Tuesday, 21 December 2010

still stuck in!!

This is some of the days knitting. Left the Friendship Shawl. Stripey hat in Rowan fine milk cotton then in grey a long waistcoat for myself from Blacker Design, it's lovely.
This was yesterday, before the children messed up the snow, but we still have as much, just not so perfect.

My youngest had fun, building a snowman and taking the biggest carrot for his nose, which I notice is still outside but not on the snowman

This is how deep the snow was up my daughters ankles, haven't they heard of wellies!!

The town we live near (7 miles away) is open, and the roads are ok, but on our country lane it is very icy. And I know I sometimes complain about my children, but I don't want to put them in any danger, by risking taking out car out. Plus the fact, the track down to country lane, is impassable for a car. The snow is still a good 6 inches thick. My eldest son (22) who has moved back in, has been leaving his car down the bottom of the track and walking up and down the hill at night. Tomorrow my lovely hubby said that he would scrape the snow off with a tractor bucket, so maybe if its not too icy we can go out. I am finding it difficult inside with 5 children. To be fair to them, they have kept themselves occupied, and there hasn't been too much moaning - apart from me!!

I have knitted loads. Not finished anything. Started a lovely hat in Rowan fine milk cotton. It is so nice to knit with. Not sure if I have enough to finish the hat, as I only bought two balls (as it's a bit pricey) but it's looking good.

The shawl is coming along slowly. Also have 2 or three other projects hanging around, but will finally finish them one day. Off to do a few more rows. My fingers are getting sore from so much knitting. Wish it burn calories off!!

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