Thursday, 26 August 2010


We all need places to keep our wool. This is probably what I should have, just this lovely little project basket, for a current WIP (work in progress). This is great, useful and portable, but too small.

Move on to this little beauty. This was a gift from a friend, and no I am not parting with it. It sits in my dining room, behind the door, so nobody knows what treasures lay inside. I tend to use this for my many WIP's. I can quickly put all my current projects in there, to tidy up if someone is coming round.

Then this sideways photo (can't work out how to turn it round) is one wardrobe in my room full of odds and ends of knitting. The baskets are great, as you can pull them out and look at the treasures inside. I have partly started things and whole packs of wool too. Maybe I keep it in boxes because then I don't feel guilty about all of the things that I have started, but not finished. Sometimes I pull them out looking for stuff, and end up finding things that I have forgotten.

Then in my lounge, down the side of the piano is this lovely yellow stencilled (by my mum) yarn box. This mainly has all my knitting needles in, and tools, like stitch markers, tape measures, scissors and the like. It also contains a jumper that I started for my ever patient husband, three years ago.

Then the beautiful wooden chest that my mum bought for me to originally keep my small (well it was then) stash of wool. This is like a deep cavern, you can bury things in here, and totally forget what is in there. It's great. Now some people may think that I am totally obsessed - well you are half right.
Some people get a real buzz out of eating food (ok that's a vice too), but I just love the colours, and the fibres. I love the books (I have a whole bookshelf) about knitting. Also if wool is in a sale, then I am so going to buy it. I have been trying to be restrained because I am saving to go to India. But every now and then I have a little blip. Such as yesterday reading a lovely blog, and there was an offer of if you buy the wool today, you get entered into a draw to win a voucher. So I ordered some sock yarn (you can never have too much) and lo and behold I have won a voucher to buy some more, how cool is that.
I have stopped browsing ebay, and I keep coming across these bargains which are calling out my name. I have to say "It's only a bargain if you need it" and "It's not a need, it's a want". Trouble is I don't always listen to myself. Off now to rearrange my stash enhancers a.k.a the wool storage units. Happy knitting.

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  1. Loving your blog Sally, have just linked to it on mone. Back in hospital on 09/09 for more big surgery! Eeeek
    (cannot decide what knitting to take with me...)