need to shift at least half a stone so that last years linen tops aren't quite so snug. I actually stuck to it yesterday, which is quite amazing. At least I have a focus now. Well must go and do some more cakes, and knitting in between batches. Happy days.

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